• @YoungCosby

    I'm sending this to Armin Van Buren lol

  • crashfest

    loved the kitty walking by halfway through

  • J-ROc

    Pack it up man

  • turtlesandbacon

    Fucking. Awesome.

  • arvisong

    Massive derp.. Massive spit as well.

  • Sam Smouse Belvie


  • Jamesdraven

    Something any pot head can do.

  • endlesssummerkid

    Nice shoes brah

  • annoyed guy

    annoying as hell…and yet somehow annoying

  • GunnerX

    Did someone say drums? I think this guy is better.

  • Ryan Williams

    That is nothing. Occasionally I come to the chive and one of the paid ad's on the right hand side is a video (usually of dishwashing soap) which plays automatically. I would much rather have an awesome video play on the home page rather than an ad.

  • excuse me.

    did i just fart?

  • TheRealJoel

    terribad, i played better than that after my first year.

  • orlylol

    i've actually seen a dude doing a didgeridoo with techno just walking around Sydney, needless to say it sucked!

  • a tortus or 2

    first this is nuts, i thought i was good… i have some things to learn

    second the didgeridoo is actually not a giant kazoo, its a surprisingly hard instrument just to learn the basics, and the stuff he's doing is mind blowing… hippy garbage? really? no.

  • Brian Freedman

    Sounds like the aftermath of Tuesday's Burrito Night.

  • andrei_ha

    That's it, making this tune as my ring tone.

  • Jason Pocock

    this guy has a didgeridoo our argument is invalid

  • somedude

    then buy it, he has 3 – ondrej smeykal "didgeridoo solo"

  • gabbo

    video still isn't working for me. fix my interwebz

  • Nicola Degobbis


  • Lost in Translation

    If you like this check out these guys. Saw them at the 8×10 in Baltimore.

  • Mr..Z

    Anybody notice the kitty around :50?

  • Bloo


  • Budjie Garcia

    Human percussionist + a strange long wooden marijuana pipe = great music! 😉

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