Hot Right Now: You’ll fall 30-LOVE for these tennis girls (14 GIFs)

I want to walk a plank into a sea of redheads. Is that so much to ask?(40 Photos)

If you have any hot redheaded photos (whether you know the girl personally or not) please send them my way at bringittobob[at]


The submissions have been brilliant so far…

  • Birdhaus32

    Totally not true redheads. For shame Chive, for shame

    #11 #15 # 18

    But I'm not apposed to Ms. Blake being a redhead

  • Zaedrus

    #34 same as #40? Either way: yes, please!

  • dweber77

    #40 I think we need a whole gallery of her. Or a Chive shoot of her, her name is Hattie Watson if you have not tried to look her up yet. You are welcome.

    • thegoogguy

      AGREED and thank you kind sir.

      • dweber77

        After the gif of her last week became my desktop and then this week's I could not take it anymore and went to the photographers page and looked her up from there. I had to be on high alert at my desk while searching.

  • dnsbubba

    If you look like this, you can have anything I own. If I don't own it, I'll get it.


  • Kodos

    The Red Queen…

  • Booyah1208

    Wow is all i can think of!!!!!!!

  • DaniiSwe

    Redheads are so beautiful. I loved #10, #16, #17 and #29.#12was way to skinny 😦 But overall, gorgeous!

  • Shawn

    come on, no love for Emma Stone, #29? There is just something about this beauty thats intrigues the hell out of me

  • harrypalms1

    #13 #32 #34 WINNERS!!!!!!!!! 😀 Best of the best for sure 😀

  • Luke

    #16 … i love her

  • will

    #31 any one else have a sudden craving for watermelon?

  • Dapper_Dave

    #13 Wins the battle of the red heads. Please come to my room to accept your prize.

  • IJL

    you may have converted me to liking redheads #2 and #18

  • MacNCheesePro

    #20 hurt my eyes because of how it was animated, but I couldn't look away because breasts!

  • absolutcarcrazy

    ,mmmmm #4, #9, #19

    • absolutcarcrazy

      & #14, good god i cant make up my mind…..

  • BMW

    Beautiful #9 #16 #31

  • oranglewat

    #24 wow, a 1940's americana painting came to life.


    #36 WOW #16 wins also #8 #21

  • da' BRUINS!

    #8 Not been given props yet astounds me.

    • bigguy

      Simply stunning

    • Lloyd Christmas

      Jennifer Korbin, Cinemax's Lingerie

  • chiverbob

    I would like to see some natural red heads with a small strip of proof coming out of there shorts

  • laelow

    Wow, does anybody out there know who these two women are?

    #28 and #37

  • misschris

    #30 and #32 Damn. I ❤ that you guys rep the red heads!!

  • Anonymous

    #34 Drinking that OE!

  • 4acesusaf

    #8 and #31 YUM!

  • tongystunter

    #1 #6 #9 amazing!

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