Start your day with something beautiful: Jennie June (20 Photos)

You'll recognize more than a few photos below from our famous 'Find Her' galleries. I received an email from one of our Chivers who met Jennie recently and described her as, 'enchanting' of all things.
Plenty more June on her website.

  • EdWood

    Call Me !!!

    • BentWrenches

      Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring Banana Phone!

    • Alexa Arguello

      Weve met and photographed this image of Jennie June.. shes amazing ❤ Check our page out.. lots more beauties along with Jennie! Blast Em Photography!/pages/Blast-Em

  • Tyler Wilson

    Uhmm Jennie Is My Future Wife She Could Gain 100 lbs loose both legs and go completely insane and i would still love her from this day on

  • newscot

    "Model, Receptionist, Lover of the NIck Jonas"

    • Interesting

      Wow, this girl is full of herself… No wonder why though. She IS gorgeous…

  • misschris

    #4 #12 Damn, I'd break up with my boyfriend to be your girlfriend.

    • jman

      Now that's hot.. pics?

    • Darth Neegro

      wow, what a skank-ass bitch……

  • creatorofbs

    wow!!! super sexy

  • NitroKa

    Epic boobs… #20 made me pitch a tent.

    • Dirk Dickem

      You can paint my fracken house.

    • Alexa Arguello

      we photographed this image and this beauty… blast em photography 🙂

  • Maria

    I think it's pretty safe to say that this chick is PERFECT!

  • workitgirl

    #12 #15 Um, "enchanting" makes a lot of sense. So does breathtaking.

    • NitroKa

      +10 points for using the word "enchanting" 😉

  • paul

    # 12 by far the most beautiful girl ever

  • Kevin

    Hipster lameness. Moar tattoos.

  • Mister Bumpy

    Very hot… except for the caterpillar eyebrows

  • dave


  • yay boner

    My boner just high-fived me.

    • Guest Commenter

      Yours too?!

  • afleury226

    Oh my jesus. Thats all I have to say. Dont need to post any single pic. Yikes 😀

  • Ken Jazzy Jones

    Shes got me UP and awake


    #14 #19 #20 Oh My…Beautiful, beautiful woman

  • anon

    YES! I sent an email a while back saying that this girl needs her own post. My prayers have been answered

  • laelow

    I love "The Gap" on number nine and ten.

    #10 #9

  • GreatCowGod

    Do Want!

  • bling306

    this girl is absolutely stunning!! #9

  • Hater_Aid

    Ugliest Tats Ever

    What a waste…

  • mycharliecat

    cute! like the girly look with the hard tats!

  • Madara

    we want High Quality Pictures
    so don't keep it for your self

  • mrbrixon

    #5 she has gorgeous eyes. #7 is a fantastic photo…lovin it…thanks Jennie / Chive!!

  • @iSexyApps

    #20 i love this picture. That thing she's holding!!!

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