Tight dresses: I pity the man who sees his daughter wearing stuff like this (35 Photos)

For everybody else though, these outfits are a Godsend…enjoy.

  • Gabe

    datttttttttttttt assssssssssssssssss

    • ILuvJetNoys@gmail

      #4 has a huge dick!

      • A Paul

        in your asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    • equalizermax

      #2 FIND HER!

      • Dick

        You can probably find her like, oh my god, after her like, 10th grade history class, like okay.

        • http://www.flargen.com varlotto

          She won't be saying much with my you in her mouth so we don't have to worry about that

    • JerryKo

      This post should be an every week thing…. Or an everyday thing…… This needs to happen a lot more is what I am saying.

    • wyatt

      #24 i love virgins!

    • jon

      favorite post so far

  • maximum high

    #2, #3, #27, #31 Skirts still too long.

    • ThatGuy

      The only acceptable length in my book is 0


      • cwhoa

        that's not what she said

  • saucypants

    #10 Sophie Turner. Oh my.

    • Goblin

      #4 I wonder if she knows her dick is sticking out.

      • Sick

        post hackers are not cool

        • Just Sayin'

          especially unfunny ones…

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      plastic face

    • Alan Klein

      That could be a dude too. lol

  • DasherHarvest


    • KyleRetrato

      Obviously starting to realise he's gay.

    • john tatum

      never, ever, never, never ever, never, never, never, never, ever, not ever

  • ydodonutshave2die

    i dont want to start a whole argument here but dont guys ever get tired of looking at boobs and butts?

    • Disco stu


    • ass

      hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahah never

    • Bob

      ydodonutshave2die, you know how I know you're….

      • JPC

        ….a girl? I'm guessing that when someone says "don't guys……", they probably are not a male.

        • superhumano

          You've got a point 😀

        • https://www.facebook.com/jason.ciotti Jason Ciotti

          I'm pretty sure even Chivettes don't get tired of looking…

          • Chrissy

            I'm technically straight… but I definitely don't get tired of looking 😉

          • bettysuesuepoopoo

            ya we do

      • CPJ

        you know how I know you're an idiot?

    • Chiveinator

      see > #1

    • AtoZ

      Just wonder, why don't girls ever get tired of showing us dudes your boobs, butts, cleavage, 'gap' etc.. I guess we buy because girls are selling it..

      • AtoZ

        ups wrong thread!!..

    • AtoZ

      Just wonder, why don't girls ever get tired of showing us dudes your boobs, butts, cleavage, 'gap' etc.. I guess we buy because girls are selling it..

    • lemonjuice

      it's hard 2 believe some1 actually thinks that

    • brian

      Not nearly as tired as I get with tools that ask such stupid f'ing questions.

    • https://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Hood/100001542124492 Chris Hood

      Get off my Interwebs this instant with that kind of nonsense. Indeed I must ask what color is the sky on your home planet.

      • ydodonutshave2die

        i guess i got my answer then and yes im a girl

        • Point man

          It's not so cut and dry. Often a man goes after how a woman makes him feel, the stronger that feeling over other emotions, the more accessible that part of his nature and desire becomes and the ways in which it can be reached will expand into an environment. Even though it seems overtly sexual I'm not sure that's what it's all about, if so then why are "homely" and "natural" women so popular?

          I think a better question would be "what do people do based on the photos they see?"

          • CallMeMan

            What the fuck are you babbling about?

            Its evolutionary. Guys are visual, and we are constantly thinking of sex. We like boobs an ass because those women look the healthiest. Why would we get tired of looking at hot women? It is what we are programmed to do.

            • its_forge

              That "constantly thinking about sex" thing is a myth. I'm afflicted with a particular hormonal curse that makes me hornier than average and even I don't think about it as often as that old trope says I'm supposed to.

          • Hank

            Point man, all you've done is try to sound intellectual, but you come off like a boring jackass. Next time comment on the topic at hand and not your failed attempt at intellectual superiority.

        • Donutsdonthavesouls

          Why the fuck are you out of the kitchen then?

    • qualitynotquantity

      In all honesty, I have experienced the quintessential "meh" when scanning through some of these posts. I guess you could say I've experienced a kind of butt-fatigue. Wait…

    • patov40

      No, not really. But you do have to sleep and mow the lawn occasionally, so some of us know when to say when.B)

    • Anonymous

      Boo This Man!!!!

      • Goatboy


    • Henry Gibson

      You might as well ask if I ever get tired of eating donuts or breathing air. The answer is yes, eventually, but life won't be nearly as interesting afterwards.

    • The Spicy Italian

      Ummm… what would happen if gravity got tired of holding the earth together

      • its_forge

        Better still, what would happen if gravity got tired of pulling boobs and butts toward the ground?

    • http://twitter.com/p_oneill @p_oneill

      That's what we call a "stupid question" around here…

      • Jim

        Correction: That's what we call a "stupid question" everywhere…

    • hey

      nope, they just get tired of looking at their girlfriend's boobs and butt because the more they look at these kind of pictures the more dissatisfied they become with said girlfriend. especially true of porn. and hey ignore the people who literally flipped shit on you…for no reason.

