Angry girlfriend destroys photographer’s lenses (6 Photos)

A professional photographer in Hong Kong recently had a fight with his girlfriend, who proceeded to smash his beautiful collection of Nikon lenses.

Among the casualties were a Nikkor 28-70 f2.8D, Tokina 28-70 F2.6-2.8, Nikkor 80-200 f2.8D, Nikkor 17-35 F2.8D, and a Nikon TC-20E teleconverter.
Not satisfied with the initial cosmetic body blows to the lenses, she went back and smashed the front and rear lens elements as well, ensuring complete destruction.

  • Rick

    I hope that's not the only picture he took of her.

  • Lau

    That bitch betters pay for all those

  • Virulent87

    That bitch…

  • Nick

    Definitely above the hot-crazy scale. As a photographer, seeing those smashed lenses made me die a little inside. Hot girls come and go, but those lenses… sigh…

  • dumes79

    There is a disclaimer that says "chive t-shirts fit smaller than regular t-shirts". people ned to read before hitting the buy now button

    • Dougie

      no time to read if you actually want one… by the time you read, they are sold out.

  • thedude88

    As a photographer,this is horrifying.

  • T-Bagg

    Chalk up one excuse for domestic abuse. I'm kidding. Kind of.

  • mrjimmyos

    He musta done something really bad, those are some damn expensive lenses, I can tell you that now

  • Andre

    Give that bitch a lense, bitches love lenses.

  • StevenP

    Cheap if you figure he could have stuck it out and had her take his house after the wedding…

  • red

    #6 Does somebody need her Midol?

  • jaguar1024

    Women, you can't live with em and you can't live with em.

  • Maynard B.

    Kill the whore.

  • heywoodjablowme

    show me the hottest woman in the world and I'll show you some poor bastard who's tired up putting up with her shit.

  • idj_subs

    maybe i'm just picky.. but that pic does not show a hot chick.. that shows an unnattractively thin woman that has some mental problems..

  • mith

    what a snatch…! Women are f'n physco…she looked like she needed to eat a cheeseburger too. Betting she wasnt all that good at anything but being a c#nt.

  • That Guy

    well then so does he. he posted nude photos of her online.. you can buy new cameras. you can't buy yourself off the internet.

    • youbeingsmartass

      I don't think so. The guy has good lenses yet the photos of the girl were crappy phone cams. that is all.

      • That Guy

        i don't get what you are saying. he took pics of her nude… on a camera phone then posted it on the web… she can't pay enough money to get it off of there.. she breaks his lenses as retaliation for doing something she can't ever have back. what would you do if someone posted pics of you with a small penis and there was nothing you could do to get it off. breaking expensive equipment wouldn't be enough would it?

  • That Guy

    woah woah… read the full story before making that comment.

    • Matt

      Calm down, I was being sarcastic.

    • lolers

      Girl's photos were by phone cams? Guy owns lenses worth $$$$? I don't think so.

      • That Guy

        wow you are dense. just cause the guy took the photo with camera phone doesn't mean he had to have taken it with his lenses for it to have been him to have posted it. let me lay it out for you, he takes pics oh phone, uploads them and sends it to all he buddies. she finds out about it, and is pissed… sees his lenses and smashes them. how hard is that to understand?

  • Nom nom

    That bitch x8-(!!!!!

  • Nom nom

    Wait a minute turns out the douchebag posted nudies of her online. On second though I would’ve done more just broken the lenses. If I was her brother I would broke his damn photo finger!!! Way to post the whole story chive!!!

  • CDN

    Seems like theChive is always behind on posts. First the Vancouver riot couple, now this. I already saw this yesterday.

  • Broadbem


  • Anonymous

    Is this guy a Chiver? If so, I think we should take up a collection here on the Chive to help replace his lenses.

  • tcbb789789

    #6 Perhaps there should be a picture of your face so those of us that want to keep their nice things nice can avoid her. and maybe one for those time we have a beer-goggles on.

  • Fabian Ungricht

    afterwads hatefuck?

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