The surest way to hurt your country's reputation…riot: Canadian vs Greek riots (39 Photos)

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  • Dan

    #40 well put

    • dave@work

      fuck you who cares. thats the whole point

      • dave@workisadouche

        dave@work, You are a douchebag, if you look up douchebag in the dictionary you will see a picture of yourself, that is all

  • Todd S.

    Wow just wow.Now if this was all going on because of a Goverment problem or something to that affect.Sure i can see some rage.But over a Hockey Game?Come on.You fools just showed the world how much your a bunch of stupid ass retards.Lets burn are city down,and light police on fire,etc,etc,etc.

    • Eddie

      I feel stupid that I understood what you just wrote.

    • Jay

      I'm getting a headache trying to figure out what you're talking about. Your comment makes no sense Todd.

    • equalizermax

      Boston Celtics Championship 2008 ??? Ring a bell Todd S ???

    • Rob

      Or we could just invade countries and use chemical (Agent Orange) and atomic warfare (Hiroshima) I think in the full scale a few burnt cars isn't as bad a biological and atomic warfare but hey apparently it is?

      • @Adamags

        You, sir, are a freaking moron. You are comparing the actions of nations at war to actions of fools whose teams lost. They took the beauty of civic pride and turned it into a rage against themselves because they lost a game. I live in a city that is pretty well versed in both Victories (Bulls, Blackhawks, White Sox) and Losses (Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox, Bears) and for the most part we have handled it well. I know that it only takes a spark to start a fire, and I'm sure that it was only a few people who initiated these actions, but it is still pretty sad that all it takes to shake our moral compass is to watch the actions of others and we follow along.

        So, in short, you are a D-bag. Boom. Argument won.

        • Rob

          Oh yeah nation at war that's why Hiroshima was a civilian target and wait why were you in Vietnam again? OH YEAH you didn't like their political views communist and all that shit, hell if you don't agree with them bomb them? Brilliant

          So, in short, your country is a bully that attacks whatever doesn't agree with the american views both domestically and abroad. Boom- you guys just dropped another bomb,

          oh yes and I'm writing this on a site that is dedicated to War. Argument won

          • @Adamags

            I think you need to check your history. The U.S. came in to Vietnam to aid the french. While the ultimate goal was to stop the spread of communism, which at the time was a major concern. It wasn't the right thing to do in the end, we've all come to that conclusion. While you can disagree with the dropping of the atomic bomb on hiroshima, the action may have prevented the loss of thousands of more lives. But you are missing the overall point. The kids in Vancouver that decided to destroy their city because their hockey team couldn't skate, shoot, or stop goals in game 7. That's just plain dumb. There is no defense to that. So, you can try and compare the actions of a nation generations later to the actions of a bratty populace that threw a temper tantrum that put a big scar on their beautiful city.

            And this site is more centered around celebrating our soldiers, who are more awesome than you or me. But keep trying to justify the actions of these morons in BC…

            • Alex78fr

              Sorry, but you are wrong… For your information French were kicked out from Vietnam (Indochine colonie) in 1954, loosing the battle of Dien Bien Phu. But it's true that the U.S. helped financially the French during this independence war.

        • Rudeboi

          1984 Detroit Tigers, 2010 Los Angeles Lakers, 2003 Oakland Raiders, 2004 New England Patriots, 2004 Boston Red Sox…just to name a few.

          Think before you write next time, champ. Boom. Argument won.

    • Nateb123

      Dude, some skinheads brought molotov cocktails to set cars on fire and baseball bats to break shit. They were rioting regardless of the outcome. It had nothing to do with the hockey game, it was just timed in the hopes people would join them and aside from a few drunken idiots, most people got the hell out of there quick.

  • guest

    Greek = lazy morons, Canadian = morons

    • Eddie

      You = mad?

    • ABO

      Let's not blame Canadians, when clearly it's a small group of idiots in Vancouver.

      • Allenavw

        Thank you! People are running around judging us harshly for the actions of few. I hope they throw the idiots that started this riot out of the city.

      • V4Vendetta14

        Drunken mob mentality, I guess. I never got why the winning team's fans would go into the streets and destroy stuff.

        • yanetosaurus


          Vancouver lost, and a few criminals & anarchists used the loss and disguised themselves with Jerseys to fit in.

          Same thing happened in Montreal a few years ago.

          • ScubaSteve

            Get real. There were defiantly fans rioting. Everyone knows that it wasn't all Vancouver fans but it's ridiculous to suggest that its due to people that were not fans and just disgusting themselves to get away with it. Their actions were unacceptable but I saw this coming the day Vancouver. With drunk crowds condensed in the streets with minimal way out (the cops closed a lot of the bridges) rioting is defiantly going to happen. Thank god Canada won the gold last year or we would have seen a much worse riot.

            • Nateb123

              Actually the guys who caused the damage brought weapons and flammables TO THE EVENT. Regardless of outcome, they were damaging shit. Fandom had zero to do with it.

              • ScubaSteve

                You clearly did not understand my point. Sure, their were guys who brought weapons and flammables but to suggest that not a single Vancouver fan took part in the riot is absurd. The fanbase as a whole may have had zero to do with it but to say that not a single Vancouver fan took part in the rioting is just ridiculous.

