• Laurie

    Jegen needs to let his poor cat in at night – foxes not only eat eggs and cat food, they also eat CATS. So, genius, let your damn cat in!

  • A Fan


  • whoozit

    Fake. Any wild animal would have been frightened off by the first flash. Besides, how did he get the second camera to get a picture at the right time outside the log??

  • Tom

    Hope your leg heals with no issues – chive on!

  • Sam Smouse Belvie

    So much aaaaaw!

  • griffbeats

    how is it "a trap" when the foxx gets away clean?

  • Paul

    He should be glad he still has his cat and the fox didnt just eat him… One more thing… sorry i clicked on this one…

  • 1Cooljoe

    What the Cuss? Are you cussin with me?

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