Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • nick339123

    Fabulous #22

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Purcell/17815425 Adam Purcell

      Needs to be the subject of a Tosh.0 web redemption.

      • http://www.facebook.com/alluneedislove.1 Anthony Lopez

        Somebody should totally twitter that to him.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

        Let them to the work

    • panama99

      It needs music, but it is still fabulous!!

      Glee, the elementary School Years.

    • Steveystevesteve

      And because it has to be done… Nailed it

    • Sko

      Where is this from?

  • Ben2828

    #15 honey? where is our boat?

    • Fish

      This looks 'shopped to me….

      • Ben2828

        you can see by the pixels?

      • rdiller

        Sunken boat in Ontario, Canada

        More pics, different angle – http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevesobczuk/1198746

        • Grodon

          Lots of wrecks in this area, best freshwater diving you'll find in the Tobermory area…
          Here's a link to the wreck location….

          • Mat


            I go up there every summer for a few days of camping and diving. It's located about 10 minutes north of the Bruce Peninsula National Park.

            You can take a boat cruise that has a glass floor, and it goes right over the wrecks, so you can see pretty clearly what the wrecks look like.

            Pretty awesome stuff.

            • 0_0

              That is awesome I am jealous.

            • Ken

              Why do so many ships sink there? That seems like a really large vessel to be in such shallow water.

              • MrManNo1

                I know that a lot of boats sank around Bermuda because the way the light hit the water and corals made the ocean floor look much deeper than it actually was. Maybe this is similar?

              • its_forge

                The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
                Of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee
                The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead
                When the skies of November turn gloomy.

                (Okay that's actually Lake Superior but y'know)

    • amrith777

      Am I the only one who first saw this as an elongated caricturized face of sorts?Only after 20 seconds or so did I realize I was looking at a sunken boat. o.0

  • A dubs

    #4.. shoplifters will be pedo'd

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      You sir are a moron

      • JAFitC

        Allow me to expand on your comment, Firefighter 23. He is a moron who does not understand the differences between "humor," "sick humor" and just plain "sick."

  • Wheely

    Nag all you want but DMA and DAR are not the same without Paula's rants. Where'd she go?

    • rackem

      Who cares?

      • Wheely

        I do, but it's OK if you're too shy to admit you do too.

        • PoppinFresh

          Shut up, Paula.

    • snoobs89

      you have been thumbed down… that is not right. i miss it too.

      -It's just not the same..

    • Rick

      She probably went to the same place as HHNF and Rose since people where always trolling them. of course the difference is Paula asked for it and they didn't.

      • McBeastie

        Let me get this straight…you think people were trolling them?

        • Denzel

          That was sort of an eyeopener for me too.

    • amrith777

      Yeah–I agreed with whoever said this yesterday too.Not the same….

    • TitoRigatoni

      Not the same = better.
      Good riddance.

    • EdWood

      Agreed, but……..
      You know that she was one of the Chive employees all along.

      • The One

        That's a for sure. And anyone who misses her has only been around for a short period of time. Before Paula, it was nice…then Paula was funny, then annoying, then funny again, then just absolutely tiresome and irritating. I hope she got a job somewhere else

      • OhHell

        I know for a fact that she isn't.

  • http://twitter.com/rensintl @rensintl

    #15 awesome!

  • jetrome

    #13 My money's on the truck

    • Chiveinator

      Your Crane style is no match for my 18 wheeler style

    • ACE

      BRO, You don't know that goose like i know that goose. Ive seen some shit

    • Sad Story Bro

      RIP Swan, 1997-2011

  • Maaan hold up!!

    #16 Sooo true…support our local schools

    • whirrrrr

      I like how the kid probably has no idea what's going on and was handed that thing by a parent. Because if there's one thing that can accomplish political goals, it's exploitation of children!

      • gefundigeliebe

        Great way to shit on a decent and intelligent point, delivered with humor. What's exploitative; holding that sign or having a bake sale in order to get a fucking education?

        • Justin Hall

          You've got to be a complete asshole to think that the entire debate concerning the lack of publicly-funded education can be summarily refuted by one little sign held by a kid that probably can't even understand it.

