Dopamine dump (25 photos)

  • rodrocks

    #24 What!!? GTFO!!!

  • Meow Ninja

    #9 Wish there was a direct deposit number for him.

    That just blew my mind. Must be hard acting hard when this pic is floating around lol

  • Bob

    #12…How many fucking times are you going to post this picture?? Seriously, what is this, the 4th time I've seen it posted on here under the 4th different heading in like 2 days??
    #16…Should have been fat dude.
    #21…Wow, that casualness with which he is watching that astounds me. I mean shit, I at least take my shirt off for tag team.
    #22…The cake is a…surprisingly honest dessert.

  • av8or21

    what's on #7's leg?

    • Amber Cross

      That, sir, would be a tracking bracelet. House arrest lol. What a good father.

    • amrith777

      Here's what I'm thinking:Yes,he did something unlawful and is being duly punished for it and but I have to say that even though he *may* be a reprobate or whatever other thing you wanna call him;at least he's spending time with his son.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #21 Truly a great father there…….NOT!!!!!

  • bigdeal

    no man, thats trashy as fuck. hes got his relatives in the room with him….. his wife, new baby, some older female relative taking the pic, thats skanky. im not trying to sound like a bitch, but wtf? thats like ZERO respect for his female family members……

    • AssumptionJunction

      You are sexist. 1. How do you know its not her brother vs. her husband. 2. How do you know the females dont like watching porn?

    • Ricky Shitpants

      …. or maybe they're having family time and watching home movies?

  • Jack Attack

    Fox 'News' needs to be bitched slapped.

    • Jack Attack

      Or even 'Bitch Slapped'.

  • Nefertitiz

    #18 is me

  • somedoood

    #15 DON'T BLINK!!!

  • kornerr

    they are showing the baby AND how it was made. Neat !

  • Nanook

    #5 Joe the Tradie is my hero.

  • amrith777

    Alex Kralie,Slender Man stalkee/victim

  • JOE


  • MattConlee

    very much want. #25

  • alexri

    #20 looks legit

    • Nick

      He's for real. A student at the college I go to. A real character.

  • TheBigMachine

    Hmmm, are you sure that Glenn Beck quote isn't just him saying what Barrack Obama is thinking?

    • Former Republican

      No, Im pretty sure Glenn Beck is saying people that listen to him and follow him are easily manipulated, and not very bright. The president on the other hand killed Osama, the guy that President Bush said, 'I dont know where he is, and I don't really care. Honestly, dont think about him all that much.' … That was only 6 months after 9-11.

      But yea, Ill elect the Republicans again so they can finish tanking the economy as they dipreviously did. Oh and well keep waiting for the same failed reganomics principles to 'trickle down' that prosperity they've been promising now for 30 years… Any day now Im sure. Maybe the wealthy need more tax cuts!

      • Bill Whittle

        That post belongs in a museum. There has never been so much refined inaccuracies in such a small space. It's a miracle a wormhole has not appeared.

  • TheRealJoel

    #10 rolz

  • Vin


  • Beldar

    #24 Gayngsta.

  • putnam120

    #22, why bother? If you did it right she wouldn't even be able to read it.

  • its_forge

    Yes, that signage kicks much, much major ass.

  • Sandy

    Ok, #11 is freaking adorable.

  • F. Gump

    #3 Caption FAIL. It should read "I could be on The Chive right now."

  • James

    Ah, good, that's still working.

  • >18Only

    #24 Bitch you ride the Marta bus!

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