Creepy 51-year-old actor marries 16-year-old country singer. Thoughts?? (7 Photos)

Courtney Stodden just married Doug Hutchison. You might recognize Doug in such roles as ‘The Green Mile’ and…well that’s pretty much it. Allegedly the mother of 16-year old Courtney did consent which is the only reason the wedding is legal. Is this the American dream, or just pedo-ish?

  • Aaron

    He’s the tool prison guard in the Green Mile. More appropriate for this story is he’s one of the two hillbillies who beats and rapes a little girl in A Time To Kill then gets blown away by her father Samuel L Jackson.

    Another WTF couple. How do trolls end up with that?

  • 'berto

    And the Creepy as Hell Celebrity News Item Award goes to…
    I will, however, admit a tiny bit of jealousy–although I would’ve waited until she at least hit 17.

  • konaehukai

    He was creepy in Lost. And man, she looks a lot older than 16. Some hard miles been put on her.

  • F. Gump

    I have no problem with laws that protect innocent young ladies from creepy old dudes….but, in the interest of fair play, there also needs to be a law that protects pathetic old guys from little whores.

  • adam Bieber

    If shes 16 my dick is 4 feet long

  • mso4ivp

    16yo my ass! No way! He is a tool anyway!!!

  • bob lee swagger

    16 my ass hole

  • duffman0313

    Somewhere Charlie Sheen is rolling over in His grave!!!!

  • fool

    i always thought that was Paul Rudd in the Green Mile…. huh.

  • Imayadatty

    I say congrats to the guy!! She is smoking hot!!!

  • jay

    Good for them. Our bodies are just vehicles of meat. What part of the rotting we are in doesn't matter. So good for them. But she really doesn't look 16~!

  • @Nickidewbear

    She is 16. Unfortunately, the age of paternal-permission consent in Clark County, Nevada is 16; and her mom and dad both approved of the marriage.

    • crowebar360

      You can say that again.

  • @Nickidewbear

    She is 16. Unfortunately, the age of paternal-permission consent in Clark County, Nevada is 16; and her mom and dad both approved of the marriage.

  • Ronald Brewer

    I`ll give it less than a year.

  • crowebar360

    No kidding – I mean first Bill Wyman and now this gu- wait Bill Wyman's from where?


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • Lance

    Bull shit. There's no way she's 16.

  • Good Ash

    Many loudmouths and bloggers right now are making claims on what Courtney’s age is — and more often what her age is not. None of them think to mention that we are seeing staged photographs in which makeup artists were almost certainly involved. A skilled makeup artist is very adept at manipulating age. One can shift a model’s appearence convincingly down by thirty years (or more on some models) or higher by any number of years. I see absolutely nothing in these photos to indicate any age whatsoever. Anyone who writes that she or he knows this woman is not any age and can ‘just tell’ is suffering from fecal overfill.

  • singapore florist

    The age factor does matter in regards with the wedding. It is really amazing to find a young singer married an old actor.

  • Courtney Stodden

    Courtney Stodden is hooot

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