Before you go on vacation, make sure you lock all the doors (4 Photos)

These photos were taken last winter after a Iowa family came back from vacation to find their back door open. Only problem was this was Iowa in winter. A massive snow storm rolled through drifting tons of snow all throughout their house. Enjoy the clean up.

  • Marc

    Who left the AC on???

    • hMMMM

      Imagine their heating bill…they must have turned it on somewhat to prevent the pipes from freezing, but with the door open that heater was probably going the ENTIRE time they were away….

      • Jen

        im pretty sure the heating bill was the LEAST of their worries

    • Jak

      They should've got Slipknot to help clean it up. There's like 20 of those guys living somewhere in Iowa.

  • imguessingimaguest

    looks like they
    *puts on glasses*
    got a snow job

    • Negrodamas

      Nice going, ass. Now I have coffee sprayed on my screen. A man can't just sip hot coffee and scroll down through the comments without being made to laugh uncontrollably.

      • Henrik

        I like how you call him an ass, to make it seem like it's his fault.

    • bigdeal

      fucking dumbass

      i say that with all due respect

  • snowbird

    iowa sucks. almost as bad as kansas

    • charles

      also in kansas, and yes it does suck here! Hutchinson to be exact.

    • whirrrrr

      Don't be discriminating.

      You all suck.

    • DaddyD

      Or Nebraska

    • huhhh

      correction. iowa winters suck. and fuck nebraska

      • lowdown

        I would never say anything great about Kansas…….with the exception of Lawrence "Fucking" Kansas. A hidden gem in the midwest, just don't let it suck you in.

  • gingermidgetsunite

    You would think a neighbor might notice and shut the door for them.

    • EnragedGonad

      The neighbor did notice. Left the door open.

      • Ebiggz

        To teach them a lesson….

        • imguessingimaguest

          that its not ok to be a neighbor

    • Nico

      Neighbor is Scumbag Steve….

  • lemurfart

    better shovel that out quick, water damage is a bitch

  • roxtar

    um the neighbor noticed and shoveld it out for them

  • skylarrr


  • Stefan Hartman


    • Emma Oliver


  • mark

    everybody chill

  • lia

    Wow…the neighbor left the door open? Even if there wasn’t a weather issue, he should have closed it…or called the cops and had them check it out….

  • OldNads

    Fuck neighborhood watch!

  • E.V.L.

    #3 Ask SCUMBAG STEVE to watch your house while you're on vacation – come home and find the door left open …

    • CHiver

      And cocaine everywhere

  • Edward

    F that!

  • Matt

    This is old news. Get with the times, Chive!

    • steve

      open your own website if you can do better matt……just sayin

  • Nom nom

    I actually live in iowa. It does suck here especially if your apart of the 2% African American population . was here when that storm hit suck to be them !!!!

    • bigdeal

      that was the gayest attempt at a troll comment

    • RamRod

      Do you mean black?

  • Bumblerbee

    Pee on it.

  • Ilya Josefson

    I thought I told you to freeze (said in Arnold Mr. Freeze voice).

  • Mikey

    Perfect spot for Mr Poppers penguins

  • HardCoreMike

    I HATE when that happens!

  • bigdeal

    *said in mocking high pitched adam sandler voice : "i like to correct other peoples spelling errors…"

  • bkfrijoles

    Or dont live in Fucking Iowa

  • equalizermax

    Deal with it!

  • @irlNick

    Living in So Cal can be a real pain sometimes, traffic, earthquakes, mud slides, wild fires, but at least we don't' have snow.

  • Josh Amundson

    That must been when we had the blizzard back in January.

  • waltgator

    dang that sucks lesson learned

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