Start your day with something beautiful: Jennie June (20 Photos)

You'll recognize more than a few photos below from our famous 'Find Her' galleries. I received an email from one of our Chivers who met Jennie recently and described her as, 'enchanting' of all things.
Plenty more June on her website.

  • mkoro

    Oh lordy, where do i get me one of those?

  • Curtis

    OH MY FUCK she is gorgeous!!

  • Kevin Harper


    Just your standard shot of a beautiful woman with pink hair lying on a chest of drawers. I've been lookin for one of these. thanks chive.

  • HoplessGuy

    Marry Me

  • Griffin Heath

    She's got real pretty eyes.. yeah.. eyes. they're really pretty eyes.. ❤

  • sgunter

    so everyone knows this is photoshopped right? I mean she is hot, but she def photoshopped.

  • in love

    most beautiful woman i have ever seen. stunning

  • spencur


  • Herm23

    #3 & #10 – Gorgeous eyes! And…….everything else.

  • theone


  • Erik

    #10 I mean come on… That's not even fair.

  • anthony nguyen

    This is got to be one of the most beautiful girl i ever seen.

  • after 25 yeah twentyfiv years of research i finally found it

    dimapur india



  • Drex

    I saw this girl in the wall of wanks of and now i'm searching for her to see more pics. she's got killer looks: sweet & hot. hmm.. particularly like the pink hair!

  • _nando_

    #4 Damn, so gorgeous.

  • Bordin Tienyam

    She is cool as hell.

  • ParanoidFarmer


  • Nathan

    you are so gorgeous, everything about is stunning in every picture

  • brent

    this might be a late comment, but you are perfect girl, so pretty its stupid<3

  • moses3

    it's a shame that she hasn't updated her website in a while
    She is very beautiful

  • Falthor

    #6 I wish she was calling me…

  • Taylor

    What a beautiful smile and such gorgeous eyes. Just the right amount of ink. By far the best looking girl I have seen on your "chive". I would love to meet her.

  • Spywith1eye

    #10 #20 Dammit Chive now i have to break up with my girlfriend!

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