Keep Calm and Chive On has arrived

keep calm Keep Calm and Chive On has arrived

Keep Calm and Chive On is finally here in both men and women’s (scoop neck) at theCHIVERY. We’ve been really excited over here for a while about this awesome new design. It really brings the Chivers out of the woodwork wherever you go in our experience. Oh yeah, and it’s as soft as Lauren Gentile’s bottom… true story.

We have a lot in stock but we don’t expect them to last long. Good Luck. Here you go!

Keep Calm and Chive On,


UPDATE: We had hundreds in stock. Unbelievably, they are about gone. Won’t last much longer.

Second Update: SOLD OUT

  • BC37

    My order was successful. Now the waiting game begins.

  • @soy_LG

    I seriously LOVE your shirts. And true story, they are more soft than my ass: the quality of your shirts are really unmatched.

  • Derp

    FYI, posting this does not count as new content. Lay off the self-promotion, douchebags.

    • @p_oneill

      You have an excellent an appropriate screen name, Derp.

    • devon

      this is america, jackass, where people sell things to keep the lights on. enjoy the free content on the chive. they'll pay their $25,000 monthly hosting bill with unicorns and fairy dust

      • Derp

        I enjoy the free content…the first time I see it, at other websites before The Chive "borrows" it and slaps a "Posted at The Chive" mark in the corner.

        If all you do is re-post other people's stuff, you have no right to call yourself "the best site in the world."

        That's all.

  • ANR

    Just ordered my Women's Medium shirt! So excited, hope it fits!

  • goman go

    got mine

  • pics

    and just like that, they're gone

  • JBeckers

    YEAH! I got one finally! No I have to wait about 30 days until it arrives, damn you international shipping hehe

  • RubberDogTurds

    It's called Internet speak, and you're called an assmunch.
    Can't correct any of this, grammar or truth-wise, can you?

    • grammar nazi

      hooked on phonix worked for you huh.

      "internet speak" really? i didn't know English changed online….my bad.

      • RubberDogTurds

        hooked on phonics joke?
        did your time machine take these comments back to 1994??

      • AsciiAdam

        Wow, this must be your first computer. That type of typing is a running joke around the internet and at this site. Chive, y u no have black logo shirt? O Well, got green one instead.

        • grammar nazi

          sorry…i don't spend my life online learning new age English.

          i prefer to socialize with real life humans. you know at the pub with friends. not with a webcam.

          • RubberDogTurds

            this….this… is just too easy.
            I'd point out all the contradictions but it's like kicking a guy who's already down… and has palsy… and is very AIDS-y.

  • Megalock26

    Hell to the Yes!! Just received my order confirmation….Bring on the Chivettes in….Vietnam??? o.0

  • Doug

    Grammar troll reads the Chive every day and still doesn't get the joke. SMH

  • Demon_Cleaner

    I gots mines!!! Hell yeah!!

  • Megalock26

    Challenge Accepted

    • amrith777


  • Sean


  • sold out in 7min. i was refreshing and finally got sold out message. you guys need to be ordering thousands. ive been trying to get a logo and bill murray for over a month.

    San diego

  • Brandy

    Effffffff I want a chive shirt. Is this one of those games where you are making scarce amounts so that people can buy them and resale them on ebay for outrageous prices? I see what you did there.

  • Gaucho85

    As usual, I say "I NEED one of those, I'll be first in line" and as usual I don't wake up until they're all sold out. . . Consistency can be a bitch.

  • Gee


    Gosh darn it, will have to wait until they're back then. Boo! =/

  • Da_Boz

    So, the math behind not ordering plenty of men's sizes large or extra large in any of the decent shirts is? Please cater to a vast majority of your target audience. I have been trying to order nearly any state T or original Chive T or this one in an XL, but will fit in Large for over a month now. Frustrating…but I understand the demand is high, I think keeping the number of sirts produced so low may be a missed opportunity for you guys considering we are paying to advertise for you.

  • ANR

    Is that how long it takes to get shipped?

    • Dylan79

      I am in the Netherlands so 2 weeks seems about right .

  • Dylan79

    Sorry Africa and Antarctica, there was not enough room for you

  • DuffMan

    I dunno. I love the Chive and I'm a daily reader, but I still don't see myself frantically spending $25 on a T-shirt. The concept isn't that original, and if you had to, you could make your own for less than $10.

    • JBeckers

      $25 isn't that much at all, I live in The Netherlands and it's about €16,- converted, €23 something with shipping costs. I'm still a student but i spend easily €75,- , for a polo shirt or €180-300 for a pair of jeans.
      And no it's not illegally earned money, all fair and square.

  • Picard_

    For all of us that didn't get one, perhaps this "actually abnormally large" wallpaper will tide us over:

    made here——>

    Cheers, and do as the image says!

  • Crime-Dog

    Got my Banksy Foreclosure T-shirt today! Awesome! Ordered my Keep Calm and Chive On Tee – guess I got lucky before they sold out SWEET!!!

  • Gl

    How about getting some XL shirts back in stock?

  • mark

    whatever, cheap ass.

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