          One can intelligently argue that military funding is extraordinarily important, especially with that fuck-wit in Libya and China looking to get into an international pissing match in the South China Sea. It's a complex issue; let's not dumb it down by thinking this particular photo is the be-all, end-all of public education reform. It's way too complex to give it a fair shake on theChive discussion boards.

          • Billy Hill

            because the last thing we want in an international powder-keg situation is an educated informed population
            just keep stock pile'n them nukes
            Merica Fuck Yeah

            • Larry

              Right, it's better to just give despots what they want. So they can brutalize whomever they want. Otherwise we might risk upsetting someone.

              • its_forge

                World Police America Fuck Yeah.

                'Cuz we have unlimited resources and cash and we *should* spend every fucking dime our taxpayers have taking care of "despots" worldwide while our own politicians from BOTH parties set themselves up as despot oligarchs. 'Cuz this is AMERICA FUCK YEAH.

                You make me want to puke.

          • Afghan Bizam!

            Don't think anyone is arguing this photo is the be all end all of public education vs military spending debate. It just brings up the point that many schools require outside funding for many basic needs and perhaps funding from the DOD should be redirected towards helping fund education. A completely valid and reasonable argument put forth in a funny sign. Calm down.

            • Patches

              Watch a movie like "The Cartel" and then tell me how much more funding public schools need. For the most part the funding does NOT go to the students or their education – it goes to outrageous union wages & benefits, a huge bureaucracy, and a whole lotta people living well off the taxpayer dollar while the kids can't read or write at a basic level by graduation time.

              • Oolon Colluphid

                Because the teacher's $35-45k/yr. is so outrageous.

          • thom

            Absolutely awesome post about this subject.

          • Herp

            Let's all swing our dicks around on The Chive and pretend like we know what we're talking about, while really just being a bunch of clueless fucktards who wouldn't know a debate if we were in the middle of it. Long live derp.

            • Word

              thank you!

            • PartyMarty

              The whole dismissive "nobody knows what they're talking about" argument is so fucking lazy. Such an easy copout.

              • Larry

                Hey man, it's trendy to not have an opinion on stuff.

                Better to not think so someone else can dictate to me what to do, because I was too indifferent to form an opinion.

                • Get'erDone

                  That's why I watch and believe everything on Fox news.

                  • Jacksansjill

                    You too? We have so much in common, let's get married!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anthony-Equila/100000915574939 Anthony Equila

        Sarah Palin does it all the time. What's good for the goose, and all that.

        • ezee

          And yet, the media portrays Palin as the most evil of evils (worse than dick Cheney). So, if a person on the right does it, and you say they are the 'worst person in the world' what does that make the enlightened person on the left, when they do the exact same thing? Oh – that makes the person Obama – two more wars on countries that never attacked us (Libya and Yemen – yes, we are bi,bing them, just doesn't make the evening news). Won't hold my breath waiting for protests.

          • McBeastie

            I don't think the media portrays her as the most evil of evils, she portrays herself as the most stupid of stupids.

            • drethos

              wow, when your brain was cleansed…did they use that fresh smelling detergent?

              • RichMitch

                Come on man… ex beauty pageant contestant, quitter whose a half term governor, turned reality show star and you still take her seriously?

            • FourThumbsDown

              and succeeds every single time

      • jim

        Kind of like religion? Push it in their heads while they're soft and impressionable with no defenses against it. That shit will ruin your life.

    • Da_Boz

      Wow, having served in the military as well as having been a public school teacher, I can tell you from my point of view. Both sides have unneccessary spending, but the public school system doesn't depend on funding to save their lives. No armor upgraded HumVees, just hope you don't get blown up. No brand new book to read, share with Johnny because we just put up a state of the art gym and football field for the athletic department.
      Get a clue, the icing melts off the cupcakes in the middle east! No one will buy them.

      • jim

        I think the sign is saying in order to buy bombs, not protect our soldiers. I don't think anyone would support not protecting servicemen. If the bombs aren't supported, your protection would not be necessary. Now wars, etc.

        • jim

          Not saying it's that easy, just want to make sure you don't accuse anyone of not supporting the servicemen.

