Daily Afternoon Randomness (46 Photos)

  • DoctorMauer

    #28 do want

  • grrregg

    #44! OMG! Who is she?

  • lovehaight88

    #35 chive on from ATL i saw this after class yesterday and was gonna take a pic but my phone was dead…

  • TheRealJoel

    #43 Meh and yeah right..

  • bonertinkle

    Chivers decide! Should we…
    print 'CHIVESTRONG' design?print 'Do Drink and Chive' design?print both?print neither?
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  • http://www.facebook.com/potzorbie Kyle Lightner

    #18 you're right, I think I'm in love.

  • funsizelvis

    is the Ninja pic at The Shelter in ATL?

  • the devil

    #16…Canada didn't lose a hockey game…Vancouver did. There's a whole lot of us who aren't from Vancouver. And like American cities don't burn cars and loot stores when they win or lose a game.

    #3…those "girls" play hockey. That's way more manly than putting a photo on the internet with an unfunny caption.

    • kent

      "And like American cities don't burn cars and loot stores when they win or lose a game."

      You are proof of how fucking retarded Canadians are.

      1) You stereotype the US all the time.
      2) When someone stereotypes you, you freak out and demand that people avoid doing so.
      3) When Canadians do something stupid, your default reaction is to change the subject to the US, because you have such a bizarre quest for pride and such a persistent need to bash the US to cope with your inferiority complex.

      You ignore that it's not only Americans looking at what happened in Vancouver with disgust, you just think about the US only because that is how you've developed your larger world view. Your entire percetion of the world is Canada vs. the US. It shows how pathetic you truly are as a country when you can't accept any criticism without instantly saying what amounts to "nuh uh! But! But! AMERICANS!"

      • Mike


      • the devil

        And you are proof of how brave you are on the internet.

        1. We all live in igloos and have polar bears for pets. Oh, and we all speak French. We're not the only ones who stereotype.
        2. Didn't you just do this with your post?
        3. Read the fucking photo caption, and take a moment to let it sink in so that you can understand the reason I posted. "Canada loses a hockey game". Canada didn't lose a hockey game. Vancouver did. Obviously, this picture was done by someone outside of Canada. Because any proud Canadian wouldn't associate themselves with the idiocy that happened in Vancouver.

        My perception of the world is a full global view. That's what happens when we're willing to look at things from other points of view. When it happens in Scotland, or Taiwan, I'll condemn it just as much as when it happens in Vancouver. I see enough posts on this website that refer to Canada as "America's Hat". If I were to call America "America's Underwear", you and every other internet warrior would be pissed all to hell.

        I love America, and I get along fine with most Americans I know. It's people whose first line of defense is to spout out how "retarded" someone else is because they don't agree with something written on the internet that ruin your country's reputation.

  • BrahChill

    34, they’re not posing. That screen cap is from the show Community.

  • Shes_jinxed

    #32 I got up at 1am in Sydney to get mine 🙂

  • cheezeburgler

    All of Canada was cheering for Boston, Van has a terrible team and worse fans

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelvin-Tan/608467027 Kelvin Tan

    Oh Chive , was the asian thing really necessary? #24. I mean look around every Ivy league campus in america and ucla. I'm pretty most asians below the age of 25 can speak english without an accent now. Most of those asians can't even speak their parent's language so have no inkling of an accent.

  • Scott

    You are an Idiot. If you dont know that that is the two hottest funny girls (Allison Brie and Gillian Jacobs) on Community then you need to trun off the Crap you call Jersey Shore and i happen to call Social Syphilus and get a sence of Humor. Damn Mouth Breathers how dare you call yourself a Chiver. Sorry i like Community i get overly worked up. HAHA, not that LOL bullshit

  • Kay Fabian

    #32 I don't think you understood what the guy was saying: order some more fucking shirts!

  • TitoRigatoni

    Yep, and you aren't going to be getting THAT pussy nearly as often as you think you are. Way to go, chump.

  • J.O

    #1 Real smoothhhh

  • red

    that girl was actually stabbed and he was applying pressure to her wounds.

  • Brad

    Find the couple, #1, pics of the girl and interview the guy!

  • bob lee swagger


    Would sell my soul to the devil to marry her

  • LOLdude

    What I'm hating about theChive now is that they're stealing Reddit original content.

  • bug

    not staged. there's a shot of them from on a rooftop and you can tell she's bleeding. this photo was just taken at an exceptionally (un?)lucky angle.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #43 print both thats a giving with the fan base Yall have got now… #32 Double that order…On all new shirts…
    Remember shirts get fucked up remember your fan base…HEHE… So they will sale There's only one way for the chive now…UP>>>>>>>>

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #46 Most inportant WHO THE HELL IS THAT,

  • Don Rickels

    You should make "Chivestrong" wristbands.

  • Chiver

    'Blank'strong is crappy, those yellow bs bracelets support a cheater (marriage and sport) and the other option is wha-what? I always drink and Chive… My favorite thing is to crink and Dhrive ocifer.

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