Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • Yessir

    #8 what's so special about that? Don't they all do that sometimes? Like one week per month?

  • backwater bandit

    #11 – fail

  • Um, what?

    #19 needs to be bigger.

  • Jesse

    #1 so much WIN!

  • thenoz

    so when and the boys at The Noz going to team up?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charlie-Fernandez/100000436057226 Charlie Fernandez

    #16 yes sweetie, yes it would

  • Chiefs420

    #5 – that looks disFUCKINGgusting

  • The Bandit

    #17…funny and educational!
    #3…the Duffman doesn't approve!

  • Country Boy

    People in the middle east have hated us since LONG before we invaded and started dropping bombs. By the way, it is very rare for it to be OUR bombs that are killing innocent people. The majority of the time, it is suicide bombers, car bombs, IEDs, etc… killing innocent people.

    Would we be happy if we came home to our suburban neighborhood and found out our wife and kids had been killed? Why don't you ask the people that were affected by 9/11 that?

    • mrbrixon

      What lol? We're america…we mind everyone's business even if we cant afford it. Dont give me that crock of shit…"they did it first"…we wrote the book on being grimy. I love my country…but we are far from innocent…if you think we are…you need help. and religion.. all of them are full of shit, generic copies of one another, in different languages…if you think a man is sitting up stairs controlling shit…again please seek help. my 2 cents…

    • http://myllymae.tumblr.com/ mylismo

      Country Boy you clearly have no idea what your talking about. During Vietnam war americans dropped more bombs in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos than in whole WW2. There were 7 million tons of bombs dropped in Vietnam, that's like 150kg/man, women and children, killing 2.6 million vietnamese. Those countries still have a huge problem finding and destroying all those bombs and even today lots of innocent people are getting killed by them.

      • its_forge

        To say nothing of the fact they're still trying to locate the bodies of all the people who were killed. That's just sad, man.

  • The Annoyed Elephant

    PS: #10 That is all.

  • Chad Conyers

    #3 That's Cap'n 'Merica! Dammit!

  • SweetDannyJ

    I'll get that witch a broom stick…

  • nsoebleed

    #19 why the hell didn't you make Gonzo Dr. Gonzo?

  • Pedro

    Why don't you learn Spanish, asshole?

    • Napoleon

      I can't believe i voted for you…

  • DutchSchaffer87

    #1 You remind me of the babe…

    • KeyserSoze

      What babe?

      • brando

        the babe with the power

        • KeyserSoze

          What power?

          • Jareth

            The power of voodoo….

            • Goblins

              who do?

              • Jareth

                You do!

  • aosux

    We tried that in the early 20th century…it doesn't work!

    • its_forge

      LOL when was that Mister History?

  • Jak

    "try to unite the religions with words"

    I would like you to sit down and really think about what you typed up there.

  • Matt

    #15 That's a Canadian submarine. 😛

  • Boby Morera

    #3 more like "Captain 'Merica!"

  • Jim

    I think you are confusing adults that have a child's mentality, with children with an adult view on things.

    The stupider the adults are these days, the smarter the kids look.

  • Pedobear

    #22 How lovely

  • katie

    #1 Labyrinth on the Chives? My life is complete.

  • KeyserSoze

    #1 Still awesome. Just watched Labyrinth with my kids last weekend and my 10 year old says "Hey, that guys a pretty good singer!" I had a good laugh.

  • easyjob

    Anyone who thinks teaching is a part time gig without real evaluations has never known or been a teacher. I work more hours per year as a teacher than I did as a mechanical engineer. And most teachers are evaluated not just by the school board, but also based on testing scores and all other kinds of criteria… but good call

    • Mike

      "All public school teachers are evaluated by standardized testing scores that keep the kids from learning what they need to so the teacher can get that nice raise for their kids passing."

      Fixed it for ya.

      • its_forge

        LOL so not the case. So, so not the case.

  • FourThumbsDown

    Pretty cushy gig?!? HAHAHAHA! You have no idea, buddy.

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