The surest way to hurt your country's reputation…riot: Canadian vs Greek riots (39 Photos)

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  • moeshere Foxdale

    They lost you think there dum asses would go and rip up the town that won NOT YOUR OWN…. Still in the long run don't get nothing done… JUST JAIL ASSHOLES…..

    • Coldzilla

      SO theyre supposed to find ANOTHER town?

      Wow great logic there

  • CBDeadman

    Seeing shit like that from Canadians because of a hockey game makes me ashamed to be Canadian. I'm just glad I don't live in British Columbia

  • Tyler

    im so proud to be Canadian after that

  • Craig

    Don't put Canada down for what Vancouver did. The Vancouver Canucks fans were voted in the top 5 for worst fans out of any North American sports team. Even Canada is pointing and laughing at Vancouver.

  • matt

    I love how if one of those dumbasses hurts themselves the government will turn around and pay for their healthcare…. How stupid…

    • Nateb123

      No more than it pays for the health care of the people that the rioters hurt. See? Works both ways.

      Plus it's not "the government", it's "the citizens". Where do tax revenues come from genius?

    • Snowman

      you get cheap beer, and smokes; we get cheap healthcare. don't complain.

  • Andrew

    Hate to see the Carnage if They won…………..Go Black and Gold!

  • EZEE

    I know! I hate it when people generalize Candians as beer drinking flannel shirt wearing 'eh' saying hosers.


    • Coldzilla

      LOL ok ya got me.

      Well all but the "Eh" part 😉

  • glasshouses

    What about the US's race riots!!!

    • @Adamags

      Are you fucking kidding? RACE riots. They happened due to the tension between races due to inequality. It's a sad moment in U.S. history that moved the U.S. towards change.

      These were because of a goaltender who sucks at his job and top scorers who forgot how to place the puck in the net.

      • Rob

        Wrong. There were people who brought weapons and flammables to the game and were going to riot regardless the outcome. Maybe you should take a look at the riots that have happened int he US over the past 20 years before bagging a country you know nothing about. Does the 2008 NBA finals ring a bell?

  • Inbred

    but you get free stuff….

  • 6KJR

    I hope the police beat down the idiots that have no respect for other peoples property.

  • PenPen

    Wow, my player is amazing, I saw this gallery listening to "This is why we Fight", from The Decembrists, just amazing.

  • BigDirty

    Living an hour east of Vancouver, I got a good feeling for what was going on there. That feeling was bullshit. This is a disgrace. The fact that it has already been stated that Vancouver fans are some of the worst in the league is bad enough, but then to throw a riot on top of it, what can I say. I know that you should love and respect the city that you live in, after all it is your home, but how are you supposed to feel after something like this. Ashamed? Disgusted? Embarrassed? Sorry for the actions of few world. We are not all like these festering zits of society.

    • Rick

      that was kind of the point I was getting at b/c Vancouver is known as one of the best cities in the world

  • cory

    Canada doesn't "win" anything. Greece is rioting for many different reasons that drastically effect Greek daily life, Canada is rioting for fun and for facebook pictures. That silly, "Kiss" isn't a meme and it isn't the "defining moment for our generation", rather a distraction from what really happen during the riot.

    • Rob

      Wrong. Learn the facts before spouting off bs.

      • That Guy

        i love it when people just say that you are wrong and to learn the facts without stating any.

  • Jay

    A city full of morons, like Vancouver (who did the same thing in 1994 when they lost, but without the omnipresence of the internet) does not represent all of Canada. It is a city full of junkies, criminals, "new Canadians" and self-righteous assholes. They are in no way a representation of the rest of Canada… None of the cities are.

  • That Guy

    #38 the dude is trying to back pedal his way to the olympics. i think the fact that you could put a shirt into any care let alone a cop car and light it on fire is not a lapse in judgement but the lack of any good judgement. i hope he does time for his involvement. if he names names then he might get community service… but this is Canada… so they may just revoke his flannel license.

  • Underhill

    If you see trouble like this starting it may just be a good idea to walk quietly away. No matter
    how you feel or which ''side'' you are on, walk away. Later you can choose sides by picking
    who you visit in jail or the hospital.

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