Soooo…. you got wasted (42 Photos)

  • Raiders

    29 looks interesting,
    First Chive Post, and First in Thread

    • Mark Rea

      Just because you did not have the courtesy to put the # symbol i had to scroll all the way up. jerk.

    • equalizermax

      #18 – Hey, I'm studying at Capital University… I wonder who she is?… Must raise Radar Antenna….

  • Derp

    #6 #14 #19
    Light beer? Seriously?

    • Jack Burton

      It doesn't matter if it was soda. That shit isn't happening in an hour with 3 dudes unless it is Andre the Giant and his two cousins. Bullsh$t! 3 guys can't drink 15 beers each in an hour without puking. And if you puke it doesn't count, because you didn't hold it down. It has nothing to do with the amount of alcohol, it is the amount of liquid. It would never fit in your stomach. Hour my ass. Maybe it took them an hour to stack the cans, but that's it.

      • Ben2828

        you are right about the liquid but,
        in maybe 2-3 hours it can be done easily,
        and then maybe an hour stacking them 😀

      • Netoward

        Challenge accepted.

      • Tom Salcido

        I think we are all missing something here. I believe it took 3 drunk asses an hour to stack 44 empty cans.

        Totally doable.

        2 minutes and one guy if you are sober.

      • Honk

        apparently according to a 20 second internet search, Andre the Giant was a lightweight and couldn't drink because he'd get sick.

        • myviewfromthepine

          You need to spend more than 20 seconds. Andre the Giant would drink like 2 cases a night or something ungodly like that.

  • lane

    #34 Story of my life.

  • cmonstur

    You're hot, but duckface does not flatter your figure.

    • fed

      duckface… right, because that's what we are all looking at…

      • cmonstur

        I'm not saying she's not smokin hot, she clearly is, but imagine how hot she'd be if she wasn't making that stupid face. That's all I'm sayin.

    • disturbed

      Duckface vs. fuckface.

    • Rory McIlroy

      Lauren Pope

  • Boss

    yep, I saw #30 on my house this morning too ….

    • Chiveinator

      than watch out .you have a stray hungover chiver loose in your house somewhere-approach with caution!

    • Randy Marsh

      It's about time we get a shout out to Buffalo, and fittingly its in the "you got wasted" posting.

      • ????

        YEAH for buffalo!

  • gag

    fuck paula

    • Ray Cole

      Agreed… Hopefully it stays away from TheChive for good…

    • Paula_

      You'll have to shave me first to find the opening, it's been a loooong time…

      – the one you love to hate

      • Apaulaing

        I thought someone had to type your name 3 times before you appeared!

      • steve

        love you paula……oh wait. I must be wasted

      • .................

        Hey Paula_ Funny thing is that before you had -142p but aw…. whats that 4 likes on your comment? Looks like someone isn't getting haters anymore, with that you are officially not a troll

        • Paula_

          Argh those trolls are voting me up regardless again. They've started to love me I guess. Fuck off y'all!

          – the one you love to hate

    • Chiveinator

      you did what?
      now that's wasted :$

    • Terry Burke

      i bet you if you didn't say anything shim would've stayed away

  • Birdwatcher

    #26 Is Lauren Pope on the left.

  • jj in the big land

    why is it that when one chick rapes another, as displayed in #29 its all fun and games but when I do it, its considered a felony?

    • ParryforPlay

      "Hey what do you think the one thing I should never joke about is?" "Mmmm I dunno,,, probably rape. Because you would have to be a pretty giant asshole to do that"

      • Stevo

        ^ lolraped

        • ParryforPlay

          You have no idea. Trust me, never accept a drink from a sheep you don't know.

    • Blake

      Because you don't have awesome tits

  • iambigd42



  • The Bandit

    #26 …WHY wasn't I invited to this party! Noooooooooo….
    #5 …what is that Ninja doing to the guy in the back!

    • Mark Rea

      another invisible blowjob!

  • Ben2828

    why do you Americans drink light beer?
    why not just regular ones? :/
    Here in Belgium we follow this rule: more alcohol=more fun 😛

    • steve

      great taste, less filling asshole…..thats fucking why

      • Neil Kay

        you like filling asshole? each to their own i guess. light bear is piss for losers by the way.

        • beer

          light bear

          • Terry Burke

            a light bear is bear that has been bleached

        • steve

          oh…ok neil. very clever. douchebag can't even spell BEER

    • ParryforPlay

      We love pee so much we drink it so we can piss as much as possible out!

    • tralfaz

      So we don't get fat.

      • uhhhh

        you're doing it wrong

    • Kazuna

      I don't drink light beer, I drink Guinness and THE GREEN FAIRY.

  • Dude

    #20 since when is heineken beer? I'd rather drink bear grylls' piss

    • Ernie

      Wanted to write the same

    • Netoward

      Since when Budlight is a beer? Touche.

      • Dude

        How should I know, I don't drink light beer

  • Buford_Justice

    #40, the stairs huh?

    • KyleGamgee

      Yeah, those guys look like they're missing out on a fun girl who can hold her booze.


    • wholegrainshreddy

      i think they should FIND HER!

  • Hadriel

    #18 Looks like she fell asleep mid playing with herself

    • Randy

      Pedo bear approves

    • Midwest chiver

      Nice place Capital University if your in Ohio check it out

    • A Fan

      She just needs to move that hand a lil' to the left…

    • tralfaz

      Good thing that rape guy wasn't around, few.

  • BrownNote420

    #6 Keystone…I remember those days

    • Tek257

      47 beers in 1 hours is a good start ladies, come back when y'all grow a pair.

    • Dillon Crow

      A dirty thirty of Key and a possible 24 pack of Coca-Cola. Nice power hour there kids.

  • dongo69

    Um is #38 breathing? :S

  • HO11YWOOD303

    #26 They look like fun

  • steve

    #6… guys are slow

  • steve

    #6 you guys must be rookies…..thats all you could put away in a freakin hour ??

    • Stevo


      • steve

        you don't have to shout there stevo….i was just playin dude. jeese now my felings are hurt

    • RayC

      Yeah no kidding, 2 cases of beer between 3 guys is pretty weak and pathetic…jus sayin…o.0

  • MigraineBoy

    #9 Soooooo, how's that workin' out for ya?

  • putnam120

    #26, really is this something that they would only do while drunk? I think not.

  • rossy

    ive said this before but how can anyone get drunk with lite beer #6 ffs get some real beer merica

    • Terry Burke

      it's cheap. personally, i can't stand light beer

      • adolph coors

        piss off

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #26 Now I know after all theys years I would sure enjoy having fun with this… LOL

  • loso

    #2 #11
    staged = lame

  • duh

    Is #42 really drunk? Sort of looks like she might just be trying to get a tan or relaxing.

    • MOAR

      Looks like this might be from the Indy 500.

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