Cool household innovations that will be mine (30 Photos)

  • Brand_n

    #8 How do you get in and out of that one?

    • Paula_


      – the one you love to hate

      • Brand_n

        The guy in the picture kind of looks like a hipster, so I bet that's his permanent housing because normal dwellings are too mainstream.

        • Netoward

          I just woke up, and when I read this, I laughed. Thank you, you both for the first laugh of the day.

    • SeaBassEX

      Very carefully

    • Rahm Emanuel

      they same way he got in it…

    • Kris

      I don't know, but that thing definitely needs a mosquito net on the front. Finish DaVinci Code, get West Nile. No thanks. 😛

  • Ryan

    I can't even begin to fathom the awesomeness…..
    ….words can't describe……

    • meme

      Um, it's really lame tbh. Looks ugly too. Fuck, Star Wars was 40 years ago, let that shit go already.

      • homerpimpson

        What does this even mean? Let things go because they're old…probably the worst advice I've ever heard in my life.

      • Rick

        Meme— You're a fucking jerk… Asshole!

        • Netoward

          He's obviously trolling, don't feed the troll

          • Chris Arabian

            Actually I agree with meme … the obsession with Star Wars, Star Trek, Super Mario et al for furniture, clothing, and artwork is pretty lame. Just tells me that the people who love that sort of stuff are geeks who haven't outgrown their childhood fantasies. Pretty Sad actually.

            • Jangalang

              After checking out your Facebook page and seeing photos of you doing duck face pose, and dancing on large women, I COMPLETELY understand where you are coming from.

            • Monk

              A little judgmental there aren't you buddy? Just because people like vintage art, furniture, etc that are from their childhood, that gives you insight that they are geeks that haven't outgrown their childhood fantasies?

              Usually when people are that judgmental it has a lot more to do with them, then those they are projecting on.

            • Sandy

              Yeah, I know. Really liking things is SOOO lame.. You should never be excited about anything ever.

              • ETHTEHT

                no, you should. just not the same damn tired shit. it's always the same few things. incorporate some damn variety.

            • God


            • Kevin

              Chris you haven't clearly outgrown your childhood fantasies with pictures with the cookie monster.

            • crowebar360

              "I try not to take life too serious and I enjoy having a good time." – via Chris on Facebook. Try to take your own advice and relax.

      • Kevin

        Meme clearly likes Star Trek! GAYYYY!

    • Derp

      Do want

    • Pablo

      Something Something Something Dark Side

      • Doob

        that honestly got a thumbs up? honestly??

  • @mikeydangerous

    My mother-in-law has a faucet like #12. It's not as useful as it is cool looking.

    • Urban

      I have these in my house. Cool as all hell. They are very useful. Pours out a lot of water, not like all those water saving faucets.

      • Sick

        can you clean a razor with it?

  • charles

    #11 makes me want to punch a hipster in the face! not sure why.

    • #387

      don't ask why…….just go with your feelings!

    • Maria

      That just made me laugh.

    • TheAndychrist

      Q: What's orange and red and looks good on hipsters?

      A: Fire.

  • Chachacha

    #11 Better not throw a party or your gonna have a lot of people pissing in your sink 🙂

    • Negrodamas

      Oh…I thought that was a feature of it, doubling as a piss trough. Course I'm a redneck, so running water indoors still blows my mind. That and thum thur cheese burgers and movin' pitchers!

      • bigdeal

        i like you

    • MikeofLA

      I don't see what the problem with that would be… It's like a trough urinal at a ball park.

      • anonnnnn

        you would just have to run the water after that would be the "flush"

        • WakkaWakka

          Assuming people washed their hands afterwards, it'd get a cleaning as well as a flush.

  • dalexmu

    #28 … mmm i see what you did there

    • JJDingleheimerscmidt

      That's all good untill someone LEAVES THE DRAWER OPEN…

  • Orch

    # 11- cool!! Urinal and sink in one.

  • Paula_


    – the one you love to hate

  • broke-like-a-joke

    Now I'm gonna have to become rich so I can get each and every single one of these things.

