Portugal's (developed by Deutschland) N.R.P. Tridente Class sub (12 Photos)

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  • Salgueiro Maia

    One of the reasons why Portugal is so in Dept.
    Question: Why do the Portuguese Navy needs something like that, when the country is bankrupt??
    They need jobs, and proper goverment, not subs….

    • Rick

      "Dept." = debt? They may be providing jobs/bring in income by providing protection Portugal's harbors. This is just my opinion. If the Portuguese gov. can say to a foreign exporter/importer "we have subs patrolling the harbors" then the weapon becomes an asset to the country's economy. A non-nuclear sub, like the Tridente, is not really a weapon that will go out to combat in war (unless needed).

      • Rick

        Sorry I forgot, or bring in income by protecting a foreign country's harbor.

  • TresselLovesTrannies

    Wow, if I had a dollar for every mile of a stretch that explanation/hypothesis is, I could pay off whatever dept/debt the country of Portugal may be carrying on it governmental books and have enough left over to buy me one of them German subs.

  • paul

    im going to say ahead of time, im not a nazi, i despise nazis. but im pretty damn proud of my country, even if it still has strong ties to national socialist founded defense contractors.

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