        • Steveystevesteve

          Bombs do protect soldiers guy. No one's ever been happier than when he sees some fastmovers coming in to fix a very bad situation.

          • jim

            If there were no bombs, there would be no soldiers to protect. Let's start acting like the most intelligent race to ever walk the earth and stop using bombs and guns to solve our disagreements like neanderthals.

            • Jon Smith

              F that noise. I'm loadin' up the artillery and me and the cavalry are coming to your house tonight because I disagree with your existence.

            • Toby

              Very Maudlin jim

              Maybe if your words had any substance, people would think you were a naive idiot.

              • Toby


                Also, you have dicks for brains.

                • domnom

                  Everybody has a reason for every profession to buy what they "need" Since when did they start bake sales to buy school equipment. Weapons has always been in war. How much do you need to spread education? A brand new touch screen projector? A gym?

            • phdonme

              Hey Jim, Why don't you go and sit down with Kim Jong Il and Ahmadinejad. I'm sure they would totally see you valid point and stop being evil fucking assholes because you delivered such a heart warming speech. America doesn't have bombs because we like to bomb other countries, we have bombs because other assholes will always threaten us.

              • Ateka

                If you really think the USA has the biggest and the most advanced army in the world only to defend themselves, you're one gullible man.

            • PartyMarty

              How does this comment have a negative rating? You're just saying "lets stop fucking killing each other". How is that controversial?

              The sad fact is that some dudes just think war is badass, guns are sweet, and killing is awesome.

              • Larry

                Because it's as dumb as saying: Stop death. And trying to sound enlightened at the same time.

                AKA: It's horse shit.

                • PartyMarty

                  Eh, i'm not buying that. Surely we can endeavor to decrease the killing and avoid avoidable conflict. Saying "war and killing is inevitable, better just make sure we have more explosives than the next guy" is reductive and fatalistic. There are times when we have to mount up and go to war- i'd say the majority of the times we've done so over the past 50 years have been unnecessary.

        • Jim

          Oh, right. Because if America stopped making bombs, there would be no war. That's not the stupidest thing I've heard in weeks. Really.

          No, it really is.

          • its_forge

            How about we start saying to ourselves "y'know what, we're NOT going to intervene in that conflict on the other side of the planet that has nothing to do with us; if the oil companies or other industries have problems with that political leader let THEM hire mercenaries and take care of the problem themselves" and that way, you see, our taxpayers will have money to buy things and our economy will turn back from the utter shit hole it's in. How about?

      • its_forge

        Totally I am not saying "de-fund our soldiers in the field," what I hope most of us are saying is "don't send our soldiers to bullshit places for bullshit reasons."

    • Smokey

      Screw that. People should have to fund their own kids through school. There should be no school taxes. Some of us don't give a crap about your kids, you take care of them yourself!

      • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.neufeldt Christopher Neufeldt

        I agree, my grand parents live in Dell Webb Sun City and they still have to pay taxes to the local school system. For what? They don't use the schools for ANYTHING. Yet I heard yesterday they're signing a peditition to not allow a church to rent out a room at their lodge that's never been used on Sunday mornings. I tell ya, their screwed up over there.

        • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.neufeldt Christopher Neufeldt


          • Word


        • jim

          The quality of the schools supports their property values. I'm sure they're much more valuable than in non taxing school districts. Plus, I'm sure the taxpayers voted on that tax being levied.

      • panama99

        Smokey I'm sure you had no problem accepting other people's tax money to put your ass through the public education system and if someday you have a kid send it to a private school where it will cost your dumbass $5k to $20K a year.

      • McBeastie

        I'd rather pay for their education than pay for their court trials.

        • its_forge

          That. I'd sure as hell rather pay for school than pay forty grand a year – that's bare minimum by the way – to keep them in a prison cell. Where they get free cable TV by the way.

      • Farmy

        You are an idot.
        That is all

      • toosticks

        What're you going to do in thirty years when you need a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc but few can be found in your community because you felt it was unnecessary to fund the educations of the children that live around you? Funding the educations of children is not a family issue. It is an issue for communities to improve the overall welfare of their citizens- not just the children.

