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  • krista

    #5 i love that movie and tim curry

    • ROK247

      the book scarred me for life

    • amrith777

      I agree–some damn good high octane nightmare fuel!! o.0

  • Robert

    Wowza. #14! Forget planking!

    • asdasd

      Christ you're awesome!!!
      Where can I see your work?

    • absolutcarcrazy

      This girl must be found. Just awesome.

    • Guse

      Sexy? Sure… but that's just flat out impressive.

    • Holly

      I'm a girl and even I find that hot! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • icya

      Even if there was no girl in this gif…I agree…FORGET PLANKING!!!

    • MikeK

      Some guy is very, very lucky…

    • crazydog

      OMFG that's impressive

  • Anakrusix

    #12 – Aww. poor kid. PAY ATTENTION!

    • 6655321

      The kid is right. The game is boring as hell.

    • kai

      who can blame him…it's baseball x.x

    • patov40

      "And it was that day, while playing first base, that I realized that the theatre was the place for me!"

    • Jdub

      I love how mad the pitcher gets…….. Like his craptastic throw would have made it in time anyway.

    • HUH?

      this is pretty much a constant occurance in t-ball. poor kids, i laugh at their lack of coordination.

    • varlotto

      That kid probably didn't even wanna play baseball, my parents made me play a sport when I was younger and it wasn't fun at all.

  • pimpampet

    I always knew cows are smarter then some humans!

    • hMMMM

      Obviously smarter than you.

    • amrith777

      Yeah–opposable thumbs–who needs 'em?

  • Amelia

    #14 O_O That's mesmerizing.

    • A.K.

      That's exactly what I thought! And guess what? My name is Amelia too! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • snoobs89

      hands down… one of the sexiest damn things i've ever laid eyes on.

  • Joel

    #14 oh sweet jesus.

  • Paula_

    #10 fucking cat thinks he's a facehugger from Alien!

    – the one you love to hate

    • Conor

      I hope that dog turned that kitty into lunch.

  • Dingo8MyBaby

    #14 We need more women like this. Like, everywhere.

  • ydodonutshave2die

    #14 I stared at this for waaaaay to long and im a girl!

    • BeccaB86

      I hear ya sista… it's amazing to watch!

    • ruben

      I think i love you.

    • yanetosaurus

      So jealous of her.

  • Bill

    #2 "I'm afraid you do have testicular cancer." "Score!"

    • jken

      Haha South Park

  • Dave

    #15 Clever girl.

    • asdasd

      They shouldn't make stakes and burgers out of her.
      Or maybe they should, before she figures out how to use the shotgun…

    • Tom

      Good one! I was also thinking "Rise of The Planet of The Cows"…

      • rebel

        She needs to be put down… before she rallies the rest in rebellion.

    • patov40

      So of a …..! I was just checking on my own response and wondered why someone would "thumb it down", and then the realization hit me. Looked back and saw your post. My bad Dave. Didn't think anyone had posted that. DAMNDAMNDAMNDAMN………=/

  • Doc

    #12 is such a win. I would have been bored out of my skull as well. Serves them right for trying to make him play such a stupid game.

    • charles

      you know how i know you're gay? you obviously love soccer and not the greatest game on earth, BASEBALL!

    • patov40

      Eh, go watch another 'nil-nil', flop filled (OH, my face!), boring-ass (that's why the fans have to sing so much), hooligan laced (again, drinking and fighting because they're bored) soccer game.

    • Guest Commenter

      Umm, you first two responders do realize he didn't mention soccer at all, right? And if he was implicitly making that as a comparative statement (which he wasn't) rather than an absolute statement (which it clearly is), he could have been referring to basketball, football (the real one), hockey, golf, kickball, smear the queer, tetherball, strong man competitions, ice dancing and skeet shooting as more interesting games than baseball.

      • patov40

        Call it a wild guess, which is what I don't need in deducing that you're a moron. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dubya

      You should read Chuck Klosterman's "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs". Specifically the essay on youth soccer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • ThatGuy


    I'd say she has earned her freedom.

    But on the other hand, whosoever might eat her burgers would surely absorb her cunning, and thus become invincible. Yes, what man could resist such an opportunity? Such a chance to achieve greatness surely comes around only once in an epoch.

    • Doc

      Actually the opposite would happen. He would absorb the countless antibiotics she has been given to coutneract the Ecoli in her system from being fed corn. Also, if she is made into ground beef, he would most likely absorb the ammonia in which 99% of American ground beef is soaked.

      • ThatGuy

        No, no I don't think so. I'm pretty sure the thing I said would happen. Yes. Definitely.

        • amrith777

          Well–the theory of morphic resonance DOES support you

    • Charlie

      Greatest comment ive seen on here.

  • Casanova

    #14 Find HER!!!!

    • Kethkavain

      Then send her forth to teach the rest of the world!

    • bob

      brianna frost

      you're welcome

      • bob is wrong

        does look like her, but no tattoo on ankle like girl in gif. but thanks for trying.

        • Shutterbug

          yeah its not like she could've gotten the tattoo recently
          I think its her too

          good job bob

    • TKOwned

      Jenyne Butterfly. YouTube her. You're welcome.

    • Ryan

      yes chive please find her!!!!

  • Tropsmurf

    #6 and that's for taking my friggin candy!

  • Mandems

    #13 Absolutely love German Shepherds!!!!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #11 direct hit!! also, fake

  • pud3000

    #7 must have been a monday.

    Dogs are much better than cats. I know cats can climb trees, but this dog is awesome

  • -KhmerStory-

    #10 "Come at me bro!"

    "Oh shi-"

  • Cristi_P

    #14 check out the arm muscles on her… now THAT's a fit girl ๐Ÿ˜€ #15 – The Fantastic Escape of Cow Houdini ?

  • Ben2828

    #14, you can come do that at my house any time.

  • DaniiSwe

    Lol at #6 #9 and #15

  • Henrik

    #7 Nailed it!

  • Ernie

    #14 made my day

  • Minion78

    #3 hahaha,just like…wtf xD

    • Paulo

      I just kept laughing and laughing.

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