• DeuXXX

    lol that video had me rolling.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ilya.josefson Ilya Josefson

    2:10 is the best part.

  • Conor

    You see, if they stayed in the kitchen, none of this would've happened..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gustavo-Iturbe/1169886498 Gustavo Iturbe

    i feel bad laughing at them chicks, specially when some of them are broken bones worthy…

    watch it twice thought

  • Mr Pinchy

    2:09 is the best 🙂

    • guy

      Ha .. the silence … after she was gone..

  • MOAR_dude


  • equalizermax

    Non of them can bear a child anymore

  • NothingToSeeHere

    I mean, when you think about how those girls probably installed their own stripper poles, it kind of makes sense why they all fail…

  • NitroKa

    typical girls… this is why we love em.

  • Tim Karre

    So what happen to the last girl? I must know!

  • red

    Man, that is good stuff.

  • Anonymous

    bitches be stupid

  • OneClownShoe

    Gotta watch more than once if you can't go without blinking for three and a half minutes.

  • davey

    I couldnt stop laughing.
    Funniest vid Ive seen in a long time!

  • thetech2

    baaaahahahaha that was awesome my other is still laughing I sent it to her from you know where

  • Tid101

    its basic math…FAIL + FAIL + FAIL + FAIL + FAIL = WIN!!

  • Penned

    Nice to know they're as stupid as we are! Still, I can't live without them.

  • b-b-b-bryan

    This made me love women even more. Love you girls!

  • Mememememememe

    Girls are dumb.

  • Dre

    This is probably the best video in the world

  • Hank Mardukis

    this was so fuckin win

  • Train2K

    How uncoordinated do you need to be to f*ck up a see-saw? LOL

  • Zach

    Women and motorcycles are hilarious.

  • Joey

    the scene at 0:15, makes me want to have video editing skills

  • Dan

    Apparently that's it. Just started a couple weeks ago.

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