Before you go on vacation, make sure you lock all the doors (4 Photos)

These photos were taken last winter after a Iowa family came back from vacation to find their back door open. Only problem was this was Iowa in winter. A massive snow storm rolled through drifting tons of snow all throughout their house. Enjoy the clean up.

  • Sammy

    Gotta love Iowa weather… get me the fuck out of here, except for football season 🙂

  • Laurie

    How come their pipes didn't burst?

  • BGP


  • Canuck

    That’s basically a typical Canadian day in the winter

  • Joe

    And that’s why I live in Texas!

  • Wamala

    BIG THANK YOU from Hereford & Worcester Scout County (UK) to all the people that have made this Jamboree ahppen either in Sweden, or with UK Contingent team, and all the IST (who have actually paid money to go and work!!), and the Unit Leaders who have given up their time.Everyone looks as though they have had a terrific time, thanks to your efforts.

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