Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (36 Photos)

  • The Bandit

    #24 …invisible motorcycle!

  • Billavoider

    Someone told me that the hole in their ear really smells.

  • Steven

    #3 What self respecting man wears a fucking ankle bracelet…homo

  • Bob

    #31 is perfection

  • Scott

    #26 – GO PACK GO!

  • Ken

    #22 Oh yeah, I want to go camping there!

  • Minion78

    #4 rly creative miss

  • anton

    is #1 Lake travis in Austin TX???

  • carucha

    #33 wall of bacon?

  • Tom Salcido

    INDEED! Burn him at the stake!

  • ferdinand

    OK. Who is #4 and who is in #15 (the girl, not the guys)? Identifying #31 and #36 would be good too. MOAR!!!!

  • TheBigKahuna

    #4 most original and sexiest chivette photo in recent memory

  • Emu

    #8 where is it???

  • its_forge

    #36 That is a lovely pair of peaches you have there, and the fact you don't have some ultrasuperdeluxe manicure with each 3" long fingernail colored three different shades really adds to the charm. Thank you!!

  • Jason

    More #36 and #28

  • CharlesF

    Couldn't help but think of MST3K when i saw #22

  • derek

    tyson is a boss

  • derek

    #39 tyson is a boss

  • derek

    #32 – tyson is a boss

  • bill

    #4 perfect boob.lucky tie.yummy.yummy,lick.

  • Abrasive_Jay


    Where ever this bus is going, I want to be on it!

  • thepranqster

    #1 lake travis, austin, tx

  • https://www.facebook.com/the.tkingsley Amy Patterson

    Paul Niklen, a Nat Geo photographer!

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