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  • draven57

    #34 is from the show community on i think fox

  • http://jerseysfinest-bling.blogspot.com/ bling306

    #1 Pulitzer worthy…fuckin canadiens cant handle losing

    • Coldzilla

      First off its "Canadian" and secondly if you wanna lump us all in with these asshats then go right ahead but I WILL point out that the Bruins had 13 CanadiAns and 2 Americans on the roster. Lord Stanley will be spending more time in Canada now than if the Canucks had won. I guess I could generalize that, because youre American you know absolutely NOTHING about the game but I'm not a fucking idiot.

      • http://jerseysfinest-bling.blogspot.com/ bling306

        Obviously, I know that not ALL Canadians (sorry for the misspelling damn) are a bunch of reckless rioters, it has happened before, and not just in Vancouver…Montreal also has a history of notorious, hockey-related, riots. This was not an isolated incident. I do know quite a lot of hockey, as I have played the sport and have been an avid fan of the NY Rangers for the last 20 years. We, Americans, know quite a lot about hockey, and our country is improving every year…(i.e. this past Winter Olympics). It will forever be known as a Canadian sport first and foremost, but for the game to survive, you need the Americans as well.

        • Coldzilla

          And its happened plenty of times in the States too. LA, Detroit and Chicago come to mind yet I wouldnt GENERALIZE and say something along the lines of "Fucking Americans cant handle losing". And I DO realize that alot of Americans know a fair bit about hockey; if you read what I wrote again I was being ironic, showing that I wouldnt be so dumb to lump an ENTIRE COUNTRY in with a small group.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cedric-Schlosser/100000829687118 Cedric Schlosser

    #43 I would be happy if I could have the "normal" chive-tee…

  • figure

    what/s the point in voting for the T'shirts/ design, it/s not like we will be able to actually be able to buy them…they are f#$ing gone in quicker than freshly backed bread.

  • Bryan

    #3 hahahahaha.Go Bruins!

    • Coldzilla

      Hell yeah!


      The Rest of Canada


  • https://www.facebook.com/jeffrico Jeff Deuparo

    $20 bucks for a Chive shirt is WAY WAY to much! Then on top of that is the 4.99 for shipping! These ALL should be 15 with shipping AND who is the dumb ass the places the orders? "how many should I order???? OH I know I'll order 50 shirts! That should be enough for a site that a million people view daily!"

    DAMNIT! When will this madness end!

  • CB SIX

    #42 gotta love jenna marbels

  • Dan

    how bout print MORE original chive shirts!

  • DutchSchaffer87

    #3 makes me so happy! These assholes didn't deserve the cup at all playing like pussies the entire series! BRINGING THE CUP BACK TO BOSTON GO BRUINS!

  • GreyGhost9

    #1 #14 #16 #24 Stay classy Vancouver

  • Waldo Gräfenberg

    cops should be able to shoot these people on the spot… friggin scumbags

  • Sarah

    #42 loveeee jenna marbles, shes hilarious!

  • Go USA!!!


    Don't forget about Hope Solo!
    She's smokin' hot!

    • laelow

      You are right sir… Hope Solo is hot also !

  • TarheelGil

    i got a shirt design for ya, print this …. #44

  • Brad

    Chive find #1, her name is Alex Thomas

  • trevor

    #14 i hope they get all those tools! when the oilers lost we all didn't go stupid. ya there were some tools but nothing like in vancouver!

  • yeah buddy

    thats racist

  • yaknow

    Your a Fag! *You're (sorry I'm white)

  • Bob

    #6…I just want to smash the fuck out of this. So bad. I am willing to go to jail just to do it. Let me smash it. Let me smash it…LET ME SMASH IT…LEMMESMASHIT!!!!!!
    #19…Fucking Fascists!!
    #23…and then put on Lounge pants and bathrobe. Nothing says comfort like sitting in the living room in a pair of Lounge pants and a bathrobe.
    #33…God bless her. No such thing as a bad picture of her.
    #44…Hate to see her go, but love to masturbate to her as she leaves.

  • Coldzilla






    Basically sums up those idiots on the other side of the Mtns.


  • Coldzilla


    From The Calgary Herald

    They can kiss their anonymity goodbye.

    The couple photographed kissing on the ground in the midst of the chaos of Vancouver's riot Wednesday night have been identified.

    Media reports say the pair are 29-year-old Australian Scott Jones and his girlfriend Canadian Alex Thomas.

    Thomas is reportedly a student at the University of Guelph in Ontario, CBC reported Friday.

    Jones's father outted his son in a Facebook post.

    "This is my Son," Brett Jones wrote next to the now-famed photo of the pair, which was snapped by freelance photographer Rich Lam during the riot. "Hows (sic) that for making love not war!"

    Scott Jones' family told the Australian news website Ninemsn that her brother and Thomas had recently started dating.

    "It is something he would do; that's our boy," mother Megan Jones told the site. "He has always lived in his own world. He's special like that. He doesn't always connect with what (is) going on around him."

    The family said Jones has been in Canada for six months, working as a bartender and performing a live standup show.

  • Phred

    #1, proof that a Vancouver player can actually score on the road.

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #33 #44 My brain just melted and my crotch started rising

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #18 I dig her….Chivette of the Week potential for sure

  • stephanie

    I'm Canadian and when Ottawa lost in the finals (where I live) we didn't do that crap. It disgusts me every time I see these pics.

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