Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (35 Photos)

  • jeremiah

    #6 Sara Jean Underwood – miss july 2006 – playmate of the year 2007

  • Kris


  • ktellez

    #25 I'm in awe of how creepy and weird this party is. I looked at it for quite a while in amazement

  • Anonymous

    #33 Sweet

  • ktellez

    I was looking at the taco joint and I knew I had seen it before!

  • TheRealJoel

    #33 Sweet

  • Jason


  • Kestrel

    #2 Love Caldera! Used to drink it doing field work in southern Oregon and would bring it back to Humboldt where I lived. Great stuff.

  • thegoodguy

    #35 ooommmmmgggggg!!!!!!!! MOARRR!!!!!!!

  • thegoodguy

    #35 who is she?????

  • Cassie

    #8 AMAZING! Where is this?

  • Ironhelix

    what's wrong with #25….EVERYTHING!!!

  • Belaruss

    Dear Chive,
    Thank you so much for Becki #26.

    Oh and #35.

  • pud3000

    #3 and #10

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Irni-Mark-Gemzon/1320000104 Irni Mark Gemzon

    May i know where #32 is located?

  • monsieurloti

    #10 Nothing happened

  • Hand of Fate

    #35 needs finding!

  • Nickincollege

    #29 Looks like a visit is long over due.

  • Tony

    #33 I thought thechive didnt show nudity? kinda ruins the purpose of this site

  • Machinist

    #4 There is no difference in pronunciation of "Swede" and "Sweet"!

  • steve

    #6 GET ON YOUR BIKES AND….oh, ok then

  • Le Someone

    Chive On From Mauritius too! The picture is slightly flawed…will send a fixed one for the next DAR! 😀

  • Alex

    #27 hell yeah!

    • JuG

      Congrats from Mauritius ! The Phoenix beer is now part of DAR History…

  • Ernie

    just when i thought I scrolled true DAR #35 made me stay few minutes longer

  • Cyberfunker

    #25 They look perfectly normal to me

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