Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (35 Photos)

  • glc

    #6 Really? I'm headed there too

    • laxcat36

      Looks like Sara Jean Underwood.

      • Tatts

        yeah it is. It's from the naked bike ride in Oregon.

        • Banksy

          The 66 most overrated women of 2011, Sara Jean Underwood

          We never, ever thought we would say this, because we used to be in lust with SJU, but her recent foray into the world of breast enhancement and plastic surgery mixed with her taking over the job of the woman I had ranked #7 on this list last year means the infatuation is pretty much over. It probably breaks her heart. Sorry you had to find out like this, Sara Jean.

          • sampson

            i knew it! her face was looking kinda weird lately. (still would though, no matter what she looks like)

          • its_forge

            I still hate your idiotic reposting of this idiotic list, but yeah, SJU getting plastic surgery is a goddamn tragedy. She was literally *perfect* before, and now yup, she looks just like every other surgically-altered bimbo out there in California. Sad sad sad.

    • steve


      • tralfaz

        I like to ride my bicycle. I like to ride my bike.

  • John

    Thanks for making this idle week at the beginning of summer the biggest week in Chive history. Leo and I are headed to Nashville for the 4th of July weekend because California doesn't know how to blow things up properly. We'll keep you posted on our pub crawling exploits, come join us for a drink (on us of course).

    Chive On!

    • Reggie

      John, it's got to be a weird day when you can't even be the first to comment on your own post

      • John

        right? I had that text copied and ready to paste too. ^^ that kid really likes Sara Jean Underwood

        • pablo_v

          wrong, he Loves her

    • Dena Long

      Awesomeness….I live in Nashville ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • walkingtheriver

      How come you didn't censor #33?
      Not that it is a problem of course ๐Ÿ˜€

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Open in Photoshop, menu Image, option Adjustments, option Shadow/highlights. Moooove that slider to 60% or so. You're welcome.

        – the one you love to hate

  • sheoncebelieved

    #2 i'm doing that right now but with a glass of Mourvedre….

    • absolutcarcrazy

      Soon. O_o

    • wasd

      wat is in the book, looks like a constellation map or something?

      • Seth

        Looks like rose diagrams from a geologists field notebook.

    • Jazzbot

      Ashland, OR beer, Brewed right by my house ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Seth

      Are those rose diagrams I see?

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      That's funny, I actually like to drink piss too!

      – the one you love to hate

      • sheoncebelieved

        If you had any class you would know what Mourvedre is, but since you're a fat ass bitch and have no class you can drink my piss after a bottle of Mourvedre, which would taste better than the C-minus you drink every night b/c you're poor.

        • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

          Great idea… I'm beginning to like you :*

          – the one you love to hate

    • Throbbit Yuengling

      Jabberwocky from Walkabout has my vote, but Caldera is good not worth $7.99 a sixer.

    • jonathan

      the "33 Bottles Beer" journal! i'm about halfway through my second one. so glad i have it.

  • the dank



    • Henrik

      Do not fear Dario is here!

    • robg

      Dario!!!! Save me!

    • ...

      t-shirt time! get on it chive dudes… i want

  • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

    DAR after 5:00…….I make first comment page. YES!

    • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

      and make a pointless comment, so for that…..#33 FTW

  • pablo

    haven't heard of patty in a long time..

    • Jason

      yeah, what's the deal with that? I've noticed that for a while now. Was a slow strip tease in pictures not enough to maintain patty's motivation and dedication? Was he bribed with something better to NOT accomplish is goals?

      • Big Tony

        hes still pretty fat. regardless of the weight loss, hes an ugly mother fucker

        • ballstein

          you're an asshole

  • faulker

    #32, #33, #34

    As is tradition, the sun sets on the DAR…

  • hater

    #3. beautiful Giada.

  • Manmar_McHutch

    #18 OH HERROOOOO! xD

    • Machinist

      I was thinking "Soon!" ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ripple

    #13 really appreciating the hq on this

    • Zodiac308

      I just filled the cup

    • Savage

      From the look of that cream-sickle I'd say not her first time.

    • red


    • shreddy teddy

      most definitely

    • Rick

      Good job 13, I'd like moar =)~

    • Chesty Laroo

      First time or not, it had better not be the last. MOAR!!

  • The Dude

    I don’t know what gives me more anxiety my girlfriend’s cycle being late or more DAR. Worth the wait.

  • Capitalsfan74

    #9 At least they aren't getting mugged in the parking lot.

    • phanohogs

      Maybe they should be…. Pay attention or be mugged…

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Benton-McGrath/587208531 Benton McGrath

      These are NOT real Dodger fans. Real fans are staying away from the stadium until that dick sleezebag owner and his golddigger wife are gone. Also, they aren't hispanic.

      • hMMMM

        Um…there are no real fans in L.A.. You guys are all a bunch of pretentious jerkoffs.

  • Shawn

    I have Monday off so Paula, I will See You Next Tuesday.

  • peddlinmommy

    #33…look closer! I see nips! O=

    • guy

      Now thats what i call a fully

    • bettingonthecubs

      And lighten with photo shop

      • dx64

        seriously, are you 10 years old?!

    • Wow!

      You must be some sort of vision wizard!

