Angry girlfriend destroys photographer’s lenses (6 Photos)

A professional photographer in Hong Kong recently had a fight with his girlfriend, who proceeded to smash his beautiful collection of Nikon lenses.

Among the casualties were a Nikkor 28-70 f2.8D, Tokina 28-70 F2.6-2.8, Nikkor 80-200 f2.8D, Nikkor 17-35 F2.8D, and a Nikon TC-20E teleconverter.
Not satisfied with the initial cosmetic body blows to the lenses, she went back and smashed the front and rear lens elements as well, ensuring complete destruction.

  • roo

    First of all, I'm curious as to what happened to induce that kind of rage? And secondly, nowhere does it say 'ex'. I'm assuming that means he's still with her.

  • James

    What a looser, real photographers use Cannon.

    • Jpnes

      Hahahhahaha true that true that!

  • waryee

    You should get your revenge by putting up naked photos of her! :] just let us chivers know.

  • Jack

    actually the rest of pictures are pornographic and he uploaded them to net without asking her. she is totally right

  • Mongolo

    Just another slave of her emotions

  • icya

    When did I say she was hot? I merely said she didn't look like a man. There is a fucking difference dumbshit. Did you even read my first reply to the OP? Hell…did you even read my 2nd response? In both of them I argued that she didn't look like a man but I guess you fixated on the OP's use of the word "hot" and got your panties in a knot.

  • Gie

    There's nothing hot about her. Actually looking at her proportions I think 'she' is a guy with a dress. Maybe that's why we can't se the face

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    she ought to have them shoved up her ass

  • The Hashman

    Call a lawyer. U are gonna need one after u shoot her….

  • youknowitstrue

    Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks!

  • Grey

    Bitch aint worth it…

  • the PUNISHER

    Ruin my cameras, I WILL RUIN YOUR FACE!!!

  • Eduardo Mendoza

    She deserves the penalty of death!

  • Train2K

    That's not revenge so much as evidence. I hate petty sh*t like this. Since she admitted to the world she destroyed his property it shouldn't be hard to drag her ass to court and sue her for the damage done. Then he can buy a couple of new Nikons to take a picture of the other chick he was likely hotter (saner and more mature) anyway.

  • Rob

    Hey guys… I'm not sure who's girlfriend broke the lenses, but that's a picture of my wife and all my lenses are just fine. Just another website stealing photos for fun…

  • bill

    wow #6 hot & kinda woman.yummy,yummy,lick

  • Picture Carolina

    Wow, that's heart breaking

  • Tiffany

    wow. i would have killed her for that. -_- to those who say 'Who cares' Try having thousands of dollars and something that you love to do taken from you.

  • Hai Nguyen

    That's why almost photographers are single or devorced

  • wanhandredwan

    Reblogged this on wanhandredwan.

  • mr as hol

    crazy bitch… looks like lady boy by the way…

  • Xave

    That bitch deserves a slap.

  • emsvangoth

    time to switch to CANON? hehe

  • MolEch

    Bitch needs an ass whooping!

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