Soooo…. you got wasted (42 Photos)

  • T-Bagg

    They’re Army drunk which means, one six pack later.

    • Tim Horton

      and consensual homo sex

      • zero00430

        Hey, it gets lonely in the desert.

        • Jen

          dont ask, dont tell.

  • Tillman

    #32 – "What kind of training, son?" "ARMY training, sir!"

    • Kodos

      that's a fact, jack

  • Henrik

    I would probably take advantage of #18

  • Minion78

    #30 Same thing here bro,almost always lol

  • Midwest Chiver

    Ahh capital university thats is a cool place near columbus in bexley Ohio

  • Ryan

    #20 Oh, so it will just be a light night of drinking then?

  • Arjay

    #1, #27, #34
    I'd like to personally thank The Chive and all its fans for consistently reminding me every week why I chose not to drink alcohol.

  • dano

    #6 sure it did. 15 beers a piece in 1 hour. riiight.

    • I Call Shenanigans

      I know, right. That's a beer every 4 minutes for an hour, with a celebratory capper at the end.

  • Just Sayin'

    #10 Wild Snorlax Appeared! Snorlax used Sleep!

    • Wow

      Look at her arms… they look like ham hocks

  • Tommy2X4

    I strongly believe that people who mess with drunks should get real hot foots with wooden kitchen matches.

  • bkfrijoles

    #29 looks like an awesome night

  • Soy

    Note the common theme of shit beer.

  • Rutger

    You got it right. And in our defense, when you have to buy beer and red bull for 30-40 guys that drink all night, you buy the cheap version;)

    • Ben2828

      If that's beer for 30-40 guys… I would guess chicks ok,
      but thats for about 15 guys TOP

  • drewdeze

    you know #29 got involved in some kind of 3sum with some frat guy talking about "i can get you into a sorority!" and #26 is just awesome!!!!

  • homer

    I fall down, but I get up again, ‘cuz they’re never going to keep me down.

  • Aaron Schulke

    #34 looks more like the pants down plank

  • Mrbeetz

    New York

  • Nanook

    #6 I was impressed until I noticed it was Key Light. Does that even have alcohol in it?
    #26 Duckface somewhat cancelled out by luscious leg.

  • Ripple

    #18 #29 ready to go boys!

  • Mooky

    #6. I doubt it. So… let's do the math..44 cans, that's about one can every four minutes (for 3 people, approx 15 cans each), even if it was accomplished,you're all a bunch of girls, and what is it with all you crazy Americans with your "Light" beer?? lmfao, also, here in Europe we have hardcore 500ml cans, unlike your puny coke can sized vessels, shame on you 😉 .Heh, heh, peace guys.

    • guy

      as was said before. I believe it was 3 drunk guys and 1 hour to STACK 4 cans. not drink that much….

  • spoony-g

    #30 looks like some red wine and a cheese-board happened. Hard core!

  • stoner

    #36 Man, even if its FRIDAY?

  • TheDarkKnight

    #25 #34

    Surprise Buttsecks

  • pyrosis

    #25 Surprise Buttsex! #26 Find them, especially the one on the left.

  • PincheGringo

    Have you ever been so drunk you started dissipating into thin air?

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