Busted (4 Photos)

German photographer Jegen Horst noticed his cat was getting thinner and thinner, but the little guy seemed to be eating all his cat food at night? Jegen suspected a thief and set up a simple trap using his camera, a log, and an egg.

  • Laurie

    Jegen needs to let his poor cat in at night – foxes not only eat eggs and cat food, they also eat CATS. So, genius, let your damn cat in!

  • A Fan


  • whoozit

    Fake. Any wild animal would have been frightened off by the first flash. Besides, how did he get the second camera to get a picture at the right time outside the log??

  • Tom

    Hope your leg heals with no issues – chive on!

  • Sam Smouse Belvie

    So much aaaaaw!

  • griffbeats

    how is it "a trap" when the foxx gets away clean?

  • Paul

    He should be glad he still has his cat and the fox didnt just eat him… One more thing… sorry i clicked on this one…

  • 1Cooljoe

    What the Cuss? Are you cussin with me?

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