Deep fried foods that will kill you blissfully (13 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

The pig in a blanket via dudefoods

  • Bacon Strips x 20

    Now seems as good enough a time to introduce my fellow chivers to the Food-Porn that is EpicMealTIme

  • joey98

    Must try all the deep fried deliciousness!!!!!

  • Ally

    Oh Scotland I miss you now (I realise these aren't from Scotland, but the whole deep frying deal is kind of their thing).

  • BentWrenches

    Thats it,I'm ditchin' work and going to the Del Mar Fair

  • FuckYeahBacon

    #13 I will die huh?? CHALLENGE…ACCEPTED

  • konaehukai

    #6. Hell Yeah. I've tried this, but they didn't look like that. They tasted good though. Did em with Guinness.

  • John

    And Americans have the cheek to bitch and moan about being over weight.

  • Drea619

    Had#12 in vegas last year, orgasm in my mouth

    • Jay

      Those are amazing. Had them on a sundae at a fair a few years ago when they first came out. It's amazing how soft an oreo gets when it is deep fried.

  • Da Sandman

    and you still wonder why you have so many fat asses?

  • santia

    roll my friends, roll to obesity!

  • ivan

    And this is why there are so many fat fucks in 'merica.
    they just eat fried stuff, salty snacks and sweets.. no vegetables or fruits.
    Every 34 seconds a person dies from heart disease. remember folks, where are what we eat

  • Silent

    These and more can be found at

  • Anonymous

    i think i gained weight just reading this

  • waltgator

    dang! i think i gained weight just looking at these…

  • Rico

    Oh (deep fried) flower of Scotland!

    As far as I know only Scotland deep fries anything you want.

  • Sam Pittner

    It should say "Do not attempt to EAT any of these treats at home. You WILL die" One bite and gone… although the pigs in a blanket and deep fried cookie dough look good lol

  • Apollo11

    If rule 34 says that there is a porn version of everything, what is the rule that there is a fried version of everything?

  • Frank

    My arteries are clogging up with joy!

  • zar243

    Close, Vaginamite

  • Rufio

    Deep fried Coke is made by mixing the Coke syrup with the batter and just deep fry the batter. The San Diego County Fair is now selling deep fried Kool-Aid. It's selling pretty fast too.

  • fkafl

    Deep Fried Oreos are like heaven in your mouth.

  • Emma Oliver

    #3 i would do disgusting things for that.

  • Gary

    we got the bloke in the chipshop opposite our campus to deepfry a cadburies cream egg for us last year, apparently it was amazing, but i was scared of it. i got left with a deepfried wheetabix. that was less fantastic.

  • Burnsblue

    Damn right, mon the Scotland!

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