Shopped birds are shopped. That is all (25 Photos)

  • Hubble

    Like some people said…good 'ol Chive right here. I was face-down laughing 3 times, & this is a post you won't find the likes of anywhere else.

    • Honk

      yes you will, because are taken directly from with the watermark removed and chive watermark added.

  • worldwarZisaprophecy

    more please.

  • bang bang

    shitty shitty post post

  • Kaiwatha

    freaky arms are freaky…

  • DasherHarvest

    fucking hilarious lol

  • gregatron


  • Thomas Boomer Donahoe

    Hey chive, way to lift an entire Photoshop Phriday off of Something Awful. I'm not mad at you, I'm just disappointed…

  • db420

    #16 In Soviet Russia- Bird watch you.

  • lulz

    #19 totally the best

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