Start your day with something beautiful: Jennie June (20 Photos)

You'll recognize more than a few photos below from our famous 'Find Her' galleries. I received an email from one of our Chivers who met Jennie recently and described her as, 'enchanting' of all things.
Plenty more June on her website.

  • charlie brown

    #19 i love your eyes now i cant leave my desk thanks have to go read the newspaper to calm down

    • Cleyours Yutina

      i love you jennie

  • Captain Stag

    Ok, now post them again in HQ 🙂

    • Biggus Diccus

      With more smiles in the pics next time

    • iambigd42

      HQ would be the way to go with this girl. She is super hot!

    • MOAR_dude


    • Tomas

      What's with the "there again, gone again" mole on the upper lip? o.0

      And what's with the Hitler-like mustache in #1? :S

      • Lex

        They're called peircings?! And no, I don't like 'm either.

  • @stoupher12

    I like VEDY MUCH!

    #16…..glasses…… enough said!

    • joocifer

      i 2nd that….. she looks beautiful with and without them on

    • iambigd42


    • leo3107aj

      #14 …… and just like that, i'm in love!

  • Johnny_Dizzle

    Very pretty indeed….

    • thesensibleone

      Thank god for a change Chive posted a decent looking chic.

  • Bicozdenight

    My kind. Definitely.

    • hMMMM

      Website says that she'll never shoot nudes, no exceptions. Contrary to what my balls think, gotta say that's attractive…

    • urDad

      A pretty chic who is not a whore ,this is what we always needed Chive. Keep the ugly attention whores to urself ,post more chics like her.

      • Always Last

        She did pose nude.

  • jman

    Wow. love the pics and pink hair

  • Htisss

    #12 The eyes have it.

    • Paula_

      Nah, I'm all for her rack.

      – the one who loves a good rack

      • chag

        I don't understand why you do what you do.

  • dce99

    Yes, please.

    • Leadbelly

      Lose the nose ring and twattoos.

  • ensergio

    #3 Oh my…

  • jman

    Awesome rack…

    • jman


  • Aysun


    • hMMMM

      I hate it when somebody points out eyebrows…b/c no matter what, they ALWAYS look fucked. Thanks, jerk!

    • marble

      Thanks…now they look like they were spayed on with that instant hair shit…damn

  • DC B

    So much prettier without the stud in the lip…

    • John

      The tats don't help either.

      • GOD

        STFU you gays. Id fuck. enough said.

  • Head Chef

    Great!!… apart from facial piercings.

  • Jonathan

    I think it's the first time I can't tell which picture is my favorite, as she looks gorgeous in all of them…

  • dacrawla

    I'll accept these with a side of MOAR please!!


  • MigraineBoy

    #4 I imagine that's the way she looks at you before she kisses you.

    • yo yo ma

      It is. Now stop being creepy.

    • buckofive

      I think it's the law that you have to tell everyone around you that you are a sex offender.

  • ZachBob

    but is she a chivette?

    • tobuscus

      I pray not ,let her be away from this world of miserable despo losers.

    • hater

      No chive employees are looking at this. Kiss imaginary ass elsewhere dipshit.


      god, i hope not. that would put her at a negative on the cool scale.

      • Always Last

        She isn't and doesn't want to be.

  • RonnieV

    Let's combine the two posts, and call it "Hump-Jennie Day"

    • @soy_LG

      I like the way you think. 🙂

    • Vaughn

      You crack me up, LG.. 😉

      • NotVaughnsMom

        Oh god….you reek of desperation. How many girls can you beg from in one comment section?

        • Jobbathehipster

          LOL Hater! Dude beat ya to it, that's all. Give him props if thats really what he was doin- at least he's tryin to not be like you jerkin off to porn. wants the real thing. ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

          • Dub

            your mom is your sister, isn't she?

    • Vaughn

      Haha! All you DB's need to get a life. Not that it's any of your business, but Lauren and I have had some pretty good conversations away from this website- FYI, yea, I'd love to sleep with her- but who wouldn't? LG is one of the most intelligent women I've had the pleasure of talking with. I know its hard to believe, but a guy and a girl can actually talk without the ulterior motive of getting laid.

      • Always Last

        You are too funny.

  • Eddie



    • dacrawla

      Did a great job when he created her indeed.

    • Rob

      #10 She should stay like that forever

    • Ateka

      Yes. I love that waist of hers.

    • Good_Ash

      She has the same hair, but no — that is not Jesus.

  • Jaro


  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #19 sooo sexy, a really glamorous girl

    • oX_Animal_Xo

      You took the words right out of my mouth! My favorite photo by far!

    • rakhi

      luking so beatutiful

    • jose

      canon 😉

  • Bill

    Yay, another self indulgent cam skank.


    • Statan

      She's spank bank material. I'm glad beautiful young women strive to be pron.

    • charles

      enjoy your gayness

      • charles

        hopefully as much as i enjoy mine

    • Mike

      Wow…I guess she doesn't translate well via Braille

    • thesensibleone

      GTFO Bill

    • derp

      The Berry might be more to your liking Bill… If that doesn't work, just type "naked men" into any search engine and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

      • derp

        And if that doesn't work, just e-mail me. I'll be more than happy to send to my re-enactment of goatse, and who knows, if we really hit it off we could get together for a Lemon-Party ❤

  • OGMrWhite

    Hands down the most stunning girl featured on Chive imho


    • @erinwillett


      • jman

        You're hotter. just sayin'

        • TEHEHTT

          can people stop typing "just sayin' " after everything they type please? 'Just sayin'. C WUT I DID THAR?

        • Foosbah

          best joke i've read all day.

    • thesensibleone

      AGREED ,ALL the others were ugly attention whores.

  • Krysta Lee

    Not a lot of people can pull off pink hair without looking like an idiot, but she did. =o

    • @valorikx221

      Tig ol bitties

    • Motte

      It helps when you have your boobs in your hand. In fact, that can actually make a lot of idiotic things disappear.

    • Crabtree

      I agree 100%. A friend of mine has blue and pink. looks like cotton candy and she can really pull it off!

    • Rich Grisak

      what pink hair?…………………………………………….oh

    • ilovethechive

      I wonder if she needs a hand holding those up?

  • Yuppp

    Jennie June + Angie Verona = ULTIMATE THREESOME!!! 🙂

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