On the 8th day, God created Hump Day (60 photos)

  • newscot

    Keeps getting better and better every week Chive!
    #2 should be found please.

  • Kris

    Oh sweet! The game's on!

  • charlie brown

    #15 AND #21 PLEASE

    • RAS

      Has my vote. Just something about #15

    • hhh

      15 is Zahia Dehar

  • wrcdriver

    LMAO you guys rock! #58 is the best ending for this post, 'cause with #12 i'm no longer master of my domains

  • F. Gump

    #9 #12 #51 #58 That is all.

  • Bollyver

    Hydee..Hoooo neighbor.

    • Demon_Cleaner

      Photographer may have gotten busted taking this me thinks….It was a great sacrifice.

  • Erik

    #2 #12 #25 Find please. That is all.

  • Israel

    god-created-hump-day !
    you r showing no respect to your God (The Only God), the one who created you and make u able to life
    it's better for u to be thankful to him and show respect otherwise you will go to the hell
    u won't live 4ever
    plus The God has no son
    and seriously, u think god get tired of creating everything so he took Saturday and Sunday as holiday to enjoy
    Stupid people

    • Demon_Cleaner

      I think you may have the wrong site.
      This way to the great Egress———->

    • TheShadyPelican

      @Israel. Seriously dude? I don’t think you’re gonna do a lot of saving in this crowd. Go buy a Creed CD and sway back and forth with your arms up to “my own prison.”

    • I hate Israel

      Israel is the worst country in the world
      they only kill and destroy everything

    • $illyWilly

      LOL. Some things to remember when trying to spread the word:

      1. Don't insult people. Do you really think that calling somebody stupid is going to get them to listen to you?

      2. Don't threaten people. Threats don't get people to see your side of things. They just make you sound like a jackass. It was a lamesauce threat, at that. People who don't believe in Hell aren't really going to be afraid of going there.

      3. Communication skills! Grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, etc. have a profound effect on whether people think you're an idiot or not.

      4. Get your facts straight. God did not rest on Saturday and Sunday. He rested on the 7th day.

      5. Debate needs evidence. Citing the first 57 pictures that are posted above as evidence that there is a god out there who loves us and wants us to be happy would suffice, I think.

  • boss

    #19 ya.. i googled aotearoa

    • Kiwi

      land of the long white cloud!

    • NZlove

      NZ love!!! spent 2 weeks there…best trip every….

  • putzco

    #53 Sweet dude, the game's on!

  • Dapper_Dave

    Lawd Have mercy, I love me some hump day!

    #8 #12 #52 #40 ……

  • timbolaki

    must not fap

  • iCad

    I don't always like butt sex, but when I do, I want it with #2.

  • Chase McMann

    Y U No Post All 60? I only see 58! I want MOAR!

    "On the 8th day, God created Hump Day (60 photos)"

    • Dan

      You owe me two pictures of hot female asses, Chive!!!!

  • sareon

    #37 find her please!

    • Cardno85


    • LatinLove

      Chive, please we wantz moar, pliz 🙂

  • Dan

    #9 Homina homina homina!!!!

  • kimmy

    # 2 #47 im rite behind u… with my face..

  • mmmaxmmm

    #20 #46 #51 HOLY MAMA!!

  • tim

    #2 and #13…love those big round butts

  • kimmy

    #2 lickable.

  • http://mydylan.tumblr.com/ Dylan

    I still love that photo #15 it's just well done – and #25 that's heart shaped – nice!

    • Joe

      Dylan your posting is BEAUTIFUL!!! I think you shoudl give your self some credit! You will def help me end my day today ;)!!

    • Joe

      Dylan, you win again today, your post #3 is amazing, don't cut yourself short! You just made my day, with that perfect ass and those amazing legs! Trust me when i say this, you are going to help me end my day, very, very well! AMAZING as ALWAYS! I can't wait to you get your own day on the CHIVE!

  • c0nvectional0ven

    awwww yeauhhhh

  • Aaa

    #58 Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Biz

    An early Hump Day? I like where your heads at. The day is certainly looking up.
    #11 #21 #22 – are we getting close to a Sexy Chiver stocking day?

  • Idrareg

    #17 #35 #40 they make my day 😀

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