Daily Afternoon Randomness (46 Photos)

  • vmax

    I just want to see numbers #28 #44 and #46 side by side…

  • Gilant

    #3 – Truth!

  • Craig

    #10 – The top is Biba Golic…the bottom is Stacy Keibler. Both hot.

  • RobertoLuBrongo

    She was apparently stabbed in the abdomen and the boyfriend is comforting her until paramedics arrive. Not sure what the truth is as it relates to this picture.

    Sure about the truth as it relates to the Canucks and their fans. Losers.

    • Brother Maynard

      Not buying the stabbed story. She looks a little too relaxed to have been stabbed. Plus had she been stabbed I doubt she would be leaning up.

    • Bree1912

      She was knocked down during the riot and hit her head on the pavement, he was comforting her, you can find the story online.

  • Herm23

    #33 – Thank you.

  • Biz

    #10 Bottom pic = Stacey Kiebler.

  • orangewhip

    #28 the 'almost nip' anything hotter…?

    • NothingToSeeHere

      Yeah – 'actual nip'

  • Macbookprofessional

    #37 WANT! But another achievement…

  • Kodos

    That's not parenting, that's CLONING!!


  • Ripple

    #23 only if its a good day

  • TheBiffer


    You don't need to study, you go to BU.

    • tobuscus

      Am surprised nobody found this funny ,thats Jenna Marbles ,youtube her ,she is HILARIOUS !

  • OwnerOfYou

    #32 Chive, I freakin love you, but that's it…? You pride yourself on over 4 million viewers on Fridays, etc, but you only get less than 1000 shirts?! I've been visiting your site since the beginning, and want just one shirt sooooo badly. Please…. order lots MOAR next time. How does 50,000 sound for a start?

  • Ripple

    #43 love the don't drink and chive but the other one should be the title of last weeks hump day

    100 strong for hump day, i dont think i need to explain what the picture should be

  • Demon_Cleaner

    #1 "There's nothing to see here, move along"
    Make love not war – you're doing it right.

    #46 MOAR preeze

  • mr.plow

    I am seriously going to masterbate to #44. Don't worry I will wipe the screen. Please let that woman know I pleasured myself thanks to her picture.

  • Dan

    I wonder if he's in jail yet?

  • phanohogs

    #32 there is your problem, You needed to double the order!!
    I know of 3 places in Austin that can crank out triple that number of shirts per day!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bryan-Fichtner/1755841195 Bryan Fichtner

    My pic made it…f**k yeah…it's beer 30 in TX…Fichtner out

  • Adam

    #33 Then EMMA wonders why men find her intimadating GOOD LORD GIRL WOW.

  • Tillman

    #44 – Come back here! That wasn't an hour!

  • keepitreal

    i don't think it's that impressive. the chive is among the 500 most visited websites in the u.s. i guess there are more than a couple hundred people out there willing to buy there stuff.

    • keepitreal


    • http://www.thechive.com DistractedIndividual

      * The Chive
      * U.S.

      • http://abunchofmorons.com John

        ahh. correcting grammar is the true sign of having no argument.

    • McBeastie

      True. There is a sucker born every minute you know.

  • Stewball27

    #16 Not Canada, only Vancouver behaves like that. GO FLAMES!!

    • Guest

      Exaclty only vancouver is the one who does this.

  • Crowbass

    he sure has a "shell" of a lot of patience

  • Voldy

    32: Wow, 30 boxes for the whole internet? You sure showed them!

  • Brendan

    #43 Both are great as long as you have enough supply to last more then 2 minutes once they are available. 3 time's I've tried to buy a logo tee and NOTHING! I'm debating if it's worth becoming anorexic to fit in a small since it's all you have stock of.

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