Smile, there is good on Earth (25 HQ Photos)

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  • caughtOffguard

    i don't know if I'm smiling but that was a powerful gallery

    • Guest

      Oh my goodness #24 makes me tear up. Thank you to everyone that protects America.

    • Bob

      I have to agree, Good pictures Rick…
      And to the Servicemen and women …. Thanks and come home soon..

  • ThatGuy



    • DauntlessCelt

      did you read it? Everyone needs to read it.

  • HollarPeenYo

    I'm currently wrapping up my deployment to Northern Iraq here in 2 more short weeks! This gallery reminded of how truly sweet that homecoming will be! Miss you 'Merica!!!

    • Rick

      thank you for your service and welcome home

    • northerner

      Yes, Thank You…

  • Holz

    Actually makes me choke up. What amazing people.

  • ashutosh

    Bless you america, you are the true protector of the world

    • wtf?


  • dreamspy1

    The pic about Canada taking Shit last week, what did I miss?

  • Olivier

    "Thank you to everyone that protects America."
    "Bless you america, you are the true protector of the world "

    Do you really that sending troops in Irak is protecting you ?

    • mongoose5271

      Do you really think that posting an incoherent comment is gonna change anyone's mind?

    • MPW

      You, sir, are a drip.

    • D-Rock

      I think it's important that we don't hate and love the troops based on whether or not we agree on their specific location. There are a lot us who don't even agree with where we're sent, but we go anyways. We have Presidents to hate and love for those kinds of things. Thanks for the pics, Chive!

    • Piper

      The reason we are there may be complete BS but that doesn't mean we shouldn't support the men and women who are over there. They are seeing things and dealing with things most of us, hopefully, will never have to see, can't you at least give them some love. It is the support back home that helps them make it through.

  • Bill

    I agrre with mongoose, Olivier would be the first one crying if the attacked him cause we weren't there

    • BulletproofMonk

      Maybe if the military secured our own borders first instead of bombing the shit out of everyone else we wouldn't have this problem.

      • panama99

        Complaining and or whining to the Soldiers won't accomplish anything. They have no say in where they go. You need to speak to your elected politicians (both Democrat and Republican).

        Don't go whining that it's Bush's fault because President Obama has now been in office for over two years now and if he wanted he could have made larger steps at bringing the troops home. Instead I think he learned the reality of the position he is in.

        Trust me I am all for securing our borders and wouldn't even have a problem using the military to do it but if you are going to do it you need to do it properly. Lets arm the border, and lock up all of the individuals crossing the border. We don't need to place them in actual prisons, we can place them in tent facilities like the ones in AZ three meals a day no AC and then after one year send then back to the border. See how many want to return.

  • Edward

    Great pics!

  • Dude

    Good on earth????

    Those men KILL people for a corrupt goverment!!


    • Nick

      I love how the military posts bring out the idiots. lol.

    • Jesse Custer

      Fuck off and die, cuntstick.

    • Figures

      You are the true measure of an idiot

    • DistractedIndividual

      Yet you visit a military photo blog….You must be a real sharp crayon.

  • Jebem Vam Mater

    How many people cannot hug their children/parents because of these soldiers…

    • seriously?

      More than there would be without them….fool

      • Jebem Vam Mater

        there is no meaning in your words….fool

    • mongoose5271

      How many people CAN hug their children/parents because of them?
      You ignorant asshat, go fuck yourself with a live grenade….

      • Jebem Vam Mater

        you are the ignorant one…hope you get sent there and step on a land mine….

    • heywood jablome

      are we counting actual kills or do we get partial credit for blown off arms? hopefully you'll be on that list soon. probably not though, much like your camel's dick, your jihad is all in your mouth (but that is a discussion for another post.)

  • walkingtheriver

    #21 Amazing

  • That Guy

    "wars are not only fought by fatherless men."
    a fact that i often forget. #24

  • Owen Smithers

    Some of these make me cry. The United States – No better friend, no worse enemy.

  • thom

    Awesome and powerful. This makes the stuff on the Chive seem so inane and petty.
    God Bless these people.

  • yummymommy

    #16 I'm Canadian & was emberassed by the IDIOTS in Vancouver!!! This man is what Canada is really all about!!!

    • Andre

      Also Canadian, also embarrassed by the dozen of hooligans in Van. Boston deserved the Cup, Vancouver did not. Bring the Cup home McQuaid, see you in the summer!!!

      • Paul

        Disagree about the cup thing. Vancouver worked their asses off but so did Boston. Also the people involved with the riot are a bunch of f**king loser.

  • Keith

    I dropped major tear on this one.

  • Rick

    I don't think the word "happiness" is in the title, I only think this b/c that word is not in the title

    • john

      Right on bro. Theres a difference between "good"ness and happiness. These are pictures of people trying to do good. Regardless of the politics that are beyond their control, that is their intent. Nice post man.

  • Doogin

    #21 This is how the world should be… War although sometimes thought to be necessary is only a gesture from pointless.

  • Bob

    Sometimes, in the madness and mayhem that is war, there are moments that can bring a small respite from the thoughts of killing or being killed. In the pictures of the children that are in the conflict(s) the kids are smiling and so are the troops. A small moment in time where there is peace.
    I spent 23 months (almost) in Vietnam and remember those moments vividly.
    I fervently hope there are many more of these good moments for all concerned……..Soon.

    • mongoose5271

      Well said, sir. Thank you for your service!

  • Allenavw

    Seeing all these service photos always makes me cry. I'm so proud of all their bravery.

  • Joe

    #22 – That guy is DA SH!T

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #21 Great work and thanks to all the armed forces…

  • CDN

    No good can come from war and these photos prove that. Soldiers torn from their families, a lot because of an unnecessary war in Iraq. I blame Bush for that, not the soldiers. Bush should have been impeached.

  • Bob

    I Googled him and found him on Snoops. True story and the child was returned to her family. Happened about 6 years ago according to the story I read.

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