Friday, right? Lets take that trip down memory lane

We got a ton of childhood nostalgia submissions. If your picture didn’t make the list it is likely to come soon. Keep the submissions coming to bringittobob[at]gmail[dot]com.

Chive On.

  • Deadpool

    #40 fucking yes. My sister and I thought that was the funniest thing when we were kids playing that game

    • rmasss

      so many hours of my childhood were spent on this and #33

    • Mike

      Goldeneye was, and still is the SHIT!!!!

    • Jonathan Prack

      Now i must travel by plane to my parents house and dig out my N64 and play

    • Jordon

      dug out my N64 a few weeks back…and Goldeneye is exactly as kickass as I remembered…

  • Gabe

    #33 Biggest accomplishment of my childhood when I finished it

    • Rightclicksaveas

      June 19th…back to Hyrule

    • TheAbeVigoda

      I got all choked up again when seeing this.

    • PeytonP

      This is my pic! Oh, yeah. I was seriously choked up at the end of this game. In the last week, I've been playing this again to 100% it. It's just as good as it was then, if not better with age.

      Thanks, Chive. This is a proud, proud day!

  • Notsogosu

    #40 Fucking epic!!!

    • equalizermax

      #31 – LOL

      • donkeykongstrong

        Still hijacking other people's posts to get a comment on the first page? You are a giant douche.

  • 1st?


    • Chiveroni

      more like 4th, you don't even get the bronze medal.

    • Sam Bartholomew

      wow retard posting "first"… original

  • ImKennyPowers

    #18 welcome back to third-grade lunch!

    • Nico

      3rd Grade? Im 26 and my girl still puts these in my lunches!!!

  • NateyTheGreaty

    Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as highhhhhhh!

    • jetrome

      Take a look
      It's in a book
      A Reading Rainbow

      I can go anywheeeeeeeeeere
      Friends to know
      And ways to grow
      A Reading Rainbow

      • Derp

        A reaadingg rainnbooooooow!

        • Foley

          We didn't have reading rainbow in Australia from what I remember. Makes me feel like I was cheated of something amazing.

      • General Ramitin


      • HANK

        You're a combo breaking douche you know that

        • jetrome

          What? There's one more verse. Go for it

    • Hammy Sammy

      Yeah when he throws the enterprise into warp 9

    • Nolo

      … but don't take MY word for it…. BA-DA DA

  • saucypants

    #22 I lit up when I saw this. One of the greatest shows of my childhood. Nice to see the old gang again: Bob, Dot, Enzo, and of course Frisket!

    Megabyte's an asshole though. Fuck that guy.

    • bubblerider86

      I know!!! I was asking myself: "Self, how did you forget about this!???!??"

    • Trent

      I wish they would have finished the whole story, UGH! But very awesome show.

    • Jason Ciotti

      I think I still have the action figures from this somewhere.

    • Simon James Law

      Love this show, really shocked when I found out that they where continuing the story recently by making films. Bob was great but Matrix Enzo was a lot tougher.

      • Nei

        I worked at Mainframe which later became Rainmaker for 7 years. I used to supervise the lighting department.

        I'm now running a film school out of Cologne Germany which we plan to open soon. – Check it out if you like.

    • doreen

      I used to have all the playsets for this, absolutely loved it!!

    • Kurosan

      One of my all-time favs. And Dot was pretty hot as well.

  • Matt

    #5 The tip should be covered in blood for me to be nostalgic. 😛
    #10 Ahhh yes… back in the days when MTV (Music Television) actually played music videos. I miss the hell out of those days!!

    • jetrome

      hahaha. MTV playing music videos. Such a novel idea today. I miss old days too.

      • jken

        Just about as novel as TLC, the LEARNING channel, playing something educational nowadays

    • tralfaz

      respect the jart

  • Chris

    Feelin' old over here.

  • ImKennyPowers

    Your move, creep. #8

    • disturbed

      Halt or there will be…. Trouble.

      • ImKennyPowers

        Dead or alive… you're coming with me.

    • Rick

      I'd buy that for a dollar

    • Roscoe

      Just watched this – again – over the weekend. Fantastically awesome movie.

  • wuut

    #34 the original PhotoBOMB®

    • Brad

      Ha, thought this was the best, memory lane AND an early 80's photobomb.

  • jetrome

    #19 I hated that level SO MUCH!! Best Mega Man game ever though.

    • superpooper

      Flashman was the answer! However beating this level without Flashman's power was an epic moment as a kid.

      • Tony

        Think I learned about Flashman after taking 73 tries and finishing it.

  • Lower

    Freaks and Geeks. Dynomite. Not really 80's, but love it.

    • TheBiffer

      Spot the psychologist from Bones in there.

    • Federico Schulzen

      james franco seth rogen jason segel in the same series thats great

    • Doofenshmirtz

      One of the best shows EVER…

    • LukeSkywalker

      Is that Mitch from Waiting?

    • Flech

      On the far right is that Marshal from how i met your mother?

    • Matt

      Such a shame there was only 1 series, the show was awesome and Linda Cardellini is HOT!!

      • anonnnnn

        Yes that is Mitch from waiting and yes it that is Jason Segel from How i met your mother

  • sexualniner

    I’m 24 and you guys are making me feel 42. Touche, you bastards.

  • rod

    #9 what game is that? I can remember playing it.

