Hot Right Now: Who’s heard of Jesse Heimans; the world’s greatest extra? (28 Photos)

20 posters of badass mother f#$%ers (20 HQ Photos)

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These iconic badasses were done by artist Adam Sidwell. For more of his work go to his site HERE, or to buy his prints go to his online shop HERE.

  • b-ry

    #5 is badass

    • shaka

      I don't give a fuck what you know, I am going to kill you anyway…..

  • Galletto3

    These are fantastic very creative style. WANT

  • mkloubellamy

    #16 the Dark Passenger


    pretty sweet thread

  • Ash

    Listen, listen, listen ::squiiiiish::

    • Red Rabbit

      Hey, Listen!

      • Red Rabbit

        Hey, Listen!

        • @Z_Triple_T

          was all that necessary?

          • ttmab


  • Jack


  • myragehush

    Movie posters should look like this.

  • GRyde

    At first I was like…meh. But then #11

  • Biz

    I'm having trouble with #9 and #7. A little help, please?

  • equalizermax

    Yah, this is crap indeed

  • Biz

    I mean #17, sorry

    • @StrongAsMeat

      Well ok then, that would be Dwight Shrute from The Office.

  • Jessica Condrey

    #14 this Mofo is Scary…fuckin Chigurh

    • Ken

      He's not like you. Hell, he's not even like me."

  • Scott

    #19! Sub-Zero… Hell. Yes.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #21 thats the shit there boys..

  • Rusty

    Hm. Seems I have to make a trip over to Office Depot to make use of their really big printers …

    #4, #9, #11, #16, #17, #20,

  • waltgator

    #13 skeletor awesome!

  • Christopher Bruce Archer

    I would LOVE to buy a t-shirt of #13

  • lfsg

    damn I want #11!!!!

  • shoestring30

    Start the reactor!

  • butterballz

    I was hoping Anton Chigurh would be one. I wasn't disappointed.

    • Jessica Condrey

      and your taste is awesome😉

  • Matt

    Must be english.

  • V4Vendetta14

    #19, Subzero? Badass whoever it is…

    #21, "What kind of clown are you?" Band Guard
    "The crying on the inside kind, I guess…" BFM

  • ewalk

    #8 cant fuckin wait for the new season

  • David Miller

    Need Tyler Durden, Ash from Evil Dead, and Chuck Norris

    • Cool Matt

      Look again and revise comment. #9

  • av8or21

    thumbs up for #7!

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