Found: The Vancouver riot kissing couple (5 Photos)

Meet Scott Jones and his girlfriend, Alex Thomas. As the story goes, Alex had been knocked to the ground by the riot police. The situation was far from romantic. Alex recalls being, 'completely freaked out.' To calm her down, Scott ran to Alex's aid and covered Alex to protect her. Then, in the heat of the moment, he kissed her. AP photographer Richard Lam snapped two photos of the couple as he was being ushered away by the police... and the rest is history.

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    • snowbird

      Fail… douchebag

    • Boby Morera

      you sir, are a complete fail

      • truth teller

        You are a fail…..just like the chive.

        • Coldzilla

          Then WHY are you even here asshat?

          Major Fail

          • truth teller

            Because I like fucking with the people here, blue-waffle.

            • Coldzilla

              Well thanks for confirming youre nothing but a fucking troll, numb-nuts

              • truth teller

                Never claimed to be anything other than, tootsie-pop.

                • Coldzilla

                  Whatever ya gotta do to get attention huh, shit-for-brains.

                  • truth teller

                    whatever you say darling. thanks for obliging me 😉

  • Major Rocker

    I tried to pick a chick up like this once, during a shark attack. It didn't end well.

    • That Guy

      laugh of the day goes to Major Rocker.

  • James H

    +1 for this being tagged under foreigners

    • Chihuahua

      they're australian.

  • Bud Lee

    She looked hotter on the ground.

    • JPV

      that was my first thought when I saw #4 and #5

    • newscot

      Don't they all?

    • Henrik

      She still has a nice hump though.

  • ABO

    Can we move on now?

  • Virulent87

    Nice one =)

  • SadSnoopy

    Read this last week on Gizmodo…

    • mipakr

      think you mean next week :S

    • timmeh

      And noooobody cares 🙂

  • sixdeadelves


  • Jason

    Well done Scott …well done….

  • Mitch

    Mind the gap, maybe?

  • Just Sayin'

    #2 Still qualifies for a hump day.

  • Fapramento

    This is Canada's Tiananmen Tank Man!

    • Leppy

      He is Australian.

  • StarvinMarv

    and him

  • Brand_n

    Thank you for your contribution. Your comment was insightful and thought-provoking.

  • Mero

    She has a nice tush

  • Fuck Canada

    Who. The. Fuck. Cares.

    • canuckles

      And what did Canada do to you?

      • kent


        • bigdeal

          lol fuck yeah! i hate those dicks. trying being a customer service rep and talking to those pricks. omg!

    • bluejazz87

      Obviously you do since you have the time to post a complaint about it. Just saying is all.

      • Fuck Canada

        No, obviously I don't, that's why I'm asking 'who does?'. *derp*

        • bluejazz87

          So you don't care, yet you're going to take the time out of your day to ask who does?

          Yet you say you don't care. Alright….

          • Fuck Canada

            Yeah, pretty much. I know right? It's absolutely INSANE how somebody could take 30 seconds out of their day to pose an inquiry why they should give a fuck about something they don't. Woah, show me the way out of Wonderland!

  • Skedaddle

    Ah, anarchists in love.

  • Phil

    sounds made up

    • Coldzilla

      YOU sound made up


  • Chris Arabian

    Good for him to come and help her in her time of need. There are still gentlemen out there. Shitty thing is, now that the truth is out, all the women out there are going to expect a lot more from us in terms of being valiant, guys. Next time you leave the toilet seat up or didn't wash the dish she brought your sammich on or put away the beer bottles after drinking them instead of leaving them where they dropped from your hand, she's going to say, "Why couldn't you be more like the guy in Vancouver who put his LIFE on the line for his girlfriend? All I am asking of you is to …." Wait, now I really HATE that guy!!!

  • Miguel Angel Ortega

    She´s hot

  • Coldzilla

    Um……… hate to say it but they were "found" a long time ago… CBC had an interview with that last week

  • absolutcarcrazy

    #1. nonetheless… still a good photograph. It will last a lot longer on the net than the troll comments on this post.

  • Dirty Dingus

    He incited the riot, just for an excuse to kiss her. Heck, I think he put a hex on Luongo to ensure that the Canucks would lose.

  • Picard_

    Few days late Chive

    Check out the comments, set to highest rated, then the 3rd page.

    • Coldzilla

      Good Eye!

      Took a screen shot and submitted 😉

  • ssstoopid

    What if she was eating crackers?

    • Randy Marsh

      Graham or saltine?? Because any girl who eats Graham crackers is already in my book.

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