Found: The Vancouver riot kissing couple (5 Photos)

Meet Scott Jones and his girlfriend, Alex Thomas. As the story goes, Alex had been knocked to the ground by the riot police. The situation was far from romantic. Alex recalls being, 'completely freaked out.' To calm her down, Scott ran to Alex's aid and covered Alex to protect her. Then, in the heat of the moment, he kissed her. AP photographer Richard Lam snapped two photos of the couple as he was being ushered away by the police... and the rest is history.

  • MacNCheesePro

    That's awesome! When they get married, Chive should throw them a big badass wedding reception. Everyone's invited!

  • Clint

    Bitches love riots.

  • adamcoasttocoast

    I fap'd. Whatevs.

  • jessie

    awwww how sweet!

  • urDad

    No apparently they have a life.

    • Randy Gallegos

      says the guy on the chive.

      • urDad

        Yeah so obviously I would know about not having one, genius.

      • urDad

        No shit. Which means I know what I'm talking about concerning not having a life.

      • urRealDad

        Am just here to kick some nerd ass and drink beer and am all outta beer.

  • itsobvious

    They have turned into lying thieves.

  • Coldzilla

    Stupid losers I can agree with

    Stupid Canucks – wow

    Thanks for the input asshat

  • ZeroG

    Pretty sure you missed the sarcasm there.

  • spydermonkey

    So when do we get to see a better shot of her ass? #2

  • skull head

    They are still a couple of fucktards that were there after police were trying to get people to leave. They are just as guilty as the kid lighting the cop car on fire.

  • bless1

    Alex. how bout a gap shot on friday? That ass is Chive worthy.

  • Logan

    OMG the Chive found em! To bad we already knew.. If you watch the FUCKING news!

    • Freddy Mercury

      lol, you think anyone on the chive actually watches the news?

  • northerner

    Cute up-the-tush shot, for sure!

  • walter

    when is the sex tape coming out?

  • Sarcynical

    And still no one cares…

    • Phondo

      i know i don't.

  • KaptainKha0s

    The TOPIC under which the pictures are posted is FOUND you tard – if you were a real Chiver you would have understood that this does not imply that the fine folks who run the website actually go out looking for these people and claim to have actually found them! What a friggin moron you are

    • Anon

      They put them in the "Find Her" post today, long after they had already been found. Then, in their "found" post, they make no mention of the week-old stories where they were actually found, nor provide any links to the countless stories offering the details. Instead, they just tell the story like they're the ones who found this out.

      Look who's the "tard" now

  • duh

    Yeah…even Yahoo had an article about them a few days ago.

  • bluejazz87

    Definitely agree.

  • spencur

    so so so badass give that man a beer and a high five

  • CDN

    Did theChive staff finally wake up from their drunken stupor and post this "news"?

  • Aaa

    middle-of-a-riot smooch is WIN! plus, a nice middle-of-a-riot upskirt on the close-up.

    • b-ry

      god, you sound like a virgin.

  • Jay

    wasnt he aussie

  • Paul

    By NBC you mean ever Canadian news channel.



  • Coldzilla

    Speak for yourself Sally, Im not the one hanging out at a site that I think is a "fail". How fucking empty does YOUR life have to be? LMFAO

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