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  • Bob

    She was returned to her family after her wounds healed.

  • northerner

    Thank you Chive and theBrigade for the post. And thanks to all who serve around the world, wherever you are stationed. A "crisp salute" to you.

  • Oshkosh

    #25 God bless us all. Peace on earth.

  • dani

    They are no doubt amazing people, with good hearts and good intentions, but they partake in war, for a set of governments who's intent is not good, and who's action does not bring anything good to an already messed up world… as for the notion of peace on earth? a delusion.

  • chiveon

    #8 find her

  • Paul

    Canadians are a great bunch and the losers that took over in Vancouver are a very small percentage who will face justice. But it seems people are quick to judge others while ignoring the past. The riot in Vancouver wasn’t the first in our city but it also wasn’t the first in history. People need to take a look at themselves e.g. London students, Toronto G20, Northern Ireland Nationalists, Greece, LA Lakers win X2, Toledo, Seattle, Buffalo New York and almost every football match in Europe are just a fraction of riots in the 2000’s.
    I’m very proud of our military and to be a Canadian.

  • mongoose5271

    Or…maybe the guy is just taking a moment to be a regular human being, you jackass…..

  • lol@this

    Ohhh.. Americans and their stupid propaganda..

  • Ninja Meow

    I'm a fourth generation Marine, but I did not take up career as my brothers, sisters, father, uncles and grandparents b4 me. I did four tours 1 in Afghan-3 in Iraq.

    And all I can think about sitting here back home in Iowa, is if we, my comrades, and me should be honored. When I got to Iraq, somewhere in my second tour I began to question what I was doing.

    Of course, I was doing a duty, my commanders said there is a war go fight it and I did exactly what I signed up and busted my hump training to do. I never stopped going on patrol, i didnt bug out on my 've spent most of my 20's with a gun in my hand and I cant honestly say i feel proud for having to protect myself and my brothers in a desert.

  • Ninja Meow

    But it wakes me up at night when i think to myself if I really loved my country I should have resisted this waste of the finest fighting force in history.

    i didnt come home ptsd'd but i'm still haunted by the massive weight of knowing I took part in something that wasnt true, and righteous as is the American way…. I dont think i'm a murderer or some Vietnam bs.

    I just feel as if I have failed to serve the flag so many more have died truly defending. And telling myself i was protecting afghans, or Iraqi civillians doesnt excuse my lack of accountability to my nation and duty….

  • Ninja Meow

    I dont have an answer for if we should be honored by civillians for these engagements. I hope to god i discover the true answer in my soul, and until that time I will prob continue checking chive, and brigade…on some days I feel good about what I was doing and it is usually b/c of something posted here…

    • Rick

      thanks for giving the site a chance

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