Deep thoughts, by Darby Gunpowder (33 photos)

  • Graeme Barry

    I concur

  • Foley

    He's right though sadly.

  • Rebecca Hoffman

    Bull! I had to diet and work my butt off to lose 15 pounds…..and I still can't get rid of the junk in my trunk, where as fat just seem's to melt off of my brother.

  • Roadie Joe

    I know you would like to justify illegal behavior, but this graph is just stupidly wrong. America's biggest industry is still the creation of intellectual property – movies, music, games. If you pirate, you hate America. I don't see the Chive pulling thier watermark off of everything, going ad-free and providing a downloadable T-shirt screen for free.

  • abtr

    really enjoyed this gallery thanks

  • amrith777

    Well–in your scenario–I think it's more about the fact that someone who's taken is seen as more attractive for whatever reason,than someone who's available.People see someone who's 'off-the-market' in a different light–not only because someone else finds them attractive,but also because of the whole 'forbidden fruit/taboo' factor.Kudos to your wife,BTW!!

  • mr.plow

    #27…. SO TRUE

  • Nhoj htims

    #27 LMAO!!! spot on, nothing could be more accurate!

  • Lia

    #32. How the heck did somebody notice that?

  • Dayum

    #31 Oh, wow, bullshit.


    #14 is only true of big record companies like sony and emi. Independant labels still need buyers to continue to be able to record and create albums otherwise, soon there will be no more independant labels. for more info check out june’s issue of the wire (328). and go buy some not not fun, old english spelling bee, sacred bones or something albums. or we’ll be stuck with nothing but expensive (to make) commercial shit.

  • Underhill

    #8 I know that guy. Always saw the anal/sexual side of things and
    never really got the point of what was being said.

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