      • PartyMarty

        What happens to the millions of kids who won't get even a basic education (or a place to go during the day while their parents work) as a result of this new policy? Watch. Watch what fucking happens. Watch this country turn into a third world shithole. Idiot.

      • its_forge

        Hmm, do you give a crap about having a decently educated paramedic come save your ass when you drive your car into a piling at 3 a.m.? 'Cuz without an education system you're not going to have anyone educated enough to make it to college to learn how to be a paramedic. See also ER doctors, nurses, etc. For that matter say you have a business; do you want to hire people who can find their goddamn asses with both hands and a fucking map? Better hope the public schools are worth a shit then, 'cuz if you rely on rich assholes and their rich asshole kids you're going to be jonesing.

    • That Guy

      with out our bombs there wouldn't be fucking schools. or your house or your playground. second, parents are responsible for their child's education… not the government.

      • Jim

        Oh there might be, but you'd bet the language would be German, or Japanese.

        • That Guy

          point taken. classic.

      • its_forge

        'Cuz the Commies would have overrun the continental US and turned us all into Socialists oh wait, then we'd have decent schools and everything else, never mind. You're a fucking idiot. No war we have ever been in since WWII was over was a war with anyone who was actually a threat to the United States. Get that through your thick ignorant skull, will you? Not one single dime spent since the Armistice was signed, was spent on "defending America" from fucking ANYTHING. It's BULLSHIT.

        • That Guy

          those are wars that utilize bombs instead of having to send in and lose American lives. i'm not dense enough to think that you would risk American lives instead of making bombs but you put yourself on that side of the argument. that is as nice as i'll be about that.
          you know absolutely nothing of weapons and military strategy if you think spending money on bombs and using bombs is the same thing and represent the applicability of bombs to strengthen our defense. we have bombs so that we do not have to use them. we have bombs to provide strength of retaliation if we are fucked with. you don't own a gun to shoot people, you own a gun to use if you have to defend your home. you think Russia would have left us alone if we had no bombs? if they didn't know the full extent of our power? we have not been conquered because of our bombs and that little girl and her parents live the life they lead because of bombs. they should just be fortunate for our power that the bombs have created and attack the real enemy of proper schooling.. the government and they're misspending of the trillions of dollars they are alloted.
          that probably didn't penetrate your thick ignorant skull.

          • its_forge

            OMG are you serious, you're actually talking about building a vast nuclear arsenal as a deterrent? Holy fucking shit I can't even. Hey man, 1951 called, they want their ignorant us vs. them mentality back. Nuclear deterrent capability, holy shit, seriously? Holy shit!

    • HollarPeenYo


    • lol

      Everybody has a reason for every profession to buy what they "need" Since when did they start bake sales to buy school equipment. Weapons has always been in war. How much do you need to spread education? A brand new touch screen projector? A gym?

  • quintus

    #21 took it over the top

    • Nick

      sly would win that.. hell any human with arms would win that… on the count that t rexes don't have arms like humans.. but only the part from the elbow to the hand…

      • Qwerty

        Amazing how you watch TV shows (Bones) and then come on here acting like you're so smart…

        • You bastards!

          Hey, they just killed Nigel!

    • ash

      I see what you did there

    • A nonnie moose

      I see what you… dammit ash!

    • http://www.facebook.com/nikki.farr0 RubberDogTurds

      yea…. should've gone with a raptor

  • i hope paula died

    it wouldnt be that nice especially when we need bombs

    • http://myllymae.tumblr.com/ mylismo

      Then I would recommend you to buy all the cupcakes those young men would be selling to you.

    • burger bratt

      because we like totally don't need educaaytion?

    • jim

      Need is a strong word. How about we try to change the way neanderthals deal with disagreements? Put the guns and bombs away and let's start acting like the most intelligent race to ever walk the face of the earth.

      • panama99

        Jim we can act like the most intelligent race ever but you have to watch out for and be prepared for the other less intelligent bastard who wants to hurt you and your family and friends and then ALL the reasoning and talking with them in the world simply goes out the window.

        Sometimes, people just don't like you (or what you are) and no matter what you do they are not going to like you and they simply want you dead. Other times you need to defend weaker folks because the people messing with (i.e. killing them) will not listen to reasoning (i.e. please stop that it isn't nice and it's wrong). So you need to go in there and force them and when I say "Force" I mean kill.

