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  • PartyMarty

    Yeah, public school teachers have a really cushy gig. Asshole.

    • Jacksansjill

      You get to go home everynight to your families and pet your puppy and rub two fingers up and down your tiny shaft for 35 seconds a night too. You get hot showers and cooked meals and fresh baked goods from Tim Horton's with a nice coffee on your way to work… Oh, and nobody fucking shoots at you. Freedom is a flavor the protected will never know. You have such a cushy job it makes me sick. You mean to tell me its as easy as being in the service? I will gladly take $35-45k yearly and you can have my 27k yearly when 7 of those months was sent over seas. kthxbai.

      • Ateka

        You made the decision to join the navy, no one forced you. If you didn't fully know what to expect when you signed up, maybe you can blame your poor education?

      • easyjob

        I am actually married to a Soldier who's done 5 different deployments to war zones, and know just what comes with the territory…. only difference is he doesn't bitch about it on the internet and wouldn't say teachers have a cushy job just cause he's in the military. He made his decision to serve and is man enough to realize that jobs other than his have their own set of problems

      • its_forge

        YOU WANT THE TRUTH YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH oh fuck you asshole. Don't criticize someone else's job 'til you've walked even a single step in their shoes. Weep to me about your choice to deprive yourself of doughnuts when it wasn't your choice to join the service, until then shut the fuck up.

  • PartyMarty

    The hundred some-odd posts over #16 are laughably stupid. The sentiment in the sign is not calling for the abolition of the military- nor is it actually suggesting that the military should actually have to hold a bake sale to get materials. It's lamenting the loathsome fact that supposedly "public" school teachers and administrators are forced to go out of their own pocket, beg or scheme to get money (bake sales, car washes, etc.) for basic classroom equipment, when billions are indiscriminantly spent on research in new ways to blow up brown people half way across the world.

    • PartyMarty

      Some fucktard also said that US annual public education spending tops $1 Trillion. The US Department of Education's total budget is $69 Billion. The Department of Defense has a budget of over $600 Billion. Total Public Education spending (local, state, federal, k through college – every dime) in the US amounts to under $500 Billion. Total defense spending (on the books) is over $1.4 Trillion.

      They're apples and oranges, so the sign was really meant as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on how woefully and ineffectively underserved our children are. Military spending is bloated, and there are 77 million students in the US and 1.5 million military personnel, but it's not a matter of Children vs. Soldiers. That's retarded. Apples and Oranges.

      • PartyMarty

        But lets get into it. First of all, we're the only country on earth with a military buildup roughly the same as during the cold war. 28 percent of tax revenue goes to the Department of Defense. Every other major military has scaled itself down since that time. 5.4 percent of our GDP is devoted to miltary spending. The next highest in NATO is motherfucking broke-ass GREECE at 2.9 percent. Great Britain is at 2.4, down from 4.4 during the cold war. For those of you screaming "CHINA!" while shitting yourselves, our budget is over six times the size of theirs. As a comparison, education accounts for 5.7 percent of GDP, but that includes all private education spending as well, which doubles the figure. Public education is closer to 3 percent.

        • PartyMarty

          It's thanks to the intractable Military-Industrial Complex and their lobbyists and no-bid contracts (that Eisenhower WARNED us about) that we're in this mess. That, and a bunch of halfwit congressmen and senators with a hard-on for fighter jets who've read too many spy novels. Military adventurism is the precurser to every empire's downfall. We can still turn it around- i'm surprised and saddened that Obama is taking his sweet ass time doing so. But it can still be done. It' s unforgivable to piss away this kind of money on discretionary military spending. Particularly when parts of our nation's interior are crumbling. Have you ever been to a public school in DC or Baltimore? It doesn't even feel like America.

          We're also #37 in terms of overall HEATH, thanks to "the greatest healthcare system in the world", but that's another story altogether.

  • GArner

    I like turtles

  • Larry

    How dare you take away from the poor school teachers plight?

    In fact, I better go get my Violin…

  • bob

    over the top ftw

  • JasonL

    Republican brainwashing: the Teachers and Unions are to blame!!!

    not the fact we keep giving tax hand outs to the wealthy….

    • Mike

      Democrat brainwashing: The poor don't get tax cuts or tax refunds!

      Take 2 seconds out of your life and look up a data sheet. Or hell, take an economics class.

      • its_forge

        You seem to assume that those of us anywhere to the left of Goebbels *don't* have knowledge of economics. Hey, have you ever heard of Robert Reich or Paul Krugman?

