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  • http://www.last.fm/user/mutiilator Brand_n

    Definitely! At least the riots at the G20 here were for semi-legitimate political reasons; the Canucks lost because they were outplayed by a better team. Never thought I would say it, but I would've loved to have been one of those fully decked-out riot cops for the night so I could've beaten the shit out of those morons. Much respect to all the people who were cleaning up someone else's mess there today.

    • Shaun

      It wasn't the fans that were out there rioting! We got out of there as soon as possible! It was the same group that rioted during the Olympics wearing black hoodies and bandanas and gangs wearing Canucks jerseys to blend into the crowd. All the true hockey fans went home to have a drink and cry a little in the corner. Don't paint all Canucks fans the same as the rioters!

  • Monk

    What if she said 'Yes'??? Ahhhhhhhhh! THAT? That Would be EPIC! OMG OMG OMG OMG

    • benbobbins

      Want me to pass her a note in science class?

      • Surf and Snow

        Cool story bro.

        • tobuscus

          NERDS ,you guys have a better chance with Harry.

  • drewdeze

    i have to disagree with #18 she just doesnt float my boat! but #43, boat is ready for sailing son!

  • drewdeze

    oops i meant #44 lmao

  • adamcoasttocoast

    #46 the Chive is strong with this one…

  • mike

    if you do the Chive strong, donate some of the money to cancer research…just a suggestion : D

  • Tex

    #3 I LOL'd

  • Brian Johnson

    those shirts are both kind of gay

  • sql seq

    Print neither. I think you should 'Chive Harder' with the next one.

  • MacNCheesePro

    You should make Chivestrong bracelets!

  • OldManChiver

    #33 I'll show you my wand if you show me your chamber of secrets….

  • Flent

    who DAt Is!?!

  • bryan

    That is a picture of an injured girl getting help. She was injured in the Vancouver riots.
    Very bad taste in posting it in such a way.

  • Jacksansjill

    I just want to know if she's single.

  • RubberBallsandLiquor

    Thanks to the Internet, everyone is pretty and funny now!!!! But seriously, I vote you as cool for going throughout this comment section and replying to anyone who mentioned your picture, cause thats cool……why did I start that comment with "But seriously?"

  • jimminycrickett

    #33 i'd say something smart, but its pretty much been said

  • MSax

    #44…….. need more pics!!!!!! Good Lord.

  • ddc2c

    #44 I'll do anything you say

  • NucksSuck

    #16 WRONG, Canada did NOT lose a hockey game…Vancouver did, they gave the whole country a bad name…idiots.

  • jdos776

    really like the "Dont drink and chive" tee but really there are few things that are better than a beer and DAR

  • wharfrat

    #18 love the dog tag. absolutely hilarious.

  • Chivette B

    Jenna Marbles is the BEST!

  • Zeus

    his name is Nathan Kotylak!

  • Billavoider

    I am sorry but the best thing about The Chive t-shirts is they are simple and get the name out. The 2 they are offering are cliches. I will always Chive On, but I will never Chivestrong or Drink and Chive… Lame!

  • Billavoider

    I love The Chive t-shirt because they are straight to the point and funny. I chive on, I do not chivestrong and I definitely do not drink and chive. I will always wonder why people try to be funny. Funny happens because you don't try.

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