The Airbus: Flying the friendly skies in 2050 (6 HQ Photos)


  • Ripple

    #5 this is insane

  • John

    #4 – I just don't like the word "harvest" when applied to people.

    • gaz

      try recycle

  • Blake

    Morpheus sits harvesting the passengers

  • Lhturbo


    oh sweet! by the time this is around, ill be retired and playing golf alot anyways

  • Ty

    It will happen. Think, 100yrs ago planes and cars were futuristic. We are advancing at such a rapid pace. Corning is already develpoing the tech. For the screens. Would you be suprised if the military already has concepts of these. Flights will be faster and cheaper. More passengers and future fuels.

  • J.J.

    Continental will figure out how to squeeze 800 people into that thing and charge you extra fees to make the windows work.

  • Emma Oliver

    will it harvest my soul too?

    • Biblical Fact

      Women don't have souls silly. The bearded man made you out of our rib for our entertainment.

  • That Guy

    #7 this is titanic in the making. sounds great… but… titanic in the making.

  • Falco09

    And yet it still won't be supersonic. The airline industry took a giant step backwards when it retired the Concord.

  • shambakahn

    nu uh is this thing for real???

  • Guest

    and the next step is bioelectical AI systems that put us in pods and use our thermal energy to power their take over of the planet… I so love evolution!

  • dave

    Just give me more leg room ffs

  • Ken

    I'd like to hope that by 2050 we can economically get commercial flights into low orbit. That way we could get anywhere on the planet in about 45 minutes. I could fly to Australia for a long weekend and be there….yesterday!

  • Mito

    I just want a plane where all the crying babies are in one sound-proof room with their equally annoying parents so I can enjoy my peace and quiet. That's all I fucking ask.

  • TheBigMachine

    I guess there's no hiding "Hump Day" on those snazzy holographic pods. Awkward (for everyone else that is…).

  • mr_johnson

    how about we just teleport

  • chris rap

    and absolutely no place to put your carry on luggage.

  • one nut

    Hi Tech Plane, Lo Tech Name. Seriously, Air Bus!?

  • Frequent Flyer

    The seats will still be uncomfortable. Fat people will still sit next to you, with their lard spilling over on your seat and body. Dickheads will still stuff all their small bags in the overhead bins, no matter how many times they tell you not to do so. I don't need a super modern jet — just one that prevents people from behaving like duck-lipped d-bags.

  • tongystunter

    hope no one wants to sleep while flying in 2050…

  • huhhh

    good luck sleeping on the plane during the day

  • Da Sandman

    good times ahead…

  • pen_lemon

    in the 2050 I'll be dead by the ww3

  • loso

    they are assumeing we'll be here in 2050

  • tom

    the night sky sounds good but what about the blazing heat of the sun…. that sucks on flights….

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