• xxs

    first again

  • ...

    that could be turned into a crazy bong

    • Ben

      You just read my mind

  • TheStever

    Awesome auto play on the main page!

  • Lalo Teijeiro

    that sounds just like my nightmares..

  • Booyakasha

    More skills than most DJs out there. Imagine this guy performing live with Deadmau5

  • sixdeadelves


  • Jay

    Need to get someone else in charge of the videos. Been very subpar lately.

  • Rob

    A Cat

  • Ace Rimmer

    "The system is down. The system is down"

    • Jay

      ahaha, the cheat is grounded! nice!

  • Jay

    Something tells me this guy is unemployed.

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    Alright…who has the X pills to share? I could use a hand massage!

  • @soy_LG

    With a woodie that size, the blow job actually becomes a job.

    …I'm a girl. My bj jokes suck by default (get it?). 😉

    • Seth

      Want an internship?

  • bisketz

    When I was in Sydney, I bought a CD from a guy that combines a didgeridoo and house music. Good stuff. /I'll have to dig that CD back out.

    • Senor Cameltoe

      It is probably Marshall Whyler's CD called Blow. Freaking awesome stuff – makes great ringtones.

  • Juan Epstein

    Giant Kazoo. But they're in touch with nature so……..

  • Ripple

    this is awesome

  • Captlazarus

    I found this difficult to masturbate to.

  • Marko

    OK, he needs a drummer, and they can make unplugged gig.

  • Randy Marsh

    Oh my god…

  • Dan

    He's going to make some guy really happy someday….

  • ElCastor

    Your powers of observation and deduction are exceptional. You shouldn't waste them here when there are so many crimes going unsolved!! Go, go for the good of the city!!

  • Affe

    Video still isn't working… huge derp

    • QWERTY

      I dont know why i'm having that trouble too. its just so wierd.

    • Iceheartt

      try Google Chrome.

  • KeyserSoze

    The thing that always torques my brain is the circular breathing…

  • ZombieBootParty

    Chive, you disappoint me. If you are doing music leave the hippy garbage out. m/

  • RipleyCrenshaw

    I like the part where he played the didgeridoo.

  • BlueFlame191

    this is pretty badass xD

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