    • professor chaos

      NSFW on the DAR?! my god man!

    • theMorgue77

      HONK HONK!!!!

    • Dormin

      This is the start of something beautiful

  • Marschie

    DAR Y U NO on time?

  • derps

    can't wait to see the duplicate pics in this post. yet another great week with rehashed pics. chive on

    • haters gonna hate

      oh hi derps, nice of you to stalk the friday DAR for like the 3rd time. if you hate all these 'rehashed photos' I have to ask, why are you still here?

      • derps

        Just trolling for some love. I'll go now.

    • lars

      the friday DAR is my fav actually. It's mellow… sort of a cadence to it with the beer, sunsets, paradise photos, and some good laughs. Happy Friday to you too, derps

      #2, #7, #30, #33

    • Derp

      Nope. Derps (not equals) Derp. Different dude, same idea. I'm just glad to see that other people are catching on.

      Derp on, brother.

  • Ripple

    #33 something slipped alright

  • thedude


  • u-know

    #33 titties

  • randy mcbadger

    #33 we have nipples? ……………..WE HAVE NIPPLES!

    • Ugh

      Can you please not post nipple pics from now on, to save me from having to see 6 fucking identical comments pointing out this extremely obvious fact? Thanks.

      • TitoRigatoni

        Ugh: How's about you shut up and ignore the comments?
        Chive: Carry On Sir!

        • Ugh

          Douchebag: How about you follow your own advice?

          • TitoRigatoni

            Pretty sure Douchebag = the guy calling for no more nipple pics, not the guy who refrained from making the obvious "You know how I can tell you're gay?" comment.
            Just sayin'

            • Ugh

              If you want nipple pics go to a fucking porn site. You know how I know you're a douchebag?

              • ImAwesome

                Does he look like you?

      • TitoRigatoni

        How about a compromise, and we can stop calling each other juvenile names:

        Chivers, can you please not comment about nipple pics from now on, to save all of us from having to see 16 fucking identical comments pointing out this extremely obvious fact? srsly, are you people 10 years old? Thanks.

        Chive, you guys *clearly* understand the difference between art and porn. Carry on, sirs.

        • tralfaz


    • 99Dug

      I'm a little afraid that this is a dude.

      • TitoRigatoni

        I was thinking this as well, kinda looks like a guy with big pecs and long hair.
        Then I looked closer: Never seen a guy with nipples like that, and she has a bikini top tan line.

      • TitoRigatoni

        run the brightness way up. you will lose your fears.

    • tralfaz


    • doublepants

      A bit racy today, are we Chive?

  • DirtyArmySpecialist


  • laxcat36

    #4 sweden has the best house music around and then this. I'm enrolling for dual citizenship.

    • Umm Ok

      If you think Sweden has the best house music, you definitely belong there.

    • ZombieBootParty

      House music? Baaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha

      • Anon

        No wonder the Chive has gone downhill. Apparently its main audience now is people who like house music.

        • Umm Ok

          Nah, it's because judgmental douchebags like you are around to make everyone else look bad.

    • Anonamau5

      Swedish House Mafia is pretty awesome.

      • Umm Ok

        I tend to respectfully disagree. They come nowhere close to the likes of Deadmau5, Timewriter, Bob Sinclar, Wolfgang Gartner, Daft Punk or fifty other producers/DJs I could name just off the top of my head.

        • funkyf

          Yea, no. The only one that I would consider true house music from the above would be Bob Sinclar….and I"m talking about his older stuff. All these new guys just do more and more electro bullshit. What happened to the soul? the funk? the spirituality of house?

          I'm a dj in chicago, and all these deadmouses and daft punks are not in the same category as a true house music producer. C'mon man….keep it real.

          • DutchChiveFan

            Have to agree with you. Electro is sooo boringly dull. Still got my first house sound of chicago record with Farley Jackmaster Funk.

            • Umm Ok

              Come on, really? Electro is more boring than Chicago or Detroit house? You mean with all the bassline and melodic variations in electro, instead of the same loops over and over with a few fx added to it in older house tracks? Older house was all about repetition, talk about dull! In any case, I'm finding prog house to be one of the most interesting electronica sub genres out there right now.

          • Umm Ok

            If you don't like electro, don't spin it. That you don't know any good house producers sounds more like a personal problem because there are shitloads of them out there. You must only listen to mainstream house or something. A quick search on YouTube will generate tons of awesome "classic" house that you like.

    • Anon

      that blonde(2nd from the left) is ridiculously hot. There should be more of her ๐Ÿ˜€

      • phideauxe

        Yeah, the blonde in that pic is hot……..

    • McBeastie

      I thought it was death metal they were known for. Either way it sucks.

  • downz44

    #29 Lake Powell is the greatest!!

    • Shawn

      Nope. Parker strip is where its at.

      • ZombieBootParty

        Nope, The Rocky Mountains

        • phideauxe

          hahaha rocky mountains. funny. you've never been on a house boat.

    • its_forge

      And that bottom is terrific also!

  • Chiv3On!

    Please find #6 and #13

    • That Guy

      #6 is Sara Jean Underwood…See John's post from earlier…

  • Kodos

    This is so much WIN I can't…ahhh, please! I must know MOAR…

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