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  • Rob

    Best DAR I've ever seen!

  • Justin


    Quite possibly the very best EVAR

  • saskriverpirate

    #43 first I liked left, then I liked right. Then I saw #44 and I said fuck it, shirtless is best.

  • @ecastroe

    #34 haha!! poor guy, it's not even funny to say stuff about that… #33… thank you lord for her, she's made my life happier since Harry Potter 3 or so… and #34… I don't even know what to say, but I just came back from cleaning my mouth from all the drooling

    • @ecastroe

      I meant #44

  • Jr.

    What a waste of food! where is the hot dog eating contest? lets waste more food in the name of art while people starve… hey then take a picture of those starving people call it art and sell it!

  • woolanoow

    you should also print #37… Achivement unlock: chive on!

  • Ernie

    #6 no way!

  • swells007

    Doesn't matter which one or both you print, they are never available…try over ordering and have a stock surplus for once! just saying. Order more shirts, everyone gets one…can't explain that?


    #1 They fall in love right on the street :d

  • mso4ivp

    #3 LMAO!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! Bruins rock Lord Stanley's Cup!

    • Coldzilla

      HELL YEAH!!!


      The Rest of Canada


  • mso4ivp

    #44 Sweet Jesus, good morning!!

  • Swarley

    #44 #45 #46 MOAR!

  • OneEndedStick

    #36 Im embarrased to say that this is me…

  • 90sgamer

    are we allowed to say "aaaahhhh"?

  • Tom Vanderslink

    When life gives you eggs…
    Make Money

  • Rick

    #28 IS HOT!!! MOAR PLZ

  • Edward

    #36 Laughed so hard at this!

  • Vlad

    The T-Shirts should say "ChiveWorthy".
    Ps: i want one too :D.

  • DragonFart

    #37 #44 #45 DO WANT

  • Mark

    Best part of that picture, my shirt is in one of those boxes. It is already on it's way.

  • omegaman

    Oh Emma… How I love thee…

  • Bubba

    #44 MOAR and who is she!!!

  • Lixybiscuit

    #12 Yeah the xylopholks.

  • Glizz

    That dude laying with her has his ass out…

  • meh

    #32 Millions of visitors (that you claim) yet you order only a few stacks of the shirts… know full well that they sell out quickly.

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