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  • Bill

    More Chive shirts kids, order more of all of them (Keep Calm and Bill Murray most of all please), Thank you !

  • AWeiner1989

    #10 is Stacy Keibler who is a former WWE wrestler well the bottom picture is anyway.

  • Carlos

    Print both logo tees but also keep original logo tee in stock because I want one really bad and I been unlucky in my quest of getting one.

  • thetech2

    haha#32 guys with a fan base ya gotta do better than even 500 shirts

  • Timbo_Slice


    Rework colors on CHIVE STRONG to emphasize the "CHIVE ON" hidden inside.

  • Chaos

    #15 #16 O Canada….

    • Coldzilla

      Hey dont lump the rest of us in with these assholes 😉

  • spydermonkey

    #1 Find her!!

  • Tom-foolery

    Those toolbags who acted out were drunk as skunks and flying higher than a kite, all because they started at 6am and thought the Can't'nucks had it in the bag.

  • Rocko

    #36 unfortunately this is me.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #10…..WE ************* KNOW IT'S STACY KEIBLER!!

  • Woodrow

    Why do you have a picture of Stacey Kiebler saying she is some ping pong girl? Who is the idiot?

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #8 beautiful and nerdy i cant wait to see her again

  • todd

    #33, never really got what all the fuss was about, then you post this pic… damn it man, HOT!!!

  • theChiveShirts

    I'm selling my own the Chive shirts, so you can get em cheaper an better and guess what, they won't run out!!! So, keep a look out for my website on the next few days that will go live Monday!!!!

  • Pompey

    As a resident of British Columbia, I have to say the riots were ridiculous. It wasn't even over the game. Some idiots just decided that they wanted to have a riot, so they came prepared with ski masks and molotov cocktails. The vast majority of fans went home and didn't partake in the riot and all residents of BC are incredibly ashamed of what happened. That is why more than 13 000 Vancouver residents went downtown today to help clean up the mess!
    And congrats to the Bruins, they deserved the cup after that horrible game 7 on the part of the Canucks. Tim Thomas is a god!

    • thom

      How can you say they weren't fans, look at all of them wearing jerseys?!?! Are you saying some guys went and bought $100 Canuck jerseys and then went down to riot in them?
      I am not buying it.

  • toban

    the only thing true hockey fates hate is betman, and canadians actually appluaded in the arena, werent saying boo but lou, the rioters are a bunch of fucktards, congrats boston you earned that one

  • jyergs

    haha that's fantastic. they played so soft that WHOLE series!

    Also, rioting Canucks fans, you guys are a disgrace, and while people from Vancouver say they don't represent the city as a whole, I'm pretty sure that's wrong because they did this for the Canucks in 94 and then for freakin' Guns N Roses later on. Really?

    • jimbee

      Gun and Roses happened in Montreal 2 years before the 94 riot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ShaunMcCauley Shaun McCauley

    #3 Go B's!!!

  • Jason Dean

    #34 – Whoever sent that email – your Chive privileges have been revoked. You know nothing of either taste or pop culture. This internet is closed to you. Please find your amusement elsewhere.

    • yup

      Community, duh.

  • Mazi

    it actually looks better smaller

  • gazdemon

    #34 pretty sure I know the brunette…

  • Vagina Jones

    Or a gang bang….

  • Mark

    To all you idiots who rioted last night here in Vancouver what were you thinking? In 94 they used video images to arrest a shit load of people after that riot….it's 2011 now we have you in HD. ChiveON

  • Brad

    #14, #24 These guys better look out for cops on horses because they are going to jail…

  • KaptainKha0s

    Going to Fap as soon as I get home… this is now my wallpaper at work!

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