Friday, right? Lets take that trip down memory lane

We got a ton of childhood nostalgia submissions. If your picture didn’t make the list it is likely to come soon. Keep the submissions coming to bringittobob[at]gmail[dot]com.

Chive On.

  • Daniel Gregory Linton

    Fucking loved the Power Rangers when I was a little kid. Netflix added every single episode earlier this week.

  • F. Gump

    #1 Breaking the law, breaking the law…..

  • Chelsea

    #1 Funniest Oldschool show ever #17 These were the ones that my mom would never let me eat out of my trickortreat bag

  • Agnot

    I'm sorry to nitpick I mean I love the chive but most everything they put as 80's nostalgia is from the 90's. Freaks and Geeks was 99-00 even.

  • Rolento

    #35 Way ahead of its time…

  • rabidbannanas

    #5 cousin threw one up in the air and nailed me in the head…just a bruise for me while other people have their skulls cracked open from that…I WIN

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #1, Beavis and Butthead, still rock !!!!!!!!!

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #2 I see Tom Cruise in there, what a little Wienie, could have easily survived the 80"s with out him

  • Steven

    #27 looking up renaissance art to try to see a nipple

  • berky93

    Psh, I've still got my copy of Encarta 94. Also, I could really use a Kool Aid Burst right now.

  • VanillaGorilla

    #12 and #32 had them!!!!!
    #18 drank them!!!

  • Jr.

    Our Darwin games at work.

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #35 Best show ever
    #40 Best game ever
    Your argument is invalid…

  • dave_NJ

    Skull? Death rock?!? What happened to AC/DC & Metallica??

  • jake

    #22, I’ve been trying to think of the name of that show for years!

  • Disease61

    Damn it, Chive! Stop making me hate my current life by bringing up such good memorys like:





  • bisketz

    #35, BEST SHOW EVER!

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