Daily Afternoon Randomness (46 Photos)

  • >18Only

    #44 It is a moral imperative that you find and post more of this woman.

  • Rangerdanger

    Moar moar #44!

  • http://twitter.com/demmitri Demmitri

    #33 at her age, she is seriously one of the most beautiful women on earth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/JPnes John-Paul Barajas

    ARSON ARSON!!! FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!! I need my cornholio for my bunghole!!!!

  • asdfg

    #26 has brown hair…..shes not a ginger

  • Wade Wilson

    #16 I've always wondered why hockey players were such pussies. You don't see football players get into a fist-fight everytime they get tackled (and those guys are ef'n HUGE), yet everytime one of these ice fairies gets hit too hard they get thier panties all up in a bunch and have to throw a fit. It's fucking sad, and one of the reasons I find the game to be really fucking stupid. What's even sadder- hockey fans are clearly every bit as much whiney little bitches as the players, as we now know after the giant vagina riot in Vancouver. Get a fucking life people.

  • http://www.hot-facebook-girls.com Stacy

    #33 and #44 is best…

  • Paris

    Should really make Chivestrong bracelets.

  • its_forge

    #26 I dunno, I think the ladies are all right with for example James and Oliver Phelps, aka Fred and George Weasley, who sort of break out of that ginger-freak stereotype.

  • its_forge

    OH CUT IT THE FUCK OUT. We're supposed to listen to someone's criticism of something we like just because he made a list and stuck a clever, if idiotic, phrase at the top of it? Having a blog does NOT make you an authority on ANYTHING!

  • Garner

    #14 parents called cops on him when they saw photo

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Milad-Mohammadi/100002545999048 Milad Mohammadi

    #1 , #10 , #12 , #44

  • Kingfish

    #24 – Racist subtitles, uncool, Chive

  • bill

    omg.#44 awesome legs,super hot ass.yummy,yummy,lick.find her

  • Anonymous

    Chive Poll. Print all and send them to Cape Town South Africa.

  • KCCOinTO

    #32 and #43 Why u prinyt more shirts?? So I CANT get two more chive shirts?!?! Make more of what U got Chive.. Those boxes for a whole worl of chivers?? Thats nothing!!! KCCO-tee-less in Toronto… *sigh*

  • Ohms

    #43, CHIVESTRONG all the way!!!!!…….. DONT DRINK AND CHIVE DOESNT MAKE SENSE!!!! CHIVE+BOOZE= AWESOME! Math dude, use it.

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