The Airbus: Flying the friendly skies in 2050 (6 HQ Photos)


  • Gern Blansten

    Yeah….no. Ticket prices are bad enough as it is.

    • Zach

      Don't think so. We are having a hard time getting the Boing Dreamliner to the mass market. 30 years from now, we'll be flying in similar planes as today.

    • TheBigMachine

      I'd hate to be the a-hole who asks to close the windows so that he can catch a quick "cat nap".

  • NonfatWombat

    Personally, it would be better to have a transparent floor.

    • tobuscus

      I would soil myself when it starts to go down for the landing.

    • Capt. Obvious

      Yes, it would be nice to see all of the luggage underneath you right?

      • Rob

        i LOLd at that.

    • James Hicks

      Oh my god, please no…I would actually be ok with no windows period. So I can pretend I'm just sitting in a room at ground level, not hurtling through the air in a cylindrical metal tube of death.

  • nick k

    its called transferring your body heat to energy

    • nappyp

      Yea, and thats how the machines took over the world in the matrix! Mipo2010 is correct.

    • SeaBassEX

      Its called "science fiction" if you know anything about thermodynamics and energy conversion.

      • Aero1Engineer

        Not true. Heat can be converted to sound waves which can then be converted to electricity. I was a student in an advanced physics class with Professor Symco at the University of Utah when it was developed.

        Laws of Thermodynamics in tact.

        Science fiction is usually regular science we haven't discovered yet.

  • Nick702

    Yeah, but can it fly?

    • fuzzybeard2016

      With correctly calibrated flight control software and enough thrust, anything can fly.

      • RushHourofBabel

        That's a pointless comment. It's like saying anything can be a bomb if you add dynamite and fire. But thanks for dropping by.

  • aaron

    This just in, airline ticket prices to skyrocket in 2050.

  • @OriginalMadCat

    Oprah already has 2

    • John T.

      Are you serious!?

    • John T.

      Lol. Jk

    • panama99

      Two seat!!!!

      • add

        because she's fat

  • equalizermax

    I would probably spending my entire year of pay to get a ride into this one

  • Bumblerbee

    My first thought was if I would be alive to see this…

    • ssstoopid

      The world is ending next year anyways. No worries. Trust me, I'm a doctor… and a Mayan.

    • ParkerBunnell

      hahah i thought the same thing

  • Brother Maynard

    "Morphing seats can harvest passenger’s body heat to power aircraft systems such as holographic pop-up pods as shown here in the Airbus Concept Cabin “Smart Tech Zone.”

    That's pretty freaking cool. Can they find a way to harvest the energy from joining the mile high club?

  • BigD

    Golfing? I remember the original 747 had lounges and bars, etc. That lasted until some bastard in accounting sharpened his pencil and realized there were a bunch of seats they weren't selling. I'm guessing they will have the social area to seats in a year and still charge extra if you don't give off enough body heat during the flight!

    • ssstoopid

      No sh*t! As soon as they realize people will pay the higher prices regardless of the gigantic video game area, it's gone. The rules of the air won't allow it anyways. I'm surprised I can still get up to take a piss without wearing a parachute!

  • buster cherry

    "The mile high club of the future will begin like this"

    • Macbookprofessional

      So i was like, hey i can feel boobies in 2050..
      Now i can only fake it 😦

  • EJK

    and if it hits a bird going mach three, or all those pretty bells and whistles fail it'll become the coolest lawn dart.

    • matty

      mach 3? seriously? i'd be shocked if this thing could even go mach 1.

  • davey

    In 40 years new tech will be far more brilliant than what they are thinking now and this design will be garbage and outdated.

  • ssstoopid

    LoL I was a little concerned because my eyes paused after reading "morphing seats harvest the passenger's body". Thank goodness I kept reading!

  • mylismo

    But still the economy class would be as shitty as always.

  • RatedR401

    HOLY FUCK!!!! I hope I live that long!

  • Yessir

    Publicity gimmick. We'll never see this. Next.

  • John T.

    In 39 years I will be 62… Perfect time to retire and fly around the Universe!

  • Ramennov

    I'll believe it when I see it.

  • bob

    Yeah right. This is like the Jetsons telling us we will all have flying cars and living in sky cities in the year 2000. Its a pipe dream about the technology the hope we will have by then.

    Besides, everyone knows matter transporters will put the airlines out of business in 2039

    • panama99

      That's right beam me up….eerrr….over Scotty.

    • Mike

      pipe dream for technology we hope we will have by then?

      guess what buddy, we already have all that technology, up and running. Now they just want to put it on a plane with a new plane body/frame…its really not that far off. There are crazier things being made right now.

  • Muffin

    Enjoy your sunburn.

  • Homer

    I call bullshit. I have been around long enough to have seen flying degenerate into the crowded, rude mess that it is now.

    Our current trend is one where future flights will have us standing nut-to-butt with a floor of covered in straw to soak up the urine and feces because there aren't any bathrooms and you just relive yourself in place.

    • matt

      had to lol at nut-to-butt

    • RushHourofBabel

      This made my day. Now I'm gonna go pee in the corner with my other colleagues here at IBM.

  • Bumblerbee

    Oh, people will definitely smile at my funeral. 😉

  • ParkerBunnell

    i hope I love long enough to see this thing in action. It better have a full bar

  • chris

    WTF chive???? talking adds??? the sign of a poor site when adds start talking to you without you clicking on them – sort it out

    yours a loyal chiver

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