                • Guest

                  you clearly didnt make a point. idiot.

      • That Guy

        they guy is clearly commenting on the rioters. canadian RIOTERS are morons and the greek RIOTERS are lazy morons referring to their economic problems. Canadians and Greeks are/were judged by these idiots. there's no way of getting around it, that's just how the world sees things.

    • kaltsovrako

      f*ckin stereotypes! Stereotypes all over!

      I guess you are from US and you watching Tv all day long. Happy now?

      (and yes, I am from Greece)

      • Jenny

        I think you missed the point #40

  • Dan

    #17 These cops are thinking, "We could tackle those guys, but we got them on camera. We'll just arrest the morons tomorrow."

    • simon

      sure that would be smart 2 cops vs how many people, you would not pay me enought to do that

    • dub

      Is that Chief Joseph disguised as a female Police Officer?

  • mongoose5271

    Stay classy Vancouver……..

    • steve

      Stay classy IDIOTS of vancouver*
      Not all of us are brainless dickheads

      • LoveVancouver

        There were over 100 thousand people watching the game on screens downtown. The majority of the people weren't even from Vancouver, but from surrounding areas like Maple Ridge, Surrey and Coquitlam. The real citizens of Vancouver were mortified and over 15,000 volunteers were in downtown Vancouver by 7 am the next day to help clean up.

        • Nateb123

          ^ This. A few idiots rioted. The next day, a crowd many times their size picked up scrub bushes to remove graffiti, removed every scrap of garbage and helped board up broken windows. Any city could have rioters, how many can say that more people would show up to clean up the next day?

        • Snowman

          what are you trying to get at? trust me pal, the "real" citizens of vancouver weren't the only ones mortified about what happened. oh, and another thing, a good chunk of those volunteers were from the areas you mentioned.

  • gambit80

    I'm ashamed of the fact the we won this one. A select few in one city can just ruin the entire reputation of a country.

  • piburly

    Vancouver was classless throughout the entire finals. This is no surprise. They did it last time they lost the finals, too . Boston won and had almost no problems. The Stanley Cup knows where it belongs!!!!!!!

    • garble

      Actually, part of the problem was that Vancouver fans caused practically no problems at all during the entire finals… so the police got complacent.

      Either way, I'm embarrassed that I live in Vancouver after that riot… ridiculous.

    • guest

      I agree. The vancouver canucks have some of the worst fans in sports. These riots just prove further that they are annoying, ignorant, and classless. I'm a Canadian, and think that not only did the Bruins deserve the win, but their fans did also. Well done Boston!

    • Snowman

      classless throughout the finals eh? care to elaborate? oh, and for every one of those fans that rioted there is 10,000 that watched it on tv in disgust. so don't throw us all under the bus.

    • Rob

      And don't forget it took 21 Canadians players Boston to win the Cup.

  • Brewdy

    Sometimes a motherfcker's got to burn shit. Anyways, in Vancouver a huge amount of people came out the next day to clean the streets. Here is the story on the kissing couple:

  • dave

    "What happened? Is your country being ruled by an oppressive dictator that suffocates freedom and plunges your country into a discontented hell-hole?"

    "No…we lost a hockey game."

    • Jay

      replace Country with City

    • Mr. Loaf

      You haven't heard of Steven Harper?

      • bobo


  • Andrew

    As a Vancouverite, I would like to say that I am more ashamed of my city than I could have ever imagined. I was downtown to watch the hockey game on the night of the riot and was appalled with what took place. I sincerely hope that the rest of the world understands that it was a small number of individuals who were determined to riot regardless of the result of the game. This riot was not induced by fans, but rather a group of people looking for an excuse to wreak havoc.
    Yesterday morning, I joined thousands of volunteers and took to the streets with brooms, solvents, and other implements in an effort to pick up debris, wash away graffiti, and scrape molten car remnants from the pavement. I am ashamed for what happened on June 15th, but working alongside so many people yesterday made me so proud. On the boarded up windows, volunteers and passers-by are writing and sharing their thoughts; I'll share my contribution with you:

    May the world forgive the fifteen,
    and remember the sixteenth.

    – Andrew Campbell, a true Vancouverite and Canucks fan

    • newscot

      Well put Andrew.

    • Jeff

      Indeed…well said.

    • Allenavw

      That's lovely! Thank you for being one of the volunteers to go down and help. If I could have I would have been there in a heartbeat. I am so embarrassed of the light this is casting on all of us.

    • Anonarama

      I heard there was a facebook group before the game ever started, about rioting regardless of the outcome. I also read an article where a "witness" said he heard some people on a bus, going to the game, say they were just there to riot after… so yeah, pretty fucked up. But well said there Andrew.

      I was in Vancouver last summer. Nice city.

    • Kiloweed

      Good stuff Andrew. Well, said. I was with you downtown in the early morning. I hope the media keeps cracking down on the culprits behind the riots. I wana see their pictures and names and all their other info plastered all over the papers, tv, and internet. I really hope the courts throw the book at all of them. Maximum sentences and fines on all of them!!!