  • morbeus21

    #11 looks interesting

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    I'll take one of each except the nails and the faggy slippers.

  • chrisdg74

    #14 and #15 – Need those here at work. Would have much more of an affect when I say "Screw you guys, I'm going home".

    • Who knows

      I've been saying this for years! This is totally logical! Work out the kinks and we woulda had hundreds more survivors on 9/11!

      We should also change as many intersections to roundabouts!

  • walkingtheriver

    I LOVE #9 and #11

  • Brother Maynard

    #24 dead cat couch? Who what's that?

    • Firefighter23

      The person in the picture. Also how do you get it inside?

    • panama99

      I think Paula wouls like that!

    • Pip

      my pussy never leaves the bedroom.

  • Nicolas

    #7 #12 #26 #30
    i'm saving for it

    • Boooger

      7 and 26 are cool, but when you have an open fire in your living room, where does the smoke go? I think thats the reason we have fireplaces with chimneys.

      • MikeofLA

        These are NatGas, so there is no smoke, and for the most part, the burn pretty cleanly… CO poisoning on the other hand…

        • Foley

          Yeah but where would the gas outlets be? in the middle of the floor? It's not very practical to run off portable gas bottles.

          • Randy Gallegos

            my guess is if you have the money to afford these things, you can probably afford to have the gas line run there as well. albeit still not practical. but who does practical things with money these days?

  • Ben

    #15 damn if I had that I would hurry if my mum yells me to come downstairs to eat.

  • #387

    where the hell does the smoke go?

    • Roscoe

      It's probably gas, which doesn't produce smoke.

  • Jason Ciotti

    So you got wasted….

  • KevinJ

    We need a gif of this one…

    • Kjell King

      Here you go.

    • Alan


  • amrith777

    I don't know either…but it seems like the surface is something that is very sensitive and reacts to any movement of the balls–kinda trippy and cool but seems like it would distract me from the game and I'm not that great at it to begin with =/

  • mrlittlejeans

    I would love to purchase most of these items with all the monopoly money I saved up. I bought Baltic Avenue instead of Park Place.

    • bigdeal

      you obviously wont be buying shit then you poor bastard. y dont you improve your property you fucking slumlord?

  • Pat

    #24 That chick has one Huge Pussy!

    • Gern Blanston

      Holy mackerel I am immature, that made me lol

  • specv44

    This stuff is waay too modern for me…

    • The_Continental

      I used to be with it, but then they changed what "it" was. Now, what
      I'm with isn't it, and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me.

  • MikeofLA

    There's an overhead projector and a camera tracking the balls and creating a ripple effect behind each of the balls. Pretty awesome actually.

  • Lurch

    It is a Microsoft Surface computer I believe. The water effect is one of the standard desktops.

    • @rjmcke

      If it were Microsoft Surface, would the balls break the screen?

      • @baef

        They are just rolling around on top, shouldn't damage it. Not sure how it would track the balls, must be pressure sensitive, not touch.

        • Kellen

          Microsoft surface 1 uses infrared to track objects and touch points, I believe it was DSI which means it projects infrared up through the glass and anything that reflected it back was detected. Surface 2.0 uses PixelSense, where each pixel in the screen has a tiny sensor like a camera. Neither surface was sensitive to pressure (other than indirectly, the harder you press your finger, the larger point you would create).

          There is no way you can play pool (reasonably) on any surface that use these technologies, this is, as said, most likely an overhead projector and a camera for tracking the balls, so the game can still be played on felt. It's possible it's using some other detection method, but overhead projector is the only way you could have a good pool playing surface.

          • Rick Schelbergen

            The corners of the table's play area (felt) are slightly bend inward, you can see there is no visuals, just a shadow on the right side of the table. So I guess your right about the projection.

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