  • Dead Embryonic Cells

    probably a response to you, you high achieving go-getter, you

    • Guy

      Yup, forgive me for not settling in a teachers position….

      You know the saying, Those who can, do…..

      • EvilDungBeetle

        Not to stir the shitstorm here, but… Does that mean those who can't (teach) SHOULD teach? The old axiom kind of breaks down when turned on itself huh?

  • Dead Embryonic Cells

    to be clear, I'm not taking anything away form the brave boys and girls of the armed forces (really I'm not, i fully respect them), I just think it's a shame how public educators cop for so much hate. Education should make a world that means no-one gets shot at in Afghanistan or anywhere else. Out of interest: in relative terms how much do you think is spent on military hardware by the Taliban, versus state education?

    • Larry

      Tree bark has more sense than you.

  • Ken

    #16 If only teachers were paid as little as soldiers are, and if failing their mission posed a risk to their lives.

  • Hammer

    #16, as a military member I'll remember that when someone tries to invade our home. I'll sell brownies to try and buy ammo.

    P.S. You're welcome.

  • https://www.facebook.com/marksantiagorea Mark Rea

    #22 C-C-C-OMBO

  • Steve Smith

    #16 No, It wouldn't be nice. Then we would have more lib-tards trying to brainwash kids even more than they already do, while our soldiers would be unable to protect our freedoms that we love so much. Maybe one of those bombs could accidentaly land on this kids parents…

  • brazzers

    Not enough teachers? Are you retarded? Teaching jobs are impossible to get cause there are too many, at least in California.

  • Ryan

    #3 Seems legit.

  • Wade Wilson

    #3 Too bad with his super-metabolism, it would take a truck full of beer to get Cap drunk, but then he'd be sober again in a minute. My friend and I had this conversation once while we were really stoned.

  • bob

    #16 schools are fully funded you communist bastard. parents just arent getting their money's worth cause most of the 20000 spent per student is wasted. and the solution is not to throw more good money after bad but to fix the system that allows the money to be wasted on bad teachers and retarded programs like No Child Left Behind (good concept, bad execution that forced teachers to teach tests instead of subject comprehension)

  • its_forge

    LOL you take a crack at it, bro. My Mom is the most strong-willed woman I met and when I graduated high school she said "I'm gonna go back to school and be a teacher" and finished her degree and did ONE semester in a school and went right back to college and got a degree in social work and became an agent for Children and Families. You read that right, taking babies away from fucking crackheads was an easier job to deal with than ONE SEMESTER in a middle school. Screw you and your "cushy gig" bullshit.

    • its_forge

      "most strong-willed woman I **know**" is what I meant to say there. durr

  • its_forge

    In case you're wondering, I've decided arguing with you is impossible because even the most dumbfoundingly reactionary throwback low-foreheaded nose-picking IDIOTS in modern American politics all know and fully realize that building a large arsenal of nuclear weapons as a deterrent for war, or as a deterrent for someone else using their nuclear arsenal against anyone else, is the stupidest fucking idea anyone could possibly have ever had. Thanks for playing but you sir have lost.

    • That Guy

      yes yes please open your mouth some more and reveal how foolish you are. you are giving up on the argument and yet i have lost? you are saying you're stupid and that i'm wrong with baseless reasoning and yet i have lost? you call what i state as fact, which is a fact that we have more bombs then the rest of the world because we have to protect our ass from the rest of the world, a "stupid fucking idea" which is entirely your opinion and yet i have lost?
      you haven't argued anything since your first comment. only provided ad hominem, invalid comments that is wrapped in uneducated filler words. you couldn't argue your family into loving you, so i should not be surprised by your answers.
      by the way even if it is "the stupidest fucking idea", it still does mean it doesn't work. so come back with more insults while i will rely on a superior understanding of pretty much everything. that guy is winning. always will be winning while you fail at everything you attempt to do. proceed with failing to respond.

  • Jon


    1 good reason why the defense budget is larger than education system: The defense system actually works and without it, there'd be no education system to picket about. Go after people in Congress will multi-million dollar pensions, not the people who are working day and night to keep this country safe.

  • http://twitter.com/frankystein123 @frankystein123

    #16, that little girl has more common sense than most grown-ass men.

    #22, bitch please, your argument is invalid.

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  • John Robert

    Isn't it nice that the US military is fully funded so they can protect our freedom?
    Schools are funded by property taxes. Instead of blaming the military, perhaps schools
    could operate more efficiently and within their budget?

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