      • BOCO Kid

        First off if you are tired of looking at your girlfriend or wife then I pity you. I get turned on by my Chivette wife everyday. And no men do not get tired of looking at boob and butts. The reason for this is that we appreciate the beauty and the sexiness of a woman confident enough to wear a dress like these women. More women should have this kind of confidence (assuming they are hot of course).

        • Jessica Condrey

          Its a mans world babyB)

    • Jo Everyman


    • Matt

      Pffft! See? There IS such thing as a stupid question!

    • Joey Soriano

      -Make a negative comment, sit back and watch shit fall apart, well done ma'am, well done

    • its_forge

      …that… happens? Ever?

    • Timmy

      Only if they're gay. And even then probably not a lot would get tired as I have always heard from gay guys that they appreciate the beauty of the female form, but aren't sexually attracted to it.

      So to answer your stupid question, NO!

    • will


    • Kalimon789

      sorry I forgot the question after the word boobs.

      Sadly no, it's genetic though, it's not our fault.

    • josh


    • Aaron

      only for about 10-20 seconds after closing xvideos. This time is reserved for shame. Then I'm back.

    • Ben

      someone report that comment

    • buckhuntr21


    • m.ukop


  • rodrocks

    #23 They don't carry that at my store!

    • That Guy

      oh Miss Prestin how you tickle my fancy.

      • Stupid Monkey

        thank you sir for knowing who she is!

    • Guest commenter

      "Yeah Honey, I know it took me an hour to buy your ice cream. The lines were so long at the grocery store today. Even at the express check out!"

    • HAZBIN

      Might be my favorite Chive Girl of all Time!!!!! Please find her!

    • Steve

      she shouldn't go by the frozen section cause she would melt all the stuff WOW

    • cj402

      My store sucks!!! I'm moving!!

  • Anakrusix

    #21 – She looks familiar… …wait. Mom?

    • ImKennyPowers

      If she is your mom, you can't be older than 3.

      • Chiveinator

        Loyal Chivers start early ^_^

      • Anakrusix

        What you seem to be forgetting Kenny, not all content on the internet is recent. This picture may be new to us but it could have been taken in 1990. The tablecloth design, toaster oven and huge tv in the background… well… it points to last decade. Or somebody just hasn't updated their crib in 10 years.

        And I was joking about her being my mom. Looks more like my aunt, but whatever.

        • Egads


      • its_forge

        Yeah really, look at the knees and the heels, that woman there is about nineteen.

        • XIAHOU DUN

          let's get this man a foot fetish gallery

          • its_forge

            Ha, naw not a foot fetishist, I just know my girlie physiology.

    • Rob

      That was stupid

    • fame777

      i'll be right back… just going out to suck some cock for a while !!

  • woolanoow

    #26 Zahia is DA BEST!

    • Dave H

      Hot? Yes. But the Ed Hardy dress brings the douche factor way up.

      Still hot as hell though.

      • JBinNC

        Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Dat ASS

      If I had 2,000 euros….

    • Josh

      She'd be hotter if she lost the douche bag skirt by Ed re-tardy.

      • Christian Lander

        Stuff White People Like # 124, Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy

        Often it can be easier to find common ground with a white person by talking to them about something you both hate. Discussing things you both like might lead to an argument over who likes it more or who liked it first. Clearly, the safest route is mutual hatred. When choosing to talk about something that white people hate, it’s best to choose something that will allow white people to make clever comments or at the very least feel better about themselves. Currently, the easiest way to do that is to ask a white person for their thoughts on people who wear Ed Hardy.

        Ed Hardy is a clothing company that makes a wide range of expensive t-shirts, hoodies, and jeans. These clothes are notable for their use of elements from classic tattoo design such as skulls, hearts, and dragons. On the surface, the use of the words “classic” “tattoo” and “t-shirt” would seem like a logical fit for white people, but it is not. White people hate these clothes unilaterally and it is advised that you merely accept that at face value. If you were to ask a white person to explain why a regular size dragon logo is ok but one that goes around the neck is not, you would be trapped in a long and fruitless conversation.

        To put this in proper perspective, Ed Hardy is so hated by white people that it cannot be worn ironically. This is no small feat. As it stands, the only other entries in this category are Nazi Uniforms, Ku Klux Klan Robes, and self-tanner.

        Since you cannot in good conscience have an Ed Hardy themed party, the best way to make use of this white hatred is to give your stories a little more appeal to white people.

        For example, if you take the reasonable but not compelling story: “I got cut off in traffic this morning and when I honked the guy gave me the finger,” and replace it with: “I got cut off in traffic this morning by this guy in an Ed Hardy shirt. I honked and then he gave me the finger!” The story will become sixty percent more interesting to white people because it allows them to make a witty response like: “I guess that douche bag had to get to a UFC party or a nightclub event he was promoting.”

        Follow this up with a laugh, a high five, and a compliment about the acceptable shirt the white person is wearing and you will find yourself with a new friend.