        There are men and women out there that are willing to do this and thank God for that, you may not be that kind of person but please don't look down your nose at the men and women who are willing to do it. But what the hell, if you want to…who gives a fuck.

        By the way….I'll take 5 cupcakes if that is what it takes!

        Cute little girl.

        • terryc

          Well said….

        • Guest commenter

          See, e.g. December 6, 1941 Japan ends negotiations with US; December 7, 1941. . .

        • its_forge

          I'm a big ol' tree huggin' hippie but you'll never catch me saying we don't need defense forces. Now, a "defense" budget that's 15% more than all the other defense budgets on the entire planet combined, that's an entirely different story. I could see our forces being the same size and funding level as oh, Russia's maybe?

      • Steveystevesteve

        So…rock paper scissors?

        • jim

          Seems more intelligent and civilized than war. Think outside the box.

          • Jak

            With your thinking you will definitely end up in a box

          • Jim

            Sweet, while you're busyt ending war, you might as well just stop people from dying completely.

            Both are equally attainable, and equally feasible accomplishments.

            But hey, saying "stop war" makes you intelle3gent and civilized right? Maybe you can also post some of your ideas that are "outside the box" to give people some direction.

            Unless of course you are speaking out of your ass.

    • Fredrick VonBone

      To stay on the REAL TOPIC…I hope Paula didn't die. However, I do hope she has the bad aids.

    • its_forge

      You go 'head and let me know when it is that any living thing in this entire universe needs a bomb, okay? Thanks.

  • http://twitter.com/Sanja_Knez @Sanja_Knez

    Killin' it #22

  • Terrance_

    #15…that's just way to sweet! Love it!

  • Josh Gorter

    #16 As true as it may be I still find it sad how parents use there kids like this. Instead of using your kids in a political agenda why not just let go out and have fun and be a kid?

    • Mac Shareholder

      I couldn't agree more children should be allowed to frolic and ramble at will , it would ease the pressure considerably on the understaffed Teachers in those sub-standard school shacks

    • U want Frys w'that

      oops replied to the wrong account
      Hi there Gosh… your prolly rite on teh mony totes sick …ack …uck…how can kidz prolly derstand mening of sign…shood go te sum plase wer tehy teech taht kind uf thing …duh…
      now me gots go see yez later uglygators… me qtr pownder pattys ur burnin…

      • Stone

        Wtf are you trying to say? I am too tired to decipher your horseshit.

        • Wayne

          I think that's the point.

    • jim

      Yeah, take your kids to church and shove that rubbish in their soft heads while they can't think for themselves. That's normal/better.

      • You Schmuck

        No one said anything about church. You are a disgrace to that name.

    • Kate the Great

      Perhaps this may come to a shock to those of you who have long since retired from the public education system but there is serious need for reform. Children this age definitely know what that sign means because they live the reality of a broken school everyday. I live in a nice part of Michigan where education is actually supported but the cuts in education administered by both the federal and state governments make that support meaningless. We have had to cut piles of classes, teachers, supplies, etc just to remain a functioning school. All the while the education of the next generation diminishes. These cuts are extremely apparent in elementary school where teachers have to request students bring their own supplies and encourage them to bring in kleenex boxes for the class (since even those cannot be bought). I am a recent high school graduate and have seen the transformation of our schools over the years. My youngest sister is 7 and she comes home frustrated every day because they now have 45 kids per class (cant afford to pay for more teachers so they just keep upping classroom sizes). The teacher is only given about $1.35 to spend per student on all supplies for the entire year.

      now i'm not advocating that we just stop using military force or bombs, but maybe sometimes we can take cuts from other areas instead of always pulling from education first. Some people fail to understand that these children are the future of our country. If you cut their education, you have ignorant and uneducated people running the country later, treating your health needs, defending you in court, and so much more. Education is important for our country to move foreword. Without it we diminish the capabilities of our country and lose standing worldwide.

      • Changed my mind

        You are great.