    • @Adamags

      Well said. And I'm sorry your netminder is horrible. And a D-bag.
      Just kidding.
      I hope your city get's back to it's original beauty soon.

      Go Blackhawks;)

  • GrkManga49

    Greek riots actually look like riots. Canadian "riot" just looks like a huge party gone bad.

  • thecandian

    #39 just so you know everyone is saying that this couple went in and started to make out but thats not the case that is a couple from sweeden and the woman is lying on the ground with a serious head wound and that is her boyfreind looking after her. which is pretty much what #40 is talking about look at the people you hurt you fucking idiots.

  • thecandian

    #39 *CORRECTION* austrailian

    • ScubaSteve

      I've read countless reports saying that the girl was really stabbed in the back, or had a head wound and her boyfriend is caring for her. Have yet to hear any confirmation of actual source of these rumors. Only user comments on message boards. Would love to see your credible resource.

    • EZEE

      She does have a sweet ass…

    • Jerod
      here is a link to the real story.

  • Paul

    Comparing a riot brought on by morons pissed off about a stupid hockey game vs. Greeks fighting against an oppressive and corrupt government because they have run out of options? Ignorance at its finest. It doesn't surprise me that most people that criticize the Greeks have absolutely NO IDEA WHY they happened in the first place.

    • bob

      They have brought on themselves. Hardly anyone pays any taxes, they don't have much of an Industry or Services sector. Even the students are useless. All they do is study for a few years and then switch courses and study something else, since the Govt. will pay for everything. Its laziness, plain and simple.

    • EZEE

      Because the government went broke paying people not to work, and cannot pay people anymore, so they are cutting back, and the greeks finally got off of their boy loving butts and decided to take action, so they could sit back down on their butts?


  • trevor

    if you actually watch the videos, most of the idiots rioting in vancouver were kids between16-21. They were not real fans, they were idiots looking for an excuse to ruin shit! A bunch of losers who will soon be paying fines, doing community service and some time in jail. have fun then you douches!

  • Sizzle

    From what I've heard, the Vancouver riot was pre-planned. They'd have rioted whether the Canucks won or lost. Should round all those idiots up and put them on an island and let them tear each other apart.

  • Bob

    Holy Shit, I think I just started to like Canada.

  • Alecia

    As a Vancouverite, I am sooooo embarassed of our city right now. It's true that this riot was at least somewhat planned. The whole mood around here before game 7 was a lot of "riot if we win, riot if we lose" so that just amped up with the amount of alcohol these punks were consuming. I am so glad I wasn't down there for the game, and I'm so glad that so far no deaths or serious injuries have been reported. But way to go, Vancouver, just made us all look like idiots for what a small group did.

  • Stewball27

    Let's not wrap Canada up in this behavior. Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa all made the finals and lost within the last 10 years and this did not happen in any of those cities. Stay Classy Vancouver.

    PS It sure appears to be more then 15 people trashing your yuppy town.

    • Anonarama

      We had a riot in Edmonton but I don't think anything besides maybe a few windows were broken. No flipped over and burning cars, that's for sure!

  • bkfrijoles

    I have friends that are in critical condition from the riot

    • Nateb123

      Then your friends got too drunk, mouthed off the wrong people and got stabbed. Anyone who wasn't an idiot was out of there long before there was any trouble.

  • Just Sayin'

    #27 Even george michael was getting involved!

    • equalizermax

      I was thinking Bono?

  • Bisp

    # 38 has been ratted out by his Ex and cops have him in custody. Apparently he had a scholarship with the university of Calgary and was supposed to be on the Olympic water polo team… Nice way to ruin your life, retard. And please don't say "Canadian Riot" I live in Calgary, we lost in game 7 in '04 and the worst thing that happened were some chicks started showing their tits in public. Only in Vancouver would this happen… again. And these retards are not true hockey fans, the real fans stayed at Rogers arena to watch the Bruins get their Ceremony.

    • Coldzilla

      LOL dont ya love how some of the locals news stations were showing the difference between the two? Flashing boobs versus flash bangs! LOL

    • Anonarama

      Pretty sure they are true hockey fans. Being a hockey fan doesn't make you some sort of awesome role model. I played hockey for 14 years and met more than a fair share of utter retards – who love hockey. If they weren't fans, they also probably wouldn't be wearing so much memorabilia, would they?

      Maybe they're all just fans of Hockey AND Anarchy?

      • Nateb123

        Flames fans gonna hate. Sorry you didn't get to the final.

  • MikeK

    I do like the city of Vancouver… They are like our slightly strange cousins from the north.

  • jordan99

    first if wanted to call the Greeks morons you should use images of football and baskeball games like Canada.
    second if you are happy with your government and system ok but we are not and that is why the images of Greek riots are only with police. there are so many things to accuse us and you pick those pictures? lame

  • bacri

    they are not doing it because life is good in canada or greece,take a second and think about it,all you know about whats happening there is over corrupted media 😉

    • Nateb123

      No. Life it pretty good here in Van.

      • Србија

        it's good there,it isn't in greece

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