It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (39 Photos)

  • James Seldi Seldon

    #6 Elmo wishes he was a tickle me Elmo right about now.

  • Smoke Dogg

    Really? "Common bitch" REALLY?? "pass pass give" WHAAAA?? It's "COME ON bitch, PUFF PUFF give." You sir, are fucking up the rotation.

    • Yuppp

      Or puff puff pass either will do but yes davisrj you my friend are retarded

  • jason_in_pc

    #32 there is always a d!ck on the dry erase board, any where you see one.

  • SteelCityChivette

    #10 just needs some oreos and he is good to go.

  • bryanwalcock

    #39 Saved the best for last!

    • Dan

      Yeah, she's got a great looking armpit

  • penguin slayer

    BAD elmo! you're not pedobear

  • bless1

    #37- knows how to handle two at a time, I dig that.

  • Blake

    #35 move your arm dude, I like to imagine the one on the right has awesome tits

  • Edward

    #13 starting to get old….

  •!/gfeinberg86 GreyGhost9

    #1 Nailed it! perfect

  • EdWood

    #5. You know how I know……
    #11. Oh yeah. That's gonna last.
    #7. Child abuse ????

  • VCU


  • Mike

    #33 It's peanut butter jelly time, peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat.

  • Adam

    #10 Ahh aren't you the cutest little thing, mama wants some milk.

    • Trent S.

      Mama loves milk.

  • mr_johnson

    #14 SHOTSKI!!!!!!!!!!

  • jttfrva

    #37 Damn bogarter

  • Kevin


    • Chad

      Yeah that's I thought of to love Super Troopers.

  • Duke

    #14 #15

    same guy?

    • knightmare67

      #14 and #15 are totally the same guy.

  • Anonymous

    In and Out Burger! Whoop! One thing I greatly miss living in Canada.

  • nojoke420

    #23 That dog wants to kill itself

  • The_Continental


    A gap within a gap?

  • Nope

    #23 He has an iphone 4 and uses a mirror to take the picture? The iphone 4 has 2 cameras, one of them to take self portraits

  • Raph

    #2 and #5 are just magical, haha

  • thom

    #16 — Pedo-Elmo

    #27– She is enjoying that a bit too much.

  • isawoj

    He has been conspicuously absent.

    • Napoleon C4

      Maybe he lost ALL of his weight and therefore no longer exists… hmmm.

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