The Airbus: Flying the friendly skies in 2050 (6 HQ Photos)


  • adamcoasttocoast

    This just in…it's an Airbus. Boeing beats their asses ten times over. Not to mention Boeings don't crash.

  • Ben

    I'd like it very much if they just concentrated on designing a fuel efficient plane. What a concept that would be!


    well taking a piss is gonna be more awkward now

  • APengineer

    Let's see Airbus get an A350 off the ground first. Composites have been used for 40 years in aircraft but they are still two years away from delivering that one. No reason to think they will make some magical leap in the next 40.

  • Dan

    In 2050 only the top 1% of the world will be able to afford to fly. Most airlines will nickle and dime themselves out of business, and by then oil should be $1000 a barrel.

  • TheRealJoel

    cool, never be able to afford ticket

  • Marshall

    Did anyone else think of the movie Wall E when they saw this

  • Mira Niklin

    And I thought they would've perfected teleportation by 2050…

  • Edward

    This is going to fail…. already see it coming.

  • cinto

    go make a transformer

  • eclipze

    I'd be 60 by then. Time to start saving for the one flight which my life savings could hopefullycover….

  • Craptacular

    That membrane sounds a lot like Transparent aluminum. I think that Dr. Marcus Nichols from Plexicorp was the "inventor" of the stuff in 1986. Thanks Scotty!

  • Ace_Hood

    Over your head buddy.

  • Max

    That awesome! but is there anything to help for when the plane crashes? All that happens now is you crash in style

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