    • Musashi

      Final Fight
      If you played Marvel Vs Capcom 3 that's Haggard daughter.

      • ricky


  • Nathan Hart

    Just think about #35 and how 6/8 in that picture have gone on to a fair amount of success. Ridiculous how strong that cast was, for essentially being a bunch of kids.

    • teh_shard

      Weirdest part, John Daley… the shortest kid in the front, co-wrote the upcoming flick Horrible Bosses. He wrote the movie that got Jennifer Aniston topless. He is my new hero.

      • Justin

        He also was the waiter in the movie Waiting who flips his shit at the end

    • TheBiffer

      Great cast, most of whom are easy enough to recognize now as they have not changed too much, except for the kid who plays the shrink on Bones.

      • Crime-Dog

        Linda Cardenelli, the one standing next to John Daley, changed: SHE GOT HOT!!!!

      • Allenavw

        I thought that was Sweets!

    • JT Mo-Nay

      Freaks and Geeks was such an underrated show that I loved, and it's so cool to see them all go on to varying degrees of success.

      A more disorienting moment for me was realizing Jason Segel was Hardcore Mike in SLC Punk, and Seth Rogen was a bully in Donnie Darko.

  • Benjiman

    #35 Seth rogen and Jason Segel? I don't know what show that is but it can't be 80's

    • teh_shard

      Freaks and Geeks. It was only one season, 18 episodes, but it was a fantastic show. It was followed up by the even funnier/less poignant collage show "Undeclared".

      • Aaron

        plus thats james franco on the far left.

  • rekevohn

    #26 Whats up Kunta Kinte

    • Chiveinator

      I remember watching Roots as a kid ,no matter how hard I tried I could never explain to my parents why Kunta had to learn english in America,when they saw him speaking english with his family at the start in Africa.

    • Niggher Beater

      that's not Kunta Kinte, that's Michael Jordan. isn't it? or Kanye West?

      • Tony

        LeVar Burton. A.K.A. Geordi from Star Trek TNG.

        Reading Rainbow rocked!

    • KeyserSoze

      Oh shit. I LOLd on that one!

  • The Bandit

    #8 ..great movie…and they do a remake! Why remake something that's still perfect?
    #15 …still play on it. Never breaks…always works!
    #19…still some of the hardest games I ever played!
    #33 …was so proud and happy when I saw this screen many years ago!

    • @YoungCosby

      Sir, I cosign everything you just stated!!!

    • El Jefe

      N64 was college for me, so it's hardly memory lane. But I'm old and shit.

  • ThatGuy

    #18 #20

    You got me. I remember these going together really well too.

    • jken

      How many Land Before Time's are there now? Like 37?

    • Lau

      Land before time was the shit.

    • bubblerider86

      hmmm…i was thinking more #18 and #15, good times 🙂

    • Sandy

      Yeah, Land before Time was the first movie I watched over and over again.

  • Chiveinator

    Before FLBP there was only ELVIRA!
    got me through a lot I can tell you:*

    • Matt

      Ok, I'm relatively new to chive… what is FLBP?

      • Chiveinator

        Future. Lower. Back .Pain. it's a girl thing

        next you'll be saying you don''t know what DAR is or Humpday go young man you have much arduous chiveing ahead of you

        • Matt

          lol got it, thanks!
          No, I caught on really fast to what DAR and Humpday is!

        • Ace_Hood

          Future Lower Back Problems*

          • Chiveinator

            but DAR still means: Digital. Awesome. Recreation. right?

    • Brad

      In real life, she's a redhead. Readhead + big boobs = AWESOME!

      • Chiveinator

        OMG! just when I thought that pic couldn't get any hotter xD

    • canuckles

      she will be at the Calgary Comic Expo this weekend for those Calgary area Chivers!

    • Evinrude

      Man did I want to motorboat those puppies when I was younger.. hell, I still want to!

      • Chiveinator

        See canukles above ^
        it's not too late !:p

    • equalizermax

      A lot of fapping on her during my childhood days

    • steven

      Never grow tired of looking at her.

  • HollarPeenYo

    #40 Remember how hard it was to get the invincibility cheat on the Facility!?! Still my greatest achievement :/

    • DragonFart

      And when you eventually got it, you wore it like a badge of honor….Until your asshole friend erases your save.

    • hardcorepaul

      Hell yeah it was pot luck if the doctor turned up towards the end. I remember feeling so let down when perfect darks invincibility was so easy to get

  • ThatGuy


    Got me again. The things we had to resort to before google. And I highly doubt that Encarta would have an entry on "blumkin".

    • @YoungCosby

      Lol, word. It's Wikipedia on CD lol

    • tony

      thought this was 80's childhood memories. gtfo encarta 96

  • Chiveroni

    #1, #10- back when MTV actually had music videos. #2, before we knew he was a psycho, he made some pretty cool movies. #40- STILL the best FPS game ever. Everyone knew that one guy who wouldn't play as anything but oddjob, so many house rules outlawed.

    • Badfish

      Good post, bro. I agree with much of what you wrote. And all hail Beavis and Butthead #1

    • TitoRigatoni

      Val Kilmer is a psycho?

  • Chiveroni

    Oh and #26 Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as hi-i-igh…

    • HANK

      Already attempted earlier on this page if you were paying attention you'd know that

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