    • bob

      Actually teaching kids values and right/wrong is a critical job of a good parent. And she's right anyways, the military is bankrupting America. Cutting the military in half and making it's goal actually defending the US instead of policing the world would likely solve a lot of our countries money problems. gasp….

    • Djack80

      what a load of horse shit. typical liberal make me feel good crap. Our schools have plenty of taxpayer money, the problem is the Teachers Unions and the overpaid administrations. Don't blame it on the Military, they are the ones that allow us to be able to post stupid posters like this.

      • its_forge

        If you honestly believe unions are the problem then you are allowing someone to fill your mind with bullshit.

    • Ukulelemike

      Or teach them to read

  • Ara

    #16 makes me sick…kid prolly doesn't understand what the meaning behind the sign means…idiotic parents

    • U want Frys w'that

      Hi there Gosh… your prolly rite on teh mony totes sick …ack …uck…how can kidz prolly derstand mening of sign…shood go te sum plase wer tehy teech taht kind uf thing …duh…
      now me gots go see yez later uglygators… me qtr pownder pattys ur burnin…

    • Ara

      Hey… what are you trying… to pull here Frys?
      I am… totally not the same Josh Gorter that posted 3 minutes… earlier.
      for one thing Ara is prolly a female name and… secondly Mr Gorter is cleary a more… eloquent and thoughtful writer than I
      you …prolly…should…knock…it…off…

  • Patrick

    #8 We'll know she's a witch if she weighs as much as a duck.

    • MFauxcault

      She turned me into a newt. I got better…

      • shaka

        Churches! Churches float!! Little small pebbles??

        • Kevin

          GREAT GRAVY!

    • Kaiwatha

      Burn more witches!

  • MigraineBoy

    #15 You're doing it wrong.

  • Chiveinator

    So that's why it's called Gonzo Journalism !

    • http://twitter.com/brewdub17 @brewdub17

      Ha, Zing!

    • oX_Animal_Xo

      What happens in Vegas…

      • asdf

        gives you herpes?

    • august west

      even though Dr. Gonzo was Duke's attorney…

    • Glenn_Coco

      We can't stop here! This is bat country!

  • mark

    #7 I need to be there

    • Mattski

      farily certain there is one like this on the Goaldcoast in Aus

    • Cherry

      I believe this one is in Toverland in the Netherlands. I've been there, it's quite awesome 😀

      • Matthias

        Totally correct, I was on this coaster and it was great. Best is catapult start 🙂

    • Anon

      is there a seatbelt or something to hold you on? Doesn't look like it to me….

      • blueberry

        Pretty sure there is a bar locking down their thighs, or so it appears.

    • Josh

      This looks rad. Not fast enough tho. http://www.toverland.nl/attracties/booster-bike

  • houtini

    #18 It's hard to put in one post the amount of things that are right with this picture.

    • HUH?

      sceptical man says: shopped, his face isnt pointed the right way.

  • tommybhoy

    #3 Still not as good as 'Duff Man"!!!!

    • Duffman

      cue intro from oh yeah by Yello
      OOH YEAH! Duffman totally agrees!
      Catch ya later Duffans -Duffman

    • nnn

      more like captain 'Merica

      • patov40

        DAMN! Stole my line. Well played nnn. Well played.

  • jim bo

    #10 Rainbow Dash IRL

    • ThatGuy


      I thought the same damn thing.

  • http://twitter.com/Z_Triple_T @Z_Triple_T

    #3 Cap'n 'Merica

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #9 hallowed air freshener: give your car that special incense smell
    #5 i already had mine, and im on a diet, but i cant pass on something that great, gimme!!!!!

  • U want Frys w'that

    enjoy your self while your youn Kiddo
    #5 is what you'll be doing for the rest of your life:'(

    • aosux

      He speaks from experience.

  • https://www.facebook.com/SantanaJeremy Jeremy Santana

    #3 NAILED IT

    • Blackie

      Damn thats original…

      • https://www.facebook.com/SantanaJeremy Jeremy Santana


  • JPC

    #5 just looks disgusting

    • Wade Wilson

      I second that remark. How fucking hard is it to make a pizza? Seriously…

    • See You, Rippah

      Ain't about the looks. Where's the bacon?

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