    • http://pornhub.com Sony

      Can I spank that ass??

  • MovieMaker13

    So much booty…it's like a clothed (using that word very loosely) version of hump day

  • Tee6

    this makes me want to work for an awesome body

    • Chiveinator

      sexy chiver pics coming our way soon ?

      • Tee6

        gimme a few weeks 🙂

    • nemesis

      What, like NASA?

    • http://match.com kyle

      anwser me back but, would you go out with a 11 year old boy

  • Matt

    #23 Look at all that meat!
    #24 Bootyful!

    • Stillsuprised?

      I think, i think, whan your daughter star wearing leopard hills and leather dress, the tightness of her dress ain't nor a surprise nor a problem compared to what i guess she does while wearing these …. But I may be wrong ( even though i don't remember ever being wrong …. )

      • Me-maw

        English much??

        • nemesis

          If there's one thing I despise most of all about American usage of English it's that phrase "[something]-much?" It's so fucking asinine it makes me want to puke. At least if you're going to offer some critique of another comment, make the effort to form a complete sentence. Jesus Fucking Christ.

          • much

            Bitter much?

            • nemesis

              Well, I suppose someone had to – it may as well have been you.

          • jimbo


    • sam

      you look amazeing

  • Chiveroni

    #3 is really really hot, but why won't she smile? How can life be that bad when you are a smokeshow?

    • Chiveinator

      she should form a support group with #6 #16 #33

    • nemesis

      Thing is, she's got her 6 inch heel in some guys groin in that picture, so it's not really a smiley moment.

    • its_forge

      'Cuz you can't look sultry if you're grinning.

  • Patrick

    #35 Sweet Christ, who is she?!?

    • http://twitter.com/Littlebritches9 @Littlebritches9

      Jayme Langford I think?

    • will

      Smokin' hot!

    • Blup

      jayme labelle (Google her (NSFW))

    • falacer

      Jayme Labelle, nude model iirc

  • Chiveroni

    #18 should be a Stealth GIF, sat on it for 2 minutes waiting for her to reveal…

  • Surf and Snow

    #2 WTF is going on with her leg???

    • jimmm

      she's flexible

      • Anonymous

        and double jointed

    • Pedoguest

      Bah, don't worry, when you're twelve you still have time for your body to change.

    • Rick

      I know a women in her fifties who's knee's do that. she says they have been that way since she was born. when she is just standing there you would swear her knee joint bends the other way.

    • nemesis

      She really needs to shake the lettuce but wanted to capture this image and title it "anticipation".

    • That Guy

      *sigh* just enjoy it kid.

    • equalizermax

      If the first thing you've notice is the legs then I have a bad news for you…

    • Yum Yum

      Which one? Left? Right? or Middle?

    • enburst

      i think thats normal. her quads are kinda muscular and her leg is locked out. mine does that but of course… im a guy

    • http://pornhub.com sony

      You look very delicious!

  • sexualniner

    #15 riley steele, porn star.

  • jaydawg

    #2 #5 #7 and #12 PLEASE!!!!

    • Anonarama

      #12 = HHhnnnnngggggghhhhhh

      • Lazydaisy

        BONES MATE!

    • MikeK

      Dude, I submitted #5 to a Find Her like a year ago… I only wish they would.

      • Lazydaisy

        No way!! Ewww 😛

  • Lower

    Took me a while to get by #5.

    • OwnerOfYou

      soooooo tight!

    • Trent

      Yeah she's smoking.

    • shawn

      hell ya

    • pekito

      And yet, no one said "we need to see more pics of her, please Chive, find her"?

  • BudHa


  • Your mom

    Good. Gawd. That is all.

  • http://mattscradle.com/2011/06/11/hotkeys-for-dota/ DOTA Hotkeys

    Their fathers should be proud. I should congratulates them for raising such hot daughter.

  • impressed

    #26 Damn. She know she got it.

    • KUI

      Also, she sells it.

    • nepster

      By "it" you must mean the clap, because she's a prostitute.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ilya.josefson Ilya Josefson

      Ed Hardy dress = douchette

    • Zanshin111

      She is a famous french prostitute called zahia… Half the french soccer team nailed her hard… (As she was 17…)

  • Darn

    I got about half way through and I just couldn't hold it. Oh well, time for a new keyboard.

    • Chiveinator

      you should place your keyboard on a desk or table or something that way you won't have to hold it when you use the computer:|

      • tobuscus

        Have ur Premature Ejaculators Conference somewhere else ,this is not the right place.

        • mystery

          calm down bro. he's obviously joking,,,

          • Mr.Strauss

            mystery ! didn't recognize you without your fuzzy hat

            • BadRonald

              Haha!! Great reference!

  • Backward Genius

    #7 #35

  • Nathan Hart

    Say it with me now, #18 and #30 – BITCH STOLE MY LOOK

    Also, #34 – hachi machi

    • Nathan Hart

      Damn, it was #16, not 18. Boy, do I look the fool.

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