Soooo…. you got wasted (42 Photos)

  • Your welcome


    • floppes

      because it was yesterday?

  • charliethelibrarian


    Polish accent 🙂 Chive on from Cracow!

  • bud

    #22 Bliced?

  • doubledub

    #7 is definitely at Bonnaroo and he was most likely tripping on something

  • farscapestuey

    Likes to play 'Just the tip'

  • Matt


    were the ones that built this drunk…if so i wish i was that talented

  • pyro110

    total photobomb in #31

    • HollarPeenYo

      Thank you! someone else noticed it!

  • Logic

    #6 If thats 44 Beer there, thats 14.666 Beers an hour per person, No matter Light beer or heavy thats a lot of beer in a hour. I CALL BULLSHIT. Also the people in the picture look under 170lbs, so even 14-15 Beers in an Hour at 4% (Which is bitch beer) for someone thats 170 pounds is going to physically destroy the drinker. Nice try faggots.

    • wholegrainshreddy

      agreed. their attempted "drinking brag" is unreasonable, confirming their inability to pound the brewskies.

  • MacNCheesePro

    #42 Not sure if alcohol is involved, but I'm enjoying the view of the one on the ground.

  • Clarice

    #13 Fantastic Doctor Who reference.

  • mike

    #22 that's so sick! You got iced!

  • Marc Uberstein


    That's my brother, next morning of a new years party! Get your Chive on!

  • wholegrainshreddy

    #40, find her.

  • LazyTheKid

    #18 Dear Diary, Jackpot.

  • Justin

    Fucking Lenscrafters ad keeps messing up the webpages and making the comments non-existant

  • Nick

    # 6
    if your drinkin 16 or so beers in an hour, its time to move on to hard liquor.


    #18 She is waisted in realy nice way! ;d

    #26 they don't look like they would need more alco rather something else ; )

  • Cedric Schlosser

    #18 looks kinda find her!!

  • Do0zer

    If #11 is real then that's a good way to stop someone from breathing. F-ing morons.

  • Jen

    i woke up sat morning with no pants on upside down in bed. there was also someone else next to me without pants on sleeping in the same position. oops.

  • Boss Hog

    #37 – sweet photobomb

  • Rick

    #18 I would've been eating this pussy instead of taking a picture.

    • Creep-Hunter

      ^^^^^ sketchy ^^^^^

  • Dan

    #26 … duck-face and how to prevent duck-face.

  • konaehukai

    #4. WTF is he wearing? What kind of a douche goes to a party and passes out in front of the fridge? Asshole.

  • Ben2828

    haha 😀 watch out guys, don't drink to much you might get fat! here have a light beer 😛

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