Douchettes unite! …then follow each other off a pink jewel studded cliff (38 photos)

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  • Jean J.

    #25 is due for a railing

  • @stoupher12

    Seriously? What happened to a simple smile? All the faces……WTF?



  • Ricardo Saracino

    To much duck face….

  • Pete

    most of them are awesome, oh my god they havent been SHOPPED YET so lets call them dueschbags. A slut is a girl who does everyone but YOU. Only guys who DONT get any complain and whine about sluts. Sluts are great. Id rather a filthy good looking slut WHO KNOWS HOW TO GO ABOUT THINGS than a virgin stunner who whines and complains and bitches and whinges. And to those whining about it, whats wrong with fake tits? other than i bet you never held a pair of either to be able to comment 🙂

  • twiztoneup

    I have to say that # 1 is the poorest example of Scottsdale girls I have ever seen, don't judge the talent in Scottsdale by those nasty lookin ho's

  • Blake

    While there is a great deal of douchiness here, I would still fuck the shit out of 95% of these douchettes.

  • DuzCo

    I would still marry #22

  • Rob

    Except for a couple of them, they're super hot and i'd do em all. I think douchettes is a stupid category.

  • Irishstephen

    I'm thinking #5 is Coco – Ice T's wife…? Only *she* has curves like that, lads…

  • archerforhearts

    #14 and #19 were far from douchey…

  • archerforhearts

    I meant #30 … My bad. 19 is super douchetastic

  • Sean

    Say what you will, it's a safe bet each and every complainer would hit each and every duck-faced, over spray tanned, cock teasing douchette here under the right conditions. Namely, only the two of you knew about it, you didn't have to learn her name (or their names, in the event of threesomes or better) or exchange phone numbers, and you could leave before she woke or sobered up in the morning. I, for one, would wear the orange tint off her knees and elbows and ears (gotta grab somewhere) and leave her with memories that would shame her in to thinking about changing her image.

  • deric

    #7 #8 #11 #14 #17 #21 #22 #23 #25 #29 #30 #32 #34 seems legit……….

  • Always Last


  • John Robert

    Perfect in every way. I don